Re: Illusion

you shouldnt concern yourself about definition too much.
others have the most peculiar habits of defining boxes for simplicity
this is part of the language culture
but there are 7000 languages on this planet
some of them deliberately leave the a value of definition to one side
to perspective
to events
not from cause and effect
not from allegorical mathematics
which can prove black is white
but from a much broader understanding
people dont listen to their spirits talking
they listen to other people
what a mistake
when we all come from one truth
otherwise we would not be here
the value to choose for the word illusion
is significant in its status
you might ask
how real is the illusion
how wide
across what does it span
and for why is a reality an illusion
if the edges are so everywhere all the time
and cross over
and bounce
and fail to define reality
allow me to consider that
this may be a step on your journey of perception
and they may or may not be more to see and understand

i would like to have only the choice to try and see beyond
to the next step of a further journey to climb up the mountain of experiences and understanding
this is my reason
to accept such an illusion that you encounter
sure to me this is not easy
for our truths are ours
and its difficult for one to see beyond truth
when truth is what some search for and desire
for me truth is something to behold and wonder
as angel falls might be to some from below seeing them for the first time
but then i also wonder
if i was on a hang glider
above looking down
a few feet over the falls
hanging in the air and feeling the nature
if that might evoke something extra
previously unknown
and evocation is a matter of intent
where spirits pass and be.
like an angel seeing
sitting in a tree

your truth is one part of the life
if you wish to
you may choose to see more.

it is a gift we have to choose from reason
or not

nothing is wrong or forgotten
its all at the finger tips to hold more
on the wish
of just one means
gave the motive so
that made the mountain

Re: Illusion

dont worry about this thread.
it means something.
and meaning that is perceived

english is a blunt language so it is

a single pebble turned over on a beach
has a key value
to finding our friends
within our friends
within their spirits
outside and beyond
where are the keys
i left them in my shirt
dusting death with vipers
elephants and dirt

what can I say that I can say
what can I know that I may know
when vipers twist like earth worms
their illusions so to grow

Re: Illusion

I go back to thoughts!
They determine everything.
Thoughts are our connection to the cosmic energy.
If you want to communicate with spirit. You have to listen to your thoughts.
You have to see them, not as your own but as a phone to spirit.
Spirit is not physical. How do you think they communicate without words or a voice?
Telepathy is the language of soul.

LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

I have spoken about the meadow here many times. This gift I was given to escape this dream, reality, illusion!
I find it in silence.
Tawmeeleus. Uriel. Pegasus , Maya , Cheeneka and love speak to me from there.
There I feel love. Radiance. Illumination.
We humans are on the wrong side of the veil.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

how slowly we learn to see
and what we see is not what we expect.
what seems chaos to us
depends on what we want or assume.
better then not to want or assume
I spend my time giving away
what I do not want or need
and prefer to listen to the trees
who like the the ancients of Peru
talk in their language
if any would but take the time to listen
and hear what they say
what needs does a person have
when surrounded by creation.
and yet here is the time that is.
whispers fill the air with thoughts
the scent of musk
hangs on the stillness of the breeze
people come demanding things
demands. for what? on whom?
they want and fuss and scream and accuse.
why? so they can get for free
what all the world died for until now.
for free. because they demand.
they tell you
they have rights.
they tell you you are wrong.
they tell you what to do.
and all this telling and demanding
is for nothing
as the world spins on silently in space
ignorant of their rage
immune to their desires for self for free.
all these trinkets that they say are theirs
all these rights
all these feelings
what purpose do they serve?
after they have what they demand
they dont know what to do with it
except be unhappy
as their envy is never sated
until they stop their destruction
at the cost to everyone.
where did they learn to get these rights to steal
and imagine that having what they want
would make them happy?
who told them what to do
and what to want
and how happy they would be if only
they had all these things around them
things they dont need
to carry on their backs
and complain about
because they need more rights for free
to keep their things and get more things
they do not need.

A man is happy regardless
in himself.
He has his dignity of spirit.
His right of soul
born onto this planet.
to walk the earth in freedom
without demands from anyone.

No other may remove his dignity
without first giving up theirs
to lower their spirit down
so they can feel how it is
when dignity is gone.
Without dignity
how can a person learn what spirit is
and know they way to go
across the shadows and the chaos
to be immune alone and free.

These teachers stand and preach their lies
they cannot hear themsleves for what they are
their words are hollow
they do not believe them selves their lies
but expect others to agree
and let them go on and on and on
the stench of their lies
putrid rising from their living corpses
stinking up the planet with their misdeeds.
Their rotting flesh hanging off their bones that walk and talk
waiting for the end
when darkenss swallows them for ever.

what concern is love to live
to live to love alone
when thunder rages
lightening strikes
and no one shall atone?

Re: Illusion

Simple. Silence. Beauty. Thoughts. Perception. Illusion. Dream. Love. Animal. Plant. Spirit. Mistakes.Forgiveness. Compassion. Empathy. Joy. Tolerance.
They have given us the tools how to return. We just have to figure it out!
Anger is important too!
An ego has to be angry too! To be ego we have to leave unconditional Love.
Our spirit knows this!

LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

oh yes I agree. In order to perceive, one must form an opinion.
Is the fire hot or cold when I put my hand in?
If i decide it is hot,
I can choose to do it again
or not.
If i do it again, maybe I can choose to be angry at my stupidity
or not.
That would be my opinion
having been formed from personal experience
showing a human traint.
i could say i love to put my hand in the fire only once.
which goes on by intimation to suggest
that when people love,
the process of emotional connection
leads to the release of chemistry within the human body
that has a direct effect on the brain
and as such
they get burned. or burnt.
or not.

I refuse to be responsible for the number of suicides
that I seem to be informed of after crossing paths
with people.
what they feel and do
is entirely their responsibility.

my withdrawal from common society is a far better option
for those who move and learn
than for my ego.
from which i have no result
but the chance to form another opinion
that is learnt
from experience.
being that the questions needed to ask
in any given circumstance
have their own frequencies and harmonics
that are easy to note
by their simple presence or absence.

it does appear that the advent of the internet
has allowed people to slow down their learning processes
and merely vent their opinions to others
before the desire to learn.
the result being that there are a lot of angry people
who think little and shout much.
to make a statement
"this is like this"
rather than
"I postulate that this may be like this because..."
is now the fashion of the day.

i so hope this passes and gets replaced with thinking rather than shouting.

that would be lovely.

But this is all hormonal anyway. humans are so dependent on body chemistry as a fact;
you only have to study puberty to see that.
it can be the hardest approach to think with any independence
when hormones are raging through your mind
proving that humans are apes
to an advanced level
that can tear the fabric of reality
with energies that mostly are not here
but there.
and when they are perceived
the act of perception
brings them here from there.
which is how its possible to have the address of the boy you knew 20 years ago
who you saw in a dream
and said hello.
for example.

so you can be anywhere in time and space
merely by saying it can be so
if you understand what this means
at the most basic level.

its all here for us to do with as we wish.
and dont talk to me about aliens please.
if there were any that wanted to be here
they would be
coming and going as they wished.
so if they exist
which they do
although its not for me to say
they dont want to be here
because who would profit from the result of standing in an ant colony?
when time is meaningless
and understanding is the reality of existence
beyond body chemistry.

talk to me about demons and lost souls and i will read your book just so
and turn the pages carefully with interest
for dark there is and that which can
is what shall bide the moment best
to end a pause by sink or swimming at the bounty of each man.

i refrain these days from returning the emotion
of angry people who make problems
by using the power of spirits to rip their souls apart
and shred their existences
so they are instantly forgotten by all they ever knew.
their time here
can be as limited as a match used once and discarded.

who is there that may smell the earth
and mean a billion other odors so
and stand alone amidst the sea of many
and for one light, let it go?
for all these little boxes which are moving
going round and round
enveloped in these gasses and the sound
how can they bring the questions right to ask
when they cannot see to know?

it is the place
to make a bargain
that i may do what is the 3rd hand wish of ones
to occur by way of happenstance
if they but ask the right question...once.

or you forget the arrival
of the black cat to open out your door
in the winds
that passed your way
3 moves by and by?

whatever ego is and does
has no motivation
for beyond to sense a purpose.
its all here now.
one is merely dependent
on making a choice.
the right choice.

so the consequence of asking the right question
will open out that door.
or the wrong one will make a wave another way.

i do not offer anything that does not already exist.
i offer only the chance of the sight to see it
if it be so required
and everyone has that book already in their library.

line up your chakras in order to advance
stand out in the air
breath the thought of circumstance
and forget about despair.


Re: Illusion

Welcome to my beautiful crazy world. Where anything is possible anything can happen and usually does.
I had to leave work because i was feeling light headed. I was walking home thinking Gosh! I fell soo not grounded. I am just swaying in the wind. One gust of wind and i will blow away. Have to get home and try and ground myself again.
I felt like my energy was too light. A strange feeling. Nothing was there to anchor me in this world. I was panicking thinking i was just going to disappear.
I got home and opened the back door and at that exact moment.....
A tree fell down!!!!
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So. What is life and death?
We are all connected. I am the tree and the tree is me.
Energy is love and love is the creation of all things. Love is not individual. It is all.

Re: Illusion

i have to say your sense of humour is dry enough to raise a smile :)
maybe work is the illusion?
its a mystery to me...
not quite windy enough to see cats flying through the falling trees?
quite windy though so it sounds.
a falling tree
sad in itself
is auspicious of closure on something passing.

low pressure can make people light headed.
i get that occasionally.
the dogs hide in storms
usually under my feet or as close as they can be.

lots of ripples there are now.
i think 4D music is not made of sound
its made of movement through space time.
dances dances and wavy lines all over the place
i can see men carrying a car along a road.
to warm for comfort
yellow colours.

Re: Illusion

Ah trees. You see the invisible images of people and animals. That is the gift of the spirit of nature. To know no time, is to know unconditional love! You can never change that. You can however decide to love a tree instead!
You can never forget though!
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

i am above the canopy
that carpets ground in every direction to the horizon
to mountains in the west
green everywhere below
and sky above

swimming in this gas called air

Re: Illusion

I look around me. People who think they have power. Even think they have power over others! My house is bigger. I am richer. Everyone loves me. My opinion is so important!
When the power is gone what remains?
What use is human power to spirit?
I think the greatest power is how much you love. Not how much you are loved.

LOve Cheeneka x
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