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what is soul

I have a lot of thoughts regarding soul. I have a lot of questions also. There is no absolute truth.
Here are some of my thoughts.

Soul, The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being , regarded as immortal. If time does not exist can there be a past, present or future? . The persona lasts for a lifetime. The persona, the individual is not evolving spirit is evolving. If Spirit is the one mind is there room in the one mind for an individual? Or are we just different aspects of the same thing? Most of our existence and reality comes from our thoughts. If our thoughts are of the one mind can we still be an individual?
What happens to ego when it discovers it does not exist? Do we need ego to exist?
I do not believe so, as I mentioned before a flower knows to blossom and grow. If this reality is seen through a spiritual perspective it does not exist. There is no solid or mass there is illumination, love and radiance.
There is consciousness but is consciousness individual ? It is like everything incorporeal, not solid or mass. We look individual with human eyes with a spiritual perspective there is light and love.
Some say I have a penetrating mind. I tune into thoughts. Thoughts are incorporeal I have no idea who owns them. so if I am tuned into thoughts that do not belong to me, am I still individual?
Soul is divinity. Soul is different to everyone. I do not think there is one simple answer to what is soul.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: what is soul


There are two excellent movies I might refer you to for some interesting insight. If you are interested.

One is called

The Shout.

The other is quite Netflix. Altered Carbon.

Your comment about memories is something to talk about, to me.:)

The problem is I swapped mine for a bag of lemons, two fake koalla bears and a house brick a about 4 years ago.

I think the problem is that as we get older our brain shrinks.

i agree with what you say about the soul. I have been places and seen others and places where I am alone.

and the beings...oh. too many. i had a spiritual attack about 24 hours ago. and then that turned into a reality I had to deal with. the attack was spot on as a portend of the real event in scale. But there is a problem as I see then, who it is who is doing this thing. they have to reveal themselves to make a mess. which means i know who it is. and can get back at them in some any way.
rather foolish in some respects to make an attack unless you knwo what you are doing. which this man does not and is heading for the void at full steam under his own control. nothing to do with me.
there are those who forget the value of short straws.
and accept them as payment for their souls. bad move really. the downside is much worse than a Holbein woodcut print or Heironymous Bosh painting. much worse.
so the soul then has a value in itself?
my question is when do we know we have one. what time and date does it begin as a baby. when did we become reasoned to be sentient and recognize soul.
and i hark back to the story of Adam and Eve...
to me, it appears that the dead were treated with great respect by the remaining, by finds of graves discovered in most locations here. unless there was an almighty battle and some sort of emergency.
what may be of some small value to you is my witness of many passing.
the soul flies out the top of the head. mostly, if left to its natural devices. what is extra is that the shadows of the demons come just before. usually two or more. the soul has to fly very fast to stop from being caught by them. it seems that bad deeds in life are heavy.
it slows the souls passage.
and they get caught by the demaons
and removed to be devoured, made into demons, are already demons or get lost into the void of darkness.
mostly those.

did I tell you that evil has a smell all its own?
an imprint on the people it habitates?
the deeds they perform
are all written there to see
all over them.
times, date, places, actions.

not nice to see a bad one.

then i speak to them and the funny thing is that they are bound to tell the truth against their human victim/host/target.
like a confession on their behalf.
its s if they have acontratc of some kind. a list. an excuse.
or they say things truly out of spite or hate or revenge for their own plights. lots of reasons.
ah. reason again.
yes i was wondering about that before i closed the windows.
what could reason mean to create the soul.
strange things happen every day.
and people are full of acceptance of murder.
they eat meat.
why should we feel sad about things like crocodiles? they taste of chicken...
and trees have feelings just the same, but differently vibrated.
what rights do we humans have then?
to exist.
to eat.
to survive.
and who shall be our judge for those actions?
another human? one born of meat eating parents, grand parents, etc.?
it is a puzzle to be sure.
then to think on all the ugliness in this world
and wonder at its value.

what value shall we put on a soul?
another soul?
one thousand?
a number?
or a feeling?

or a pebble on a beach somewhere on another planet.
do see those movies.
they are relevent to your postulations.


Re: what is soul

With demons and bad spirits it can work in the opposite direction as well.

They can be devoured and transformed, mjamm mjamm.
For them their attachment can become a twobladed sword.

In the end, everything´s about progress, the fusing of energies leads to change on both parties, if we want to express it from the limited perspective of each being being a separate individual of course, grin.

There also lies a kind of beauty within the evil souls, and how could it be different, since they also are a part of creation and have chosen their unique way.

In the end i think, every soul wants to be recognized, understood and appreciated for what it is - no matter how far they have already gone into one direction and how less they may are aware of that fact themself.


Re: what is soul

I need some further defenition of this attachement you refer to.
in an effort to see clearly a bit better.
if you would ...

it would help also if you might relate some personal experiences to support your opinion too.:)

you should know that to see is to be seen in such situations. any battle is won before it can begin so.

i have not noticed any beauty in the face of evil other than a mask they might hide behind, or the potential for redemption when a demon is coming for you. i only see their hunger which is rabid.

sometimes it is possible to freeze the moment yes. sometimes the vibrations are not available for that. but it is all a war. a war to save our energies as additions to the whole. and there will never be enough to stop. only to progress, as you suggest.
we progress now from men of wood, to men of stone, to men of flesh, and soon begins the age of men of metal.
and all shall be as one
and all is one
as one pebble on a beach
on a pebble on a beach
on a pebble on a beach.

but what is one?
where does one begin and end?
does ending have any meaning to spirit?

all I can say for sure is that one spirit can make a difference for its choices now
and the choices our ancestors made
to bring to now
will echo across future days
for all the spirits yet to be.

think well on choice before a battle.

Re: what is soul

Latest news:

This polemic agitator is furtively at the edge of the santos.
The dimensions of spirits range.
I mention above of one spiritual attack recently from this man who is abusing the demon forces to advance his own agenda here.
He refuses to depart his position.
The higher spirits disagree with this attack.
I saw two days ago that the representation of his lower jaw had been crushed up and then turned to stone, his teeth melded together.
Some time later this was spread to the area representing his face around his lower jaw.
In that place, it would mean he was silenced forever times. No more incantaions or whispers.
He sure did upset some to have that done.

Here, one table lamp died blew in the bedroom. I changed the fuse and the bulb but it was dead. It was a closed ceramic vase style lamp.
When i went to turn it on after changing the fuse and bulb, not only did it not work, but also the roof centre light flickered constantly and after i took the table lamp out from the 13 amp wall power socket.
The roof light flickered like crazy until i turned that one off.
The roof light is on a different circuit altogether.
I turned it back on and it did the same flickering for a while, then sowly went towards being normal before I got bored and turned it off anyway and left the room.
Then as I went into the big room, that roof light flickered like crazy too. But thats on another-another circuit as well.
All these circuits have 100 milliamp micro switches that flick off at the fuse box at the merest hint of a short.

Nothing else was wrong in the house like this anywhere else. just the bedroom and the flickering lights following me around the house.
I took another table lamp from another table and plugged it in the same wall power socket of the dead lamp. it worked perfectly. and the roof lamps stopped flickering, regardless of the replacement lamp being plugged in or out.

so back to the attacker after this wierd event of dead table lamps and flickering lights ( never happened before in this house as I can recall);

Later still, i saw this stone effect had spread to his fingers and was making its way up the representation of his hands. No more moving tose at all. I saw that he was frozen and blocked where he was, and spiritually being turned to stone by and by.

That takes up to yesterday night. Today, i see this spirit person in whole being gradually evolving into permanent stone all over while forzen in the same spot, only his eyes moving with abject fear in them.

I should maybe mention the spirit of Radolfo, if thats the correct spelling. ah. he says it doesnt matter. he is standing to my left now in his ecumenical robes that he was wearing when he died in what is now northern Spain, of plague. He abandoned his position tending the towns people who had run before the tyranny of the invading Islam in 1247 Valencia into the mountains of what they called the Castille, which is basically Catalonia ( the mountains). His vision is only about 5 feet six inches tall and slightly built. His presence is of such and understanding in action, born of his life's wisdom and knowlege. I highly evolved spirit indeed. who feels he can do more from where he is as travel seems to be a call upon his time and time is there before all humanity, he says in a dialect of Spanish you might think rough in comparison to today. But, his thoughts although formed so, are transparent as they come.
He says it may have been another disease but mostly they called diseases like he died of, plague.
I ask him about time, and he tells me he travels where he goes. where he goes, i ask?
he says humanity changes soon and men of steel will leave their homes for the sky, and never return. he says those that remain are few and only care takers of nature out of...a duty? interest? maybe a calling then? ah. a devotion to the natural. yes, thats what he means.
op. he's gone. called to be elsewhere. he looked at something, excused himslef and left.

While i have been writing this, i see that this attacker has now been almost fully made to stone, and very oddly in my opinion, some beings have lifted him from his frozen spot and moved him through a void to put him in a sort of museum of statues that has the function of being visited for the content of its stone figures. a long description of deeds and choices has been attached to this man there for all to understand. I
wonder as to the relevence of this notion in its meaning. one of the movers explains to me that he was always there, sort of. the other explains that he made msitakes. i see that this room is almost endless in its contribution.
always in twos or threes or more.
pairs or more.

anyway i put the dead lamp in the garden yesterday morning and there have been only normal events since then electrically. Its vase contains an evil work, and the trees around it are not happy it having been made. they want it kept where it is, they told me. th evil inside will be slowly absorbed into the earth.
i can tell you what it ws comprised of but its rather long winded and not good to show this knowlege to the unselected. another time perhaps.


Re: what is soul

i see.


there are 7 billion people on this planet now.
thats about the entire sum of humanity since day one.
where are all these extras coming from
or going to?
and if they were all reincarnated
all this seven billion
where did they come from before they were people who were reincarnated anyway?
Surely it has to start at the beginning not half way through?
or were there times when the rules changed?

i think your theory needs work before its accepted to be quite so simple.
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