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A few months ago I was in bed trying to sleep and something very strange happened. I was awake but not entirely fully concious. I saw a shadow of a large spider like thing crawling from the top part of my curtains which are on the opposite wall to my bed. It crawled across the ceiling and down the wall which my headboard to be bed was leaning against then it stopped about 12 inches from the headboard.

Somehow I became fully concious after a struggle and it disappeared. It wasn't a spider nor a shadow from outside.....It was very large bigger than my hand...

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Red Violet 3 wrote:
Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:16 pm
I am familiar with this.

A couple of years ago, I also saw those big spiders under very similar circumstances. It was not a dream but something quite different. It is believed they are energetic parasites.
Well, I was awake sort of but not full aware, since I remember not been able to move, I have had that kind of feeling before when any thing strange has occurred. Its been a continuous occurrence in many forms throughout my life....why well thats something I have yet to fully understand.

Re: Strange phenomenon

Well, my experiences with entities were similar to what magonia is describing. Also being conscious but half awake, on a different state than normal and not being able to move easily (possible though but after a struggle). Then seeing what I have seen during these experiences... Entities or an entity and some kind of psychic attack or manipulation. But they were not the only ones. Other beings were behind this and some kind of technology; of course I believe they were responsible for these psychic attacks and for me not being able to move freely easily (using their technology for a sort of mind control).

Anyway, with the years and the experiences with these beings, I feel like love repels them. For instance during an "attack" or whatever that uncomfortable situation is, I have found that connecting with the Divine and/or raising my own energy with love and power during those moments inmediately gets me out of it and apparently does not affect my energy too much.

But I am also learning about this still and this is only what I have been able to perceive based on my experiences.
For some reason, the majority of the people have not perceived these realities and only some few people have had very similar experiences. I am not religious neither follow any sort of spiritual discipline but I think some religions and cultures carry wisdom over these things and talk about entities and energy parasites.
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