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Things that worked for me:
Eat lots of raw cheese at midnight
drink 3 glasses of hot water and imagine its beer
ask your cat for assistance
invite a man from the government to inspect your grain storage supplies
renew your license for private detective
buy a shotgun
file your teeth into points
learn how to block in american football
handcuff your ankle to a one ton rock and check for fleas after a full moon
go on Japanese TV
alienate your neighbours with your fine collection of rats tails
post pictures of your feet in local supermarkets
perfect chocolate digestive dunking in hot tea to impress the town mayor
ask your spirit guide for a refund
get Jack Nicholson to pass by and bless your toilet
inherit a years supply of firewood
rub noses with an angry Eskimo
Plant really fresh fish outside your window
arrange a group of yellow pebbles in a neat arc round your bed so they spell the words ' i like being an albatross' in Greek.
Get a used car salesman to flat refuse to sell you any car as you are dressed in green and wear a thong embroidered with 'Robin of Sherwood' that plays the first 4 bars of Rhapsody in Blue when you twang it.
Empower yourself with a clasp of lavender battered on your front door by a Nun with unconsecrated dentures.

Re: Past Life Visions

Felita wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:44 am
Hi, I am not sure if I this is a past live experience or not. Apparently, this is affecting me and causing issues. As a kid we always played being a wolf, a hero, a monster or whatever that role is but I can assure you, mine is not just as a "Kid Role Playing". I have the instinct of how to climb a trees quickly, I have the memory of how to hunt animals (prey or even predator), I have memory of killing animals for survival, killing animal for fun. As my present life now, I am an animal lover but there is one side of me who always whispers in my head, that I want to hunt them down just for fun like a sport. I do sound cruel right now, I know. I never talked about this before cause I know it is very inhumane. But this voices never stops. Especially when I happened to meet stray animal that was defensive and tried to attack me, I have my quick response of doing a "pose"; I will get down and put one leg in front, the other at the back and my hand touching the ground in the middle, like an animal and I will stare them back and hiss or showing I can attack back. Most animal went back when they see me does that, even a German Shepherd and a snake back off from me. When I meditate, I can always see tree and forest but I am not sure if it is the present vision or past memory cause I have never been there in this life. A little voice in my head always giving me "the call to hunt" every 2-3 months. Most obvious normal people will say I am mental... Maybe I am? I could never find the answer until today.
This sounds interesting :)
I do believe that our personality traits that naturally come with us (not the ones that were taught to us exactly) come from other lives. I was thinking about this today aswell.
It could be memories from a past life as a native american or one of these tribes that coexisted with nature in the past.
These things cannot just fall from the sky one day; there is an origin and evolutionary process behind what we can perceive. This is what I believe.

It would make sense as many of these tribes developed certain nature skills like the ones you are mentioning here. Loving and worshiping animals but at the same time hunting them for different purposes. Also many of these people developed a spiritual culture and perception in the past. Usually deeply connected with nature, Earth. A person with this awareness today could very well be one of those people from the past and experience what you describe here.

I do know a lot of people think these ideas are crazy and that people who express them are mental. It is something we have to deal with. Is it worth to censor ourselves or to limit our authenticity just because other people do not understand us? Is it not an impossible solution knowing that the world is full of judgement and criticism no matter what we do or how we do things? If we had to limit ourselves we couldnt be free or do anything meaningful. So yes, in the process we must have to deal with it. I know that I do at least. I perceive these thoughts and views from people who do not understand my views.

If it helps, all this will be known in the future and these ideas will be more accepted and acknowleged than they are now. We will all meet in the same truth at some point; for now each is exploring an individual part of expansion. Different perceptions carry wisdom and are all valid as they come from life experience. We dont need to agree but we can share and expand our mind.

Re: Past Life Visions

As far as we have discovered most people do not reincarnate, their essence is assimilated and their book is forever closed. While we live we must establish a presence in the realm of Spirit that will persist beyond the death of our brain. An analogy : When a hard drive crashes and is reduced to the elements data is irretrievably lost unless it has been sequestered in a web site the "cloud". The same is true concerning the cosmic web in which we are entangled. Not many become "walkers between worlds" frequenting other dimensions and establishing a repository in Akashic Records. To travel deep time you must explore more then popular ideologies of our yet infant humanity. There are individuals among us that understand the secret of retaining past life memories and are actively evolving an immortality by building their future life experience. We have with us individuals within power dynasties, certain gypsy clans and global movers and shakers all cognizant of our individual responsibility to create our future. These people pass the secret down through generations and reproduce within a small circle of power and wealth with intention to increase the odds of one day becoming a child again within this family structure with auspicious circumstances of wealth and power and past memory beyond the basic genetic whim. Beyond this structure of Royalty we can still create a retrievable future memory if we establish a presence in the web. The economy of life dictates nothing is free other then trouble and dissolution. Toss the chains of your Bible to the wind and explore the secrets of Wizards, Witches, Mystics and Philosophers.
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.

Re: Past Life Visions

"As far as we have discovered most people do not reincarnate, their essence is assimilated and their book is forever closed" Your friends at AMORC told you this? ;)
CROMA, backwards and all your colors are wrong...
Your setting up a trap for people to be stuck in the astral where I guess
black magician master Raymund Andrea hangs out...
ALL reincarnate until we graduate from the human kingdom, it's called evolution of conscioussness, something "dark astral blackies" are not very fond of, but the rest of us are :)

Re: Past Life Visions

AMORC teaches reincarnation. I learned that is not true from our Star Gate encounters with beings 3 billion years our senior. In the first place the gods do not care whether we survive ourselves or not, they have more to do then tinker with a belligerent species that hasn't learned to play well with others in thousands of years of conflict. The universe is teeming with other life forms. We are only 7 billion units of awareness in a universe of trillions feeding a sense of presence to collective cosmic consciousness and our input is predominantly negative. Reincarnation with cycles of pain and death is not a thing a decent spirit needs. If one cannot learn to behave in one lifetime he/she is a slow learner and many more life experiences would seem pointless.. Those who are reincarnating are doing so by choice and effort for specific noble reasons not because they are locked into endless cycles of life and death to pay compensation for karmic debt and acts of ignorance. We still believe we are at the center of the universe and some God winks at us as favored children. The inconvenient truth is that we are no more nor less then countless sentient life forms scattered across the vast multi-dimensional star fields. Those beyond us do not reach down we must reach up to solicit their guidance and they have little time to play with part time students.
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.

Re: Past Life Visions

There are many who believe they have past life memories and this may be true however such information is gleaned from Akashic records and may be that of others and not necessarily yourself. I have met many who claim to have been some notorious character of history. One must ask how can so many claim to have been King Solomon ,for example, they may indeed have valid memories deposited by King Solomon but that does not imply they are the incarnation of that person. Seems ridiculous that King Solomon after many incarnations ends up working at Walmart. Also how does one account for our exponentially increasing population if we all reincarnate? Got a bunch of new kids on the block who apparently are not reincarnations. Remember we are free to believe as we wish and accept the consequences of our belief guided actions. I suppose it really doesn't matter unless we have an agenda.
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.

Re: Past Life Visions

What might a valid agenda be to seek return to this world for more life experiences?
One might wish to perpetuate civilization's noble attributes for future generations such as the Dali Lama or social scientist. One might wish to continue on-going scientific research to a practical conclusion to keep civilization progressive like some of our leading physicists. Others may design to become workers in the cosmic vineyards, seeding new worlds and becoming Watchers of new civilizations testing personal mettle and evolving into an immortal divinity.
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.

Re: Past Life Visions

Hello and thank you for sharing your described experiences, memories and point of views. Really interesting.

I do see what you mean, Evermore. From a higher and multidimensional point of view, everything just is at the same time.
But then there is also progress of our souls, which means that there is something like a time order. Truths are many and they can coexist.

I am becoming less aware of past lifes, (if we want to keep it linear for a second, grin) but of insights and unknown skills and possibilities with time.

What you were stating about these killing instincts is making sense to me, Felita, out of reasons having been expressed by Red Violet already partly.
What could yo do about the joy you are feeling when thinking of hunting? And at the same time having this big heart for animals.
To me that isn´t contradictive, even though it is seen that way in our society.
Sounds like you have been enjoying hunting in an earlier life or several ones.
There are a lot of immature ethic beliefs nowadays, which are being seen as good and, well, ethicly justifiable. They aren´t suiting and ready for the complex personalities of souls who are not only what they are in their present life, but who are uniting a lot of different interests an traits from multiple lifes, whom doesn´t need to be incompatible.
I am becoming more and more aware of what is possible here, and i for example have the strong desire of moving unconventionally through nature. Because i know that it is possible.

And Red Violet has been a beast in her childhood, with overaverage reflexes and strenght.
We may could say that she has got an easier access to her potential strength, intuitively coming from past lifes, we may could call it body awareness?

Your statements are from a more different angle and are sounding interesting to me, Shekinah.
Thanks for sharing it with us, and for the Walmart- Nebukadneza.
I have once, at the premier of Lord of the Rings 1, seen Gandalf. It was at the middle break of the movie, he was sitting not too far away outside of the exit, long hair,long beard, wearing a Bomber Jacket and Bermudashorts. And sandals.
I think they were brown. As was its head hair, i think. Hmm

A Frispy Crisbee

Re: Past Life Visions

Through the ages our most learned philosophers have conjectured that "we are one" and perhaps share a common Soul. Today we read in "A Course in Miracles" (" We are not a lonely collection of separate minds trapped in separate bodies, moving through separate points in time. We have never really separated from Spirit so there is only an infinite expanse of unified awareness." )
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.

Re: Past Life Visions

I agree with you that we are all One. I respect your belief that there is no reincarnation; or as you said, only to a "selected few". This does not make sense to me but I respect it. In my experience, reincarnation is real.

I believe these traits are Soul memory. A person who is in touch with its spiritual energy could have have easier access to these kind of body memories. Our physical body is the physical expression of our Soul and contains its memory in its DNA. Of course training and going through a learning process is valuable. But what about traits that are simply born with us? Did these traits fall from sky just because? No origin, no history, no evolutionary process behind? No science? Hmm this seems supersticious to me.

We have far more abilities inside our deep mind than we know or have discovered. Most of our biggest potential and memory is hidden; we only get to see a little fraction of who we are.
Some people have crazy experiences. Some people suffer accidents,like for example getting beaten almost to death one day and then when recovering in the hospital realizing they had artistic, musical or genius mathematics abilities that no one would have ever imagined. They were just buried deep inside their subconscious / Soul. This is one example but there are different examples of these people. Same happens with our wisdom. We are full of wisdom inside of ourselves, in our deep mind / Soul. We really are the Light in there; clear mind, real awareness.
We have so much memory and history inside and from so many cultures and experiences. Words are just not enough to describe some of the visions I, and I assume many others have experienced.

Are these visions of my experience or of the collective? I think a bit of both maybe but I think most of this comes from my Soul memory as it is a trip to my subconscious mind; what I call my Soul. After this mass of awareness, I connect to the Universe and become one with it. But I do see 3 levels of awareness. My conscious, human mind - my subconscious, deeper mind, Soul, Spirit (the memory of my body - Soul) - The Universe, Cosmic awareness (I havent tapped in there yet; havent reach there but have seen it, the connection. This is where I think the collective memory is. After one point, I become the Universe / God. But before that, I am my history; I am me.

Again, this is my personal experience and perception; my inner truth. You have yours and its ok.

Re: Past Life Visions

The past. The present. The future. It is all one. In linear time it exists. Spirit doesn 't know time. It doesn't exist in infinity.
Logic again.

Past lives are a myth. We come here to feel consciousness. To lèarn through feelings. What we are now. We will never be again.
Past lives do not tell the story.
How much we love does.

LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Past Life Visions

"The past. The present. The future. It is all one. In linear time it exists. Spirit doesn 't know time. It doesn't exist in infinity."
I agree with you on this.

What is the problem with logic? Why couldnt it be integrated with spiritual consciousness if there is no division?
If other lives are a myth, why do we come here to learn? To learn for what if we only live once? Was is the purpose of living and evolving then?

The way I understand love, love embraces different perspectives and unites them in One Truth. It does not neglect, deny or exclude some aspects of it such as logic or science. Love is the whole, embraces the whole. The ego judges and denies other views as it perceives through division.

Here is some spiritual logic, something to reflect on: ... fter-death

Re: Past Life Visions

there are a lot of 'i's in 'abilities'. i was trying to think of a word with more 'i's in it. 'i', 'i', 'i', i thought.
hard to do this time of day unless i get a sugar rush.
i wonder what Roger the cat thinks about that ?
no; he is looking at me like i should find a toilet to stick my head down right now. really. charming.
no more dried apricots for HIM for a few days then.
he can stick to peanuts, the rainbow trout from next door, who smells like a fish anyway.
i went into their front room last week to borrow some salmon pate because the postman looked like he had rigor mortis again
so i rub some on his corns
and after he swats me a backhander he seems ok again;
and there on top of the aquarium was a baseball bat the size of next weeks morning paper.
i went back to yesterday to get help
and presently
no one came by
and he is always late
and arrives after i am gone
so my partner says
so we sat waiting for the bus and then it was afternoon and all the biscuits were gone by then so we gathered snow next to the amorphous lexicon named Stanley who likes to pinch the butts of passing dobermans. quite dangerous i think but he still has some fingers left.
and the postman had triplets did you know? and him a Presbyterian as well.
i thought they only stained glass.
or was that firstly
wait a bit
now they got stuck together and i cant tell which is which
is it serious if you make a motorbike from spare bits of wood you left over from last Christmas? I prefer a matchbox. safer that way.
no need for local incantations.
lets see now...eye eye eye.
got my good glasses on now i found them under the stairs by that We Go Sky Diving Dressed as Birds of Prey magazine.
i cant see anything. just as well. must be next week already.
or nix wok. or noox wick. or wix nok. is it REALLY necessary to steam your alpaca before the chimney sweep drops in?

Re: Past Life Visions

easily explained by walking backwards in the dark.
i have studied the potential of growing eyes on my ass but so far have not been successful.
to move and be outside to see spiritually is not easy.
i have tried reversing mirrors too from a 1956 Morris Countryman, although I did better with the 1964 Sunbeam Alpine ones, and best of all with the back seat of a borrowed Bentley Arnarge but found that the beige trim was not popular in those times.
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