Re: Illusion

you shouldnt concern yourself about definition too much.
others have the most peculiar habits of defining boxes for simplicity
this is part of the language culture
but there are 7000 languages on this planet
some of them deliberately leave the a value of definition to one side
to perspective
to events
not from cause and effect
not from allegorical mathematics
which can prove black is white
but from a much broader understanding
people dont listen to their spirits talking
they listen to other people
what a mistake
when we all come from one truth
otherwise we would not be here
the value to choose for the word illusion
is significant in its status
you might ask
how real is the illusion
how wide
across what does it span
and for why is a reality an illusion
if the edges are so everywhere all the time
and cross over
and bounce
and fail to define reality
allow me to consider that
this may be a step on your journey of perception
and they may or may not be more to see and understand

i would like to have only the choice to try and see beyond
to the next step of a further journey to climb up the mountain of experiences and understanding
this is my reason
to accept such an illusion that you encounter
sure to me this is not easy
for our truths are ours
and its difficult for one to see beyond truth
when truth is what some search for and desire
for me truth is something to behold and wonder
as angel falls might be to some from below seeing them for the first time
but then i also wonder
if i was on a hang glider
above looking down
a few feet over the falls
hanging in the air and feeling the nature
if that might evoke something extra
previously unknown
and evocation is a matter of intent
where spirits pass and be.
like an angel seeing
sitting in a tree

your truth is one part of the life
if you wish to
you may choose to see more.

it is a gift we have to choose from reason
or not

nothing is wrong or forgotten
its all at the finger tips to hold more
on the wish
of just one means
gave the motive so
that made the mountain

Re: Illusion

dont worry about this thread.
it means something.
and meaning that is perceived

english is a blunt language so it is

a single pebble turned over on a beach
has a key value
to finding our friends
within our friends
within their spirits
outside and beyond
where are the keys
i left them in my shirt
dusting death with vipers
elephants and dirt

what can I say that I can say
what can I know that I may know
when vipers twist like earth worms
their illusions so to grow

Re: Illusion

I go back to thoughts!
They determine everything.
Thoughts are our connection to the cosmic energy.
If you want to communicate with spirit. You have to listen to your thoughts.
You have to see them, not as your own but as a phone to spirit.
Spirit is not physical. How do you think they communicate without words or a voice?
Telepathy is the language of soul.

LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

I have spoken about the meadow here many times. This gift I was given to escape this dream, reality, illusion!
I find it in silence.
Tawmeeleus. Uriel. Pegasus , Maya , Cheeneka and love speak to me from there.
There I feel love. Radiance. Illumination.
We humans are on the wrong side of the veil.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

how slowly we learn to see
and what we see is not what we expect.
what seems chaos to us
depends on what we want or assume.
better then not to want or assume
I spend my time giving away
what I do not want or need
and prefer to listen to the trees
who like the the ancients of Peru
talk in their language
if any would but take the time to listen
and hear what they say
what needs does a person have
when surrounded by creation.
and yet here is the time that is.
whispers fill the air with thoughts
the scent of musk
hangs on the stillness of the breeze
people come demanding things
demands. for what? on whom?
they want and fuss and scream and accuse.
why? so they can get for free
what all the world died for until now.
for free. because they demand.
they tell you
they have rights.
they tell you you are wrong.
they tell you what to do.
and all this telling and demanding
is for nothing
as the world spins on silently in space
ignorant of their rage
immune to their desires for self for free.
all these trinkets that they say are theirs
all these rights
all these feelings
what purpose do they serve?
after they have what they demand
they dont know what to do with it
except be unhappy
as their envy is never sated
until they stop their destruction
at the cost to everyone.
where did they learn to get these rights to steal
and imagine that having what they want
would make them happy?
who told them what to do
and what to want
and how happy they would be if only
they had all these things around them
things they dont need
to carry on their backs
and complain about
because they need more rights for free
to keep their things and get more things
they do not need.

A man is happy regardless
in himself.
He has his dignity of spirit.
His right of soul
born onto this planet.
to walk the earth in freedom
without demands from anyone.

No other may remove his dignity
without first giving up theirs
to lower their spirit down
so they can feel how it is
when dignity is gone.
Without dignity
how can a person learn what spirit is
and know they way to go
across the shadows and the chaos
to be immune alone and free.

These teachers stand and preach their lies
they cannot hear themsleves for what they are
their words are hollow
they do not believe them selves their lies
but expect others to agree
and let them go on and on and on
the stench of their lies
putrid rising from their living corpses
stinking up the planet with their misdeeds.
Their rotting flesh hanging off their bones that walk and talk
waiting for the end
when darkenss swallows them for ever.

what concern is love to live
to live to love alone
when thunder rages
lightening strikes
and no one shall atone?

Re: Illusion

Simple. Silence. Beauty. Thoughts. Perception. Illusion. Dream. Love. Animal. Plant. Spirit. Mistakes.Forgiveness. Compassion. Empathy. Joy. Tolerance.
They have given us the tools how to return. We just have to figure it out!
Anger is important too!
An ego has to be angry too! To be ego we have to leave unconditional Love.
Our spirit knows this!

LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

oh yes I agree. In order to perceive, one must form an opinion.
Is the fire hot or cold when I put my hand in?
If i decide it is hot,
I can choose to do it again
or not.
If i do it again, maybe I can choose to be angry at my stupidity
or not.
That would be my opinion
having been formed from personal experience
showing a human traint.
i could say i love to put my hand in the fire only once.
which goes on by intimation to suggest
that when people love,
the process of emotional connection
leads to the release of chemistry within the human body
that has a direct effect on the brain
and as such
they get burned. or burnt.
or not.

I refuse to be responsible for the number of suicides
that I seem to be informed of after crossing paths
with people.
what they feel and do
is entirely their responsibility.

my withdrawal from common society is a far better option
for those who move and learn
than for my ego.
from which i have no result
but the chance to form another opinion
that is learnt
from experience.
being that the questions needed to ask
in any given circumstance
have their own frequencies and harmonics
that are easy to note
by their simple presence or absence.

it does appear that the advent of the internet
has allowed people to slow down their learning processes
and merely vent their opinions to others
before the desire to learn.
the result being that there are a lot of angry people
who think little and shout much.
to make a statement
"this is like this"
rather than
"I postulate that this may be like this because..."
is now the fashion of the day.

i so hope this passes and gets replaced with thinking rather than shouting.

that would be lovely.

But this is all hormonal anyway. humans are so dependent on body chemistry as a fact;
you only have to study puberty to see that.
it can be the hardest approach to think with any independence
when hormones are raging through your mind
proving that humans are apes
to an advanced level
that can tear the fabric of reality
with energies that mostly are not here
but there.
and when they are perceived
the act of perception
brings them here from there.
which is how its possible to have the address of the boy you knew 20 years ago
who you saw in a dream
and said hello.
for example.

so you can be anywhere in time and space
merely by saying it can be so
if you understand what this means
at the most basic level.

its all here for us to do with as we wish.
and dont talk to me about aliens please.
if there were any that wanted to be here
they would be
coming and going as they wished.
so if they exist
which they do
although its not for me to say
they dont want to be here
because who would profit from the result of standing in an ant colony?
when time is meaningless
and understanding is the reality of existence
beyond body chemistry.

talk to me about demons and lost souls and i will read your book just so
and turn the pages carefully with interest
for dark there is and that which can
is what shall bide the moment best
to end a pause by sink or swimming at the bounty of each man.

i refrain these days from returning the emotion
of angry people who make problems
by using the power of spirits to rip their souls apart
and shred their existences
so they are instantly forgotten by all they ever knew.
their time here
can be as limited as a match used once and discarded.

who is there that may smell the earth
and mean a billion other odors so
and stand alone amidst the sea of many
and for one light, let it go?
for all these little boxes which are moving
going round and round
enveloped in these gasses and the sound
how can they bring the questions right to ask
when they cannot see to know?

it is the place
to make a bargain
that i may do what is the 3rd hand wish of ones
to occur by way of happenstance
if they but ask the right question...once.

or you forget the arrival
of the black cat to open out your door
in the winds
that passed your way
3 moves by and by?

whatever ego is and does
has no motivation
for beyond to sense a purpose.
its all here now.
one is merely dependent
on making a choice.
the right choice.

so the consequence of asking the right question
will open out that door.
or the wrong one will make a wave another way.

i do not offer anything that does not already exist.
i offer only the chance of the sight to see it
if it be so required
and everyone has that book already in their library.

line up your chakras in order to advance
stand out in the air
breath the thought of circumstance
and forget about despair.


Re: Illusion

Welcome to my beautiful crazy world. Where anything is possible anything can happen and usually does.
I had to leave work because i was feeling light headed. I was walking home thinking Gosh! I fell soo not grounded. I am just swaying in the wind. One gust of wind and i will blow away. Have to get home and try and ground myself again.
I felt like my energy was too light. A strange feeling. Nothing was there to anchor me in this world. I was panicking thinking i was just going to disappear.
I got home and opened the back door and at that exact moment.....
A tree fell down!!!!
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So. What is life and death?
We are all connected. I am the tree and the tree is me.
Energy is love and love is the creation of all things. Love is not individual. It is all.

Re: Illusion

i have to say your sense of humour is dry enough to raise a smile :)
maybe work is the illusion?
its a mystery to me...
not quite windy enough to see cats flying through the falling trees?
quite windy though so it sounds.
a falling tree
sad in itself
is auspicious of closure on something passing.

low pressure can make people light headed.
i get that occasionally.
the dogs hide in storms
usually under my feet or as close as they can be.

lots of ripples there are now.
i think 4D music is not made of sound
its made of movement through space time.
dances dances and wavy lines all over the place
i can see men carrying a car along a road.
to warm for comfort
yellow colours.

Re: Illusion

Ah trees. You see the invisible images of people and animals. That is the gift of the spirit of nature. To know no time, is to know unconditional love! You can never change that. You can however decide to love a tree instead!
You can never forget though!
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

i am above the canopy
that carpets ground in every direction to the horizon
to mountains in the west
green everywhere below
and sky above

swimming in this gas called air

Re: Illusion

I look around me. People who think they have power. Even think they have power over others! My house is bigger. I am richer. Everyone loves me. My opinion is so important!
When the power is gone what remains?
What use is human power to spirit?
I think the greatest power is how much you love. Not how much you are loved.

LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

To love
you must understand meaning
a power to exert
as much as a fist
there are prerequisites
a shadow falls because of the sun
how can we understand the passage of the shadow
without understanding the meaning of the sun?
i have been there
at the same moment that many have passed
and i have seen what i have seen.
and these children run like babies
shouting and wailing
into the darkness
trying to understand the sun

but it is so simple for anyone
to just stand in the light
and let the darkness be gone.

who will stand in the light?
who wants to?
it seems very few bother
they mark their moments in entertainement
they witness their illusions
passing by like pictures moving
while they are still

so then
sit on your chairs
curl on your sofas
lie on your beds

the moment
their moment
your moment
will pass
just the same as everyone.

there is no merit to asking anyone to step into the light
as darkness will not allow them to move out from their shadows
as it feeds on their spirit
control is everything.

if you want to know love
step into the light
there is no illusion in this energy
its already been paid for.
for us, its free.

how few there are who bother
who want to see
who make the preference an action.
instead of just reading a report
and making an opinion;
an opinion?
as valid as chopsticks.
how can this opinion be valid
if they have not seen
or been
into the light
but only read of it
or hear of it
and do nothing to witness it.

the sea is full of lost souls
like a cardigan once knitted for a baby long ago
by an old woman with arthritic hands
sat night after night by the fire
exspressing her love in action
the garment that was given from the heart
worn for a few months
then fogotten
and given away
and never used or seen again.
where are its colours now?
where is its thought and attention?
where is its purpose?

It is easier to think of a cardigan for a baby
than stepping into the light.

like eating food
people understand every day the desire to stuff their mouths
to remain 'topped up'
in case they meet uncertainty
in case they cannot remain 'topped up'.

they stand and shout to change the system
the system is wrong
the system is broken
the system is rubbish
destroy the system
they scream
while keeping their possessions close
and demanding every type of care
from everyone around them
in return for nothing
when they possess nothing at all
except their being.

anger for this
anger for that
anger for change
anger to yatt.

shouting in singles
shouting in droves
shouting for shouting
all heels to the toes.

standing in protest
sitting in rage
lying in gutters
raising the wage.

they thought it was good
they thought it was fine
signing their papers
waiting in line

here is the desert
here is the heat
here is the army
moving its feet.

dont hold the gun
dont smile at the rain
dont shoot in fun
dont cry; its in vain.

ladders to climb up
snakes to slide down
games for the children
where there used to be towns.

force for the major
food for the poor
laugh at the leaders
who cant keep a score.

zero and six
nine and eleven
twenty to ten
half after seven.

rifles and candles
bullets and bread
water and bombs
the kinder are dead.

facts are illusions
reported by some
lies are the money
lies make them run.

no step to the light
no seeing or knowing
no life as its real
no coming, no going.

lies upon lies
shreds of lost souls
won to the darkness
riding the rolls.

you see
i have a problem.
and there.
my presence
has an deliterious effect on
and the dark.

its like
compressing a raging bolt of lightening
into a potential
that can burst
from nowhere
at a whim.

some see it and run.
others dont know it
and move blindly about
and others know of it and keep well away.
its not a thing to be proud of.
its not a heliosphere of abundance.

its just the way it is.

sometimes these people
stand in front of me
and while they are raging their rages for their rage lies of reasons seasons
I am pulling their spiritual energy from out their backs
and losing it to the darkness
i dont speak.
I dont move.
I dont touch.
i dont look them in the eye.
i dont need to bother with that overkill.
for when they do see my eyes
they see a mirror of truth
and the one truth
a lie cannot handle
is to see itself for what it really is
and know its uselessness.
their energy is quickly removed
until they are left
not remembering what they were yatting on about
a husk of what they thought they were.
and off they stagger
a baby once again
empty and lost
maybe they might have a chance to learn something better
this time round
or not.
i am not their judge.
i only cannot digest lies
in any context
and have the right to defend myself
from their effect on my spirit
everywhere i go.
anywhare i am
all the time.

because i stand in the light.
and the macabre know me well and steer clear in fear of the light
trying their recipies
changing their menus
stalking the void
looking for the off switch
whilst wanting the light
but not wanting to be in it.

work that one out then.

wanting light
but not wanting to be in it.
maybe they want to own it
call it theirs by holding the candle
but there can be no candle
unless there is light
they fail to see
that they need to stand in their own light
not mine.
to hold their own candle
not that of another.

these theives run to crowd the shadows just beyond the light
scared to be in it
but ravenous for it
hunger as the eternal hunger for lack of light
need for its food
they are damned to starve
unless they see their own light
and renounce their desires to steal
and feed.
but the hunger does not allow room for renunciation.
the hunger is all they know
the hunger is them.
they are full of it.
they are made of it.
and they are blinded by its needs.

they will not step into the light.
they cannot.
they are the lost souls
safe in their ignorance
safe in their little meaniless losses.

i have no answer for them.
they continue to refuse to learn
and deny learning
to deny reason
to deny choice
to deny a journey
because they are lazy and prefer to stay where they are
all questions answered by lies
and live their lies in miserable dissafection.
checking each other's lies
to make sure they live in groups with the same lies.
and smile as the sheep they are
who do not know they are sheep
even when you show them a mirror.

i have been there many times
at the passing
not only people
many animals
many many many.
an observer.
and some choose right
and some chose wrong
whatever that is.
its not my lie.
i live in my light of truth
and ask questions
and they trouble those who are ignorant
i ask of love
and truth
and life
and spirit
and they sometimes tell their stories
and sometimes not
and no one seems to mind
as long as they can keep talking
while they have only occasionally
an idea of what is happening
and notice tht they are being drained of their collecte life of lies
colluding together to form ugly patterns they believe in
for no tother reason
than a book
or a person told them it was like that
and rather than bother
to find out for themsleves
they said;
'This will do for me.
This is the real lie
the best
thats good enough for me to live by'.
and they huddle in worried groups
telling the same lies over and over
hoping that those outside will not question their lies
and remain hidden inside the safety of their lies
telling the world they are right
and the world is wrong.
who gave them the right to do that then?
their lies?
oh yes thats grand.
a lie to make a lie to do a lie.
no wonder then
that they are nervous
and worried
and scared of someone telling them its all a lie.
and rage against anyone saying
'look- you are living a lie'.


i tend not to mix
and remain apart
for safety.
not my safety.
for i am born with the right to walk the earth of this planet
i can go anywhere
i can take a mountain on one hand
pass through it and be its contents
feel it.
or travel where i wish.
but here
this planet...
these people...
that would not be a good thing.
i prefer not to frighten people. :)
yes. better to stay subdued and out of circulation.

it always leads to huge problems when i
go out.
although I occasioanlly have a need to do so.
i guess thats magnetism for you in this context.
sorry about that.

Re: Illusion

I am still looking for I....
Earlier today I told a friend I loved them. I didn't feel it I just said it. I noticed it had come from my head not my heart.
I thought to myself this is not me. Whoever me is!
I am now sitting here watching a programme where they are discussing the philosophy of head versus heart. I didn't know earlier I was going to end up watching this.
I tell this experience to show how cosmic energy is.
I is cosmic. The illusion.
I was seeing the future in no time. I was not seeing this. Spirit is seeing this.
I am tuned into spirit. Spirit is not singular.
I am everyone and I am no one. I am the tree and the tree is me!
I am everything and I am nothing.
Who is I?
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

At the same time. I can feel negative energy in my heart and the solar plexus. One is beautiful. The other is like having someone put cold hands around your heart and squeeze. Excruiating!
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

When you reflect as an energy. You don't get to choose. There is no autonomy. You are at the mercy of the energy around you. It is a good reason why I have dogs. They love unconditionally. 😇
LOve Cheeneka xv

Re: Illusion

yes. very nice.
enjoy your full flowness.
I will sit here and finish the crowd meditation mosaic in early barbarism on this happy ant eater who dropped by for tea and stickies.
i dont have any tea or stickies so this is having to do although his abuse of the House Perfect magazine between pages 6 and 7 does raise an eyebrow and had some people looking in the window until it had stopped singing Moon River in Mongolian.
Ha. these fetid ant eaters will try anything for a wet blanket and a green banana.
If only they had no vote and went about their business with a stipend from Pastor Henry and two monk's hand crushed oracle slime in a pickle jar. Oh the agony of discretion over fresh toast.
i am no longer prone to singing in batches of artichokes knee deep in the river Siene of a Monday.
therefore i dont get out until Tuesday as the hotwired apricot takes two days to start if i am not carrying the umbrella.
so usually the bull mastiff contributes by tinkering with the plastic bottles in tune to the noontime BBC weather report.
but of course i cant do any of this at all as its not written in Gaelic and has no ambergris sewn into the shirt lining.
unless it opens with a clove of garlic i was saving for Rembrandt's birthday treat at the rabid esophagus.
he does like his Gouda with Chile sauce and diced carrots.
i wonder if that petulant division is calibrated in absinthe today? they tell me its not applicable unless the blood moon is at the zenith.
still, we cant have it always. no. how do they fit all these pages in there? i had to do the washing in Biarritz last week and what a mess that was too. waiting in line for a cormorant with political ambitions and three before and after stills from a mastectomy. The mayor had his pills out and regurgitated lunch with a Golok perang. the asparagus was warm, they said and tasted of feathers.
Any news on the citation of burlap in the Cotswold's?

Re: Illusion

oh the luxury of expectation.
tell that to an un-betrothed millennial these days and then check your credit card bill.

Re: Illusion

i am concerned that i may have moved up another step along my way. it seems to me the illusion of travel has now become somewhere near second nature to me to the point where this tandem thing has become switched to autopilot
the consequence is that instead of electric blue and yellow
the energy is now a thousand shades of
and seems to enjoy cutting through anything
which is a new way.
this love thing is more and more complex.
and the illusion has entered into a more heavy moment
very heavy

the calculations show that what we should be searching for the fulcrum
not the question and answer
its the balance that has the power
as its the only constant inside and outside
and people dont seem to see that
everything equals something even when its nothing/
its the equality that shows the way.
its never been about the facts
its all about the process of being
facts we can see when we look through the process
i learn the process
and i can be
step by step
look at facts here and there
the values are in the process.
darkness and light cannot
surrounded by dark
light is the other side
i am happy now
darkness can never triumph
as it always needs at least enough light
in a moment
to be
this is a very good day.
i can stop worrying now about the darkness
for all is light
and the energy
too much for words right now
i am above separate
i can relax
this step has been a trial

amazing what a bowl of rice can do.


Re: Illusion

Light is sent to into darkness to illuminate. Some darkness abhorrs the light. As a sentient being we pay the price. As spirit we are doing what we came hear to do.
Some darkness finds the light harsh!
In a 100 years who will care.
I like rice also!
The next time i say i am in full flow. I think i will find a desert island with no phone!😇😇😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

You are one of few who can make me laugh out loud. well done for that treasure.
Since my last posting I have moved forwards to explore my new level of exerience.
The night was full of the worst spiritual attacks I have seen to date.
What these demons are after
is my light
as they have none
and are as attracted to it as flies in the kitchen.
I have learnt that they have no power over me
but they are much more powerful here
than before.
This raises some questions
why did these demons not have cross dimensional access to lower levels?
Why is it now that I can with them?
It seems that they are locked into certain trans dimensional spiritual boxes.
They have limited access to passage.
The meaning of this illusion of interpritation
is that there are rules here.
New rules I am learning.
One of these maybe; is that something put these here
in a kind of spiritual prison where they have interaction and relations but are held
and cannot pass.
The value of this place
is not one would stay in from choice.
It does have certain advantages over the previous layer.
I am above the need to wander alone in the darkness as one spiritual candle.
There is spiritual peace here ( for me).
It seems that the level I was travelling through before
has passed
I have gone through that nameless jungle of endless night and suffering.
My steps go forwards at my pace up my mountain.
I look around and feel what I be.
Here is not like before
the previous step.
I am alone by not lonely or at a loss.
Far away, in all directions,
I can feel others travelling too, which is different to before.
What I feel is not an illusion is the difference in me.
My feelings have progressed.
As I said, I feel at peace here.
The cross at the roads
is no longer important.
That question it seems
is no longer relevent.
What now is relevent as a question is a new one right now:
During the night
when I was attacked repeatedly in ways that were the most severe and challenging I have ever encountered,
the force of the black power prevented the demon's success.
Reflecting now upon this small triumph,
I find myself looking for comparisons to draw definition from to put upon my place.
The only one that makes any sense is;
What I see now ahead, far in the distance:-
At the big bang
these forces that show similar values in the negative
demons that are real and endlessly evil
surrounded the light as darkness does.
There was a battle of some duration and severe extent
between one spirit of light and a profundity of demons of darkness.
The compass of which i am as yet not able to see the full properties
although I am looking and searching these out
to understand.
At the end, the darkness compressed the light
and the light allowed itself to be compressed
as a final function of its abilities.
Then, when darkenss was on the very last cusp of success,
the light exploded itself
and opened the universe into existence.
This method gave the spirit of light
an impassable dimension of reality
beyond the passage of the demons
where the frequencies are not quite aligned
not quite perfect
not as the demons were expecting.
So here we are now on this planet Earth and here we can see.
Demons cannot be here;
only influence, whisoer and nudge from shadows and spirtual connections
Make their suggestions and feed off their close desires.
This feeding is not satisfying for these demons.
It is all they have that moves them
but it is so little for their hunger
that it appears to be the most teasing aperitif.
It makes them ravenous for more spiritual energy
to feast upon.
They know where we are
and wait for the moment when we pass out
so they can take us for their food completely;
but still, this is all and everyone of us, a mere morsal in energy.
They sate only in quantity of passing in he same moment,
which is why those of us who are sensitive to these issues
find every disaster reported as a catastrophe of passing.
It is not the horror of loss by passing.
It is the horror of being spiritually devoured in that extra dimensional moment.
These horrors really do exist.
Like a pack of rabid wolves
no passage through the darkness is safe
while moving to the light.
This light
is the original light
the light of creation.
Aha. It seems we are its revival.
After a certain sum of recharging its spiritual batteries with our energies derived from its creation
this macro spirit
desires to reinvest itself
comprising the better energgy
of all our compounded being
to fight the lack of light
another time
with much greater fabric and energy.

So it seems that we are parts of a battle yet to be.
Now things have some direction.
Maybe this understanding is why I feel at peace now.
Maybe these demons I have just passed by
are part of this army against light.
yes it seems they are.
Oh this is going to be good.
I can see so much more from here.
So much more.

Not quite the desert island without connection I am
more later ...cheeky knickers. :)

Re: Illusion

It has been my experience that light is stronger. Not easy when you are surrounded by the dark. I have drowned in it many times and all but forgotten i am light.
I always hear a thought in those times...
You can harm me as a physical being but not as a spirit.
Then i blast them with light and wonder why they had the power to make me think i could be defeated by darkness.
Wolves surrounded me once growling, snarling , frightened me to death. I then realised they were protecting me not attacking me because their backs were to me they were not attacking me.
That's how i found my power animals!
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

I was in my last level for several years, wandering about as the lost traveller
not really lost
just suffering in that level
those evil forces did their best to keep me there until my end.

i wont relate the maths of the way out of the oubliette
its too convoluted to describe that would make any reasonable sense;
but I learned many thing there
and became a bigger and better soul for it.
I would not be here unlesss I had been there.

Not a Buddhist journey exactly.

animals follow to my heel since I have moved up.
just like that.
I mean here.
outside and inbetween, the ways are always changing.
exploration is the way now.

This level (so far) has its benefits.
I can sense much more than before
much much more
and know the best way to respond
by choice.
My weapons of defense are far greater.

last night I slept like a baby
no spiritual attacks at all.
completely calm weather that way.
I put it down to being a newbie here the night before.
still, they did draw blood its true.

Let me say that the truth never hurt anyone.
the response to truth is always in question however.
has concequences to those who do or do not perceive.
passage is always radical.
so when you tell me your news
about your friend...

several times now.

to be more detailed about the energy
the transmission of energy as a defense against the forces of evil
need be channelled at frequencies equal to those in attack
of greater force to repost.
the default setting is to let rip with the entire spectrum.

To use energy that is black in frequency
is specific
to a certain width of frequencies.
The values of these are that they absorb as well as radiate
depending upon their discretion of use.
I am sure others will say what they say about that.

Its not an easy move to absorb as well as radiate.
the absorbtion has all the virtues of a spread of dimensional interaction.
From instant dissemination
to allocation
to banishment to the void
and a host of other options
including addition to my sources.
and all at the same time
or pick and choose
as things move or as it goes.

the only real advantage here I have found so far
is that it no longer matters if people believe or not
as their element of choice is removed from any acceptance of application.

what I am finding is that I can reach into any soul
and retune it
not to perfection
but moreso than before...
or other things.
so far so good.

the potential that is recognised outside and inbetween
is that I can reach back or forwards
and stop things before they start
across time.
at least thats how its worked as far as I have looked into that by now.
a work in progress : )
I suspect it may be limited as a defensive action to an attack
although I dont see why that might be the case and not more.
i will see what i see.

more later.

: )

Re: Illusion

cheeneka wrote:
Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:49 pm
Peggy Sue got married!
Oh! My!
LOve Cheeneka x
I didn't know what this meant at the time! Peggy Sue went back in time as a teenager.
I lived with a foster family from the age of 14 until 19. I haven't heard from them for 40 years. I heard from them today!!!!
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Here are 3 bones that I leave you with.
1/. the long bone.
2/. the cross bone.
3/. the skull.

The long bone represents the passage of life as a journey.
Everyone has a seperate journey.
The cross bone represents the passage during that journey
as it crosses paths with other travellers at an intersection and events.
The skull represents reasoned thought in process without which
one and two have no meaning.

Think on these as you countenace your illusions.

These bones are not a gesture by choice.
They are a fact of existance as is life.
Made from what we hang upon our skeletons.
We all feel one life.
Those who call up the cross bones
in ignorance or for any reason
have a responsibility to deal with the consequences.
No matter what they imagine in their illusions;
what pins they have on their lapels.

Some things in life are best left well, well alone.

Take care on your journey.

Re: Illusion

i have to write this here in response to questions being asked from readers who dont know the logic of this reasoning and
have the bold tenacity to look for ways to poo poo the universe.
silly bunnies.
so i must add this as a focus.
putting aside the quantum status for the moment

we can all agree that we are alive now.
we can all agree that our lives are in and part of
or we would not be here now.

the process of construction of this


is what i have been talking about.

oh this and thatand puff and blah

these bananas are talking as if they know everything.
easily said
but they have nothing in their vision to calculate if it is right or wrong.
they base their superior judgement purely on negative emotions
which is what idiots have been trained to do all their short and useless lives.
its a lot easier to remain on the lower level of a journey and preach from there
that this is the last step up the mountain
and all must remain and be the same.
listen to yourselves.
you reject all the learning that has happened over time through humanity
to new discoveries and new ideas
and even Einstein said his most powerful tool was his imagination
and he didnt have much of one either.
so was he wrong as well?
maybe you could go back in time and tell people why before he thought of e=mc2 and you didnt.
because it was a slow revolution in capacity to accept in the science community.
22 years in fact all told.

so for all those shitters now
who like to blackball the logic of thought, which may or may not be an advance
lets think about it.
try and think.
at least try to show you can think and not just eat bananas that you pluck off a tree at arms length.

ask questions...if you can.
i dont think you have the ability to ask the right questions
but what do i know?
i am only one mind.

maybe your minds might work
if you switched on the dormant organ you keep for eating
and concentrate on thinking
for a change...

in further explanation
which will be equally as rejected by the bananas
this life we agree to be in now
in order to read this
had a past
from your parents
and theirs
back and back and back.

or you personally would not exist now
as you would not have been born.

we consider the passage back to the beginning
right to the beginning
what was there then?

before the beginning
before something

there was only one thing

nothing, as we know nothing, is devoid of something, which is what we exist in now.

all of it 100%.

its a simple point.

let us consider that nothing
comes in boxes the same as everything
which includes nothing
nothing must have parameters
even those we do not yet know
we can attribute that nothing must have them.

so let us consider one simple nothingness
a state we shall refer to
as zero.

a void.
devoid of something.

there comes an event
where the golden ratio is created as the number one.
this number is more than a number
it is a power of expansion and relationship by imposition.

let us add one to zero.
we have one standing beside zero.
one plus zero equals one.
zero still exists.
it is a place from which one came by a process of function.

this number one has the power to grow in a ratio 2 dimensionally with out time.
it expands.
why did it come into existence?

nothing cannot exist with out the witness of something.
no one knows its there
so its pointless
and everything to date
has proven in this universe to have a point for its being or not being.
everything is related in order for it to be,
all the universes that are not
all the choices never made
all the people and animals never born or died or yet to be.
all choices and chance and all have a source function and point to be or not to be.
as Hamlet would allude to perhaps.

what do we have so far?
we have nothing = zero
and we have expansion in a pattern throughout the universe = one.


expansion has a need.

so far its 2D.

but nothing is all around.
its everywhere.
its as far as it is
a thin film on one
or in every direction for ever
or whatever inbetween.

and the inbetween is the interesting bit
where we are today.

so the number one is a pattern of the golden ratio
that is self expanding
in its programming.
it moves out along the plane of 2D
and then as it expands
it naturally becomes 3D and slowly builds into a vortex shape
why so?
because of its programming inside, beside and due to nothing.
one is made like that.

work out the internal function of the golden ratio.
as it has an effect on all matter
and leaves the quantum state
it becomes a vortex
a cone shape

the reason is that
at the precise moment of the point of change from 2D to 3D
outside the quantum state
3D is born
and from 3D
comes the number two.

zero plus (one becomes < one squared )= something.

this is not a physical egg you could hold in your hand
it is a condition of form by process.

so please do try and stop the skeptical attacks all you lot.

from one that resonates by its program to square itself and form 3D

we have the formation of the number two.
one squared.

this number two is programmed to make every kind of circle and radius
it is composed of the value of pi.
it is 3D in motion.
it is the container in which one sits.
it is a sphere.

and a sphere is made in 4D time.

it is the first product of one squared beside being allocated the number two.

we have time already on one expanding into 3D
and we call this number two.
and it is a sphere, circle, arc, disc, diameter radius and etc.
plus all the cuts and patterns in between all inside its program.

so we have born the moment
the moment of the first time.

here we have something new
zero is a point in the void.
one is a line between zero and one as a relationship
one squared becomes two
and the line of the relationship unfolds like a slinky of golden ratio.
it connects
but what can it connect to?
it must relate to zero and one
or not be.
it cannot be a line without a node of a program at the junction.
it cannot connect back on itself as that would be undefined as different and be a travel between one to zero nodes.

so it must connect and relate both to one and to zero.
it forms a triangular relationship of connection.
zero, one, two, zero.

so where, if anywhere, does this take us then?
time has been established by connection of zero to one that expands and squares itself,
and because of that function,
the only result can be the creation of pi's programming and all that means.
all that means, as a sphere, is to form a shape within
a sphere has no nodes
it does not relate
it is a bubble
only nodes that have function by program can relate
so what happens then?

within the sphere happens a fourth node
and all the nodes reside upon the internal surface, equidistantly
to form a tetrahedron.
the fourth node we have named
or S

so 0 + 1p2=S

we are S
we are something
the universe is something.
we are alive now.

what do we have now?

we have a tetrahedron within a sphere.

a sphere is a round box.

this is our universe.
this is the macro and sub atomic state of construct.

the sub atomic is built from zero and one.
as soon as there is zero and one, the relationship expands into something
one replicates by its golden ratio as is its program.

and here we are.

from this we have the music of frequencies, SAPs, relationships of electrons, energy, matter and all the rest built
as a process of expansion by the golden ratio that fits into pi.

its perfect.

quite a marvel really to see it.

and we
as people
are connected
to everything in the universe

why then do whales who have bigger brains
seem to be so limited in their abilities?

is it not just size but application of complexity?
how much applied reason does a whale need by and by?
not much more than a dolphin perhaps.

what do we have that makes us burn so brightly?
that pushes our reason to act and think so?

maybe you skeptics might answer that one.

just remember that the denial of learning and thinking is a mortal sin against all of mankind.
dont talk to me about education as a statistic.
i am talking about self discovery and self learning and self thinking.
fine to make a base. good.
but always question and consider reasoning Socrates processes. not his facts.

any one who prevents any one from thinking and developing their reasoning needs to be hung out for the sharks.
for this element of our programming is itself our function of composition gifted in spirit as a divine spark.

and all about him darkness plays its fired game
and every soul there ever was and will come by
to stand and be and let and win and fly
and point out every demons parts of blame.

Re: Illusion

I am starting to get upset

with those who cannot communicate spiritually wanting those who can to be like them.

You well know exactly who you are to the man. I can see you now where you are and know what you do while you do it and hear your intentions. its not pretty and proves evil with a badge.

Those of you who cannot run fast do not have the right to make everyone else run as slowly as you.

If you cant see things and hear things from other places, its not my fault, and you should stop trying to prove you are more right than different people, who can precognate with past proven abilities, see events past, present and future, have instant communication, can organise things, and travel outside. I do not tell those with six fingers and six toes on each hand and foot that they are wrong and must be corrected to conform with all those with five digits. No. Because i do not have any right to impose my judgement on other people. i can say i dont like you. i can say you are wrong. i can say you are an idiot. i can advise you to stop or go according to what i see and know. i am free to voice my opinions.

its entirely your choice to do whatever whenever if at all as a result of knowing my opinions. with consequences.

unless you decide to make a contract...which is spiritual. then you are in big poo with those who do govern such contracts. if you renege, such are the forces of other, that you will suffer most greatly at their distain. Your peers will be lost to you and you will be expelled and cast out to be a nobody as lost as anyone without purpose or anything over the most basic desires.

If you choose to continue your crusade of self justification in the very shallow persuit of self grandisment for your careers, money, and social credibility amongst your equally uselss and callow peers, soley in the effort to get a bit of paper with a name and title on it one crack up a non existant ladder, then I have no other choice except to call upon those you cannot know from far away to go to you spiritually and remove you and your ideas from these evil attacks.

All attacks on me will finish here and now.

They are going to you now. They are standing next to you. They wait for you to prove yourself stopped before they depart; or make what they will- i have no sight of that or control- in repudiation. Time passing is of no concern to these beings. If you have the slightest...ah yes...i see the hackles rise up your spine. you feel a wind you cannot understand change direction. Good. perhaps you will change too now.

You are in a room that appears to be covered with a film of grease, dust and air born deposited pollution. A room that is an office with a big window and of cheap and pointless concern to all who use it. it is not warm enough. the room has the feeling that everyone has left. You dress as a rat in a movie. two other stupid evil rats are with you with their backs to you. they come and go. You feel you are controlling a game. others pay the bills. but you daughter is very upset with you for what you did. you know what you did. she knows. her face is turned away from you and you want it back. but you have lost that forever. this is the root of your hatred. this is the cause of your evil. you sour lives because of a loss you suffered in selfish shame. you are a loser with nothing and out to prove it to no one, because the mirror tells the truth. and you cant look in it. the devil is there staring back at you.

They show me that therre is a black snake very slowly crawling up your right leg. It has been sent by time. Not by them. You have little left before you meet these beings in their reality.

If you dont understand this, try reading a book. a real book. not a webpage precis. and its no good asking for advice from your peers equally as dumb, who equally dont have any idea about spirit and dimension and travel, although they will lie to your face and say they do. They dont have any single clue.

I most strongly suggest that you therefore, continue your light work of plucking bananas to suit your local requirements and stick to your comfort zones.

Where I pass by, is not available to you. Communication is far away from your comprehension. You are a single slug to the solar system of thought. You will never see nor understand because apes with the conceptual abilities of a slug will do everything wrong in an effort to prove how right they are for a slug minded ape, to another slug minded ape.

Look--look- you will shout to all and ask for their concensus or approval-
look at the wrong ones. the outsiders. the six toes.

i suppose you could easily call this a form of spiritual racisim.
look instead at what they did to the likes of Jesus and so many of his followers over time. To Jews in the holocaust. To the Aboriginies. To American Indians. To blacks.

its easy to persecute in the name of conformity.
maybe its the fear that you are just useless and some one will tell you so one day and show you why exactly in a way you know to be right.
But you do a great job with a banana. You should keep that up. really. Great job.

Stop being an ape with pretensions and enjoy your bananas. The zoo keeper will deliver more tomorrow. Maybe they will let you climb a tree sometimes. No one cares about you or your ...limitations.


you may notice that these posts bear the Legend of Noon.
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