How "The Left" Destroyed Los Angeles--Socialist "Cesspoolery" Examined - Docu

An examination of socialist experimentation across the planet, over the years, has caused much in the way of horror. Especially once it has metamorphosed, typically, into the usual dictatorship bent on "helping the disadvantaged". Code words for the siphoning off of funds for the sole benefit of the scum running the show. In any event here's the sad tale of just one instance of the criminality in just one shithole run by "well meaning social justice types". I live in NorCal where some "sanctuary venues" exist. I'm just a little sick of the MS 13 types, let in by the now former Governor MoonBeam, in the interests of "humanitarianism", raping, assaulting, robbing their way to "happiness" not too far from my home. No, i'm not, conveniently, a nazi. I'm just someone who would like to see sanity prevail in government programs...just my humble POV, of course...

Only a slight, really, step in the direction of what the wholly owned by "you know who" "socialists" want to see across the planet --- from very beleaguered Sweden. A formerly wonderful country peopled by intelligent, productive, peaceful folks now over run by -- well, you know. By the globalist pawns intent upon, well you know that too if you're paying attention, nicht wahr?
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