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Re: How To Control Energy

Get some books on human auric fields you are surrounded by these fields depending how positive you auric is will reach like thinking people which increases in intensity depending how you are through the day or if you come into contact with negative fields you could also look into the seven chakras these also important all the best
Happy learning

Re: How To Control Energy

Sounds like it' startin to fully activate, your crown chakra partially activates when we're children. the subjects can be looked on as complicated if you have no inner faith I'm am empath so I have to do chakra visualisation or I get sick by what I pick up
I advise you to also look into your kundalini rising all humans and mammals have this in there root chakra best to look at chakra first meditating is excellent start your crown also connects you to your spiritual self but don't worry you are just awakening spiritually find a class or mentor to help you it can be a slow process so take your time an be patient and I wish you all best

Re: How To Control Energy

What matters is how you see yourself.
People do not need to understand you.
In the end, life is a personal journey.
In the end you live for yourself and not for others.

Putting your energy in your artwork sounds like a great idea. Maybe see how far you can make it with your art.

Re: How To Control Energy

Its not matter of if you want to be part of this website or not.
You can be here on the website as long as its good for you.
thats your choice.
the issue is
why are you here as in what are you doing with your life?
not what you are not doing with your life.
and as you say
you dont know.

you choose to worry about issues that hold you back.
you can do that
or choose to make your life like an avalanche of your personal energy.
the sentient choice is yours to make.
we are not going to judge you just because we can. thats bullying and i dont hold with that.
we are also not going to let you not make a choice.
we want you to choose to be all that you can be
its the tradition on this planet
that you only get one life
make the most of it.

and we all try and fail but keep trying
because failing is part of learning
and learning is the true religion if there is such a thing as religion.
when you choose to sit on your fence
you choose not to choose

and you are holding yourself back.
you say you are a good artist.
why not make the best of that then?
you dont have to be rembrant or picasso.
just be the best you can be
for yourself
as your choice.

be yourself.
learning is all we have to separate us from a gerbil.
we are all here to learn.
why deny your destiny?
you desire to learn....
let your talents shine as best you can.
make mistakes.
and learn from them.
there is an old joke about
how do you get to the Albert Hall?
the answer is;
the oldest joke is that last one...
the one we leave with.
better to be yourself before then, eh?

there is no one line quick answer. you have to do it to make it happen.
no one can do it for you.
this is your journey of learning that is your gift in life.
dont deny it.
live it.

Re: How To Control Energy

Stop feeling sorry for self your feeling are self inflicted why worry about worrying life's to short, there's this lady at the meet up tonight suffers from ADHD to she's gonna,write a book look at all those famous people who suffer from dyslexia I name a few Richard Branson multi millionaire and Mr Winston Churchill just get on with life just been negative,all the time,is burning up your life's, essence faster go with flow fella
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