I have been spending some time recently summing up several years of theological research quietly. I like to think about things like tossing a ball until i understand what a ball means.

Listening to some great modern thinkers from a long list of respected and not so respected minds, analysing their sentiments, and distilling their considerations.

Looking back at the past, written and related wisdom, and how it compares those meanings to today and the potential future of mankind in various directions.

In a short explanation, it appears to me that we are all free to make our own choices. It also appears that those choices may be right or wrong, or so-so, or anywhere in between, before, during or afterwards and in any combination. Its all fluid. Viscus. Moving.

What I arrive at today, is an understanding of potential of focus. Some long time ago, it was written that man should go forth and multiplty. If this was a divine instruction or not, seems to arrive at the same answer of about 7 billion living. Removing those with less than appropriate levels of reasoning for age and understanding purposes, we may consider the remaining sum to be around 2 billion thinking rational choice makers.

What purpose might this serve?

The prime element of reason is the ability to decide a choice. I have spoken before about a child who put his hand curiously into a flame. The child does not do it twice, as it hurts too much. Cause and effect. This is part of the development of the reasoning of that person. A single step on their journey of learning. Sometimes, that same person may decide to relive that choice for different reasons. Not curiosity. Confirmation and extent, as an adult. The learning step may appear similar but is more refined and developed. So, the list of learning goes on and on with each person making their own steps in their own choices and at their own pace.
The application of reason.
Certain belief systems try and stop this questioning of learning from progressing. This is a social crime against every person involved. To remove the advent of learning is to distance mankind from becoming better. All teaching that attempts this finality should be scrapped as fake now today and ridiculed for the garbage it truly is. Learning is learning is learning. To stop is to end the application of reason by choice. Stopping learning is basically evil. And I am not talking about introspectivity. Learing is all about movement, addition, subtraction, dvision, mulitiplicity. Looking at one thing very well may take some time, and attention, but it is just one part of learning, and will need to be moved on from.

At the cusp of choice, there is a place. A way of reaching a global decision. To get to this moment is so extremely hard, so radical, so small in probability that its more likely that humanity will only agree when faced with ultimate destruction in the final second. But; it is possible, with a great degree of planning and open organisation worldwide.

Some have tried recently by way of spreading the word to do so, and get many to think the same thought at the same moment. It is not enough, as too few have taken the trouble to truly participate.

Starting at the base, it seems from research, that people have their own ideas about an afterlife, and each to his own choice. What I find most interesting is that this quality of afterlife, whilst showing some similarities in near death experiences, is different for each of us. This difference is the spark that caught my interest recently.

Some say that what we believe, or choose, will happen in our selected afterlife. If we choose well, a type of heaven will be there for us. If we choose badly, or ignore choices, then the opposite may prevail. Many other ideas are also manifest in thinking for this outcome. The possibilites are unlimited, it seems, and of such diversity as to make any sure definition utterly inconclusive. The balance of thought is to consider that what we believe will happen will be so.

However, if the entire population of the Planet all agrees with one way, one place, one solution, it may be different. The weight of all those souls agreeing on one carefully planned outcome, may be enough to make it common for all.

There may not yet be enough elemental energy from the current population to make it so. Maybe there need to be more. Or, there may need to be a tipping point of agreement in numbers alive now against those pulling in other directions. The negatives against that choice, reducing the positive energy.
The idea of course to wonder about, is what if the wrong solution is chosen by all? I cant see there being a second chance choice for this one.

My personal experience? last night, there came an evil presence that stood itself on my belly whilst l lay in bed at the point of sleep- the danger zone for release/crossing over- and I could not breath, it was so heavy. I had to clear the air around completely by waking myself back up and radiating my spirit in a vortex around. With all my thoughts concentrated on my learning, I had been led to ignore for a bit the presence of the sort of waterfall of light energy behind me that recently arrived some weeks ago. I straightened this all out, and all was well in a few moments. Within 4 breaths. This light energy travels up and down at the same time in a restriction of a pillar about 3 meters wide. I cannot sense the top or bottom, and those are not known to me, if they are there or not. maybe things will progress. Now, this window is known to me, and about 5 meters in height. It is the energy of another dimension where time is not relevent, is connected to here, and to other dimensions. It is what most would define as pure light, for words.

It is my destiny to fall into this when my time comes. Now, I have some small access to its power and may discuss and spread its knowledge, for whatever fashion that may take as a learning, and for others to also access, if they so wish, or not.

This is my personal choice of the step of my learning where i am now. Yes. I have put my hand into this fire. When my time comes I will physically emerse myself. Until now, I have spiritually lived inside, and it is pure and open to all thought and knowledge that I can ask of, such being that I am limited in my understanding and questioning. It tells me that i need to develop my reasoning further in order to ask the right questions. I am not sufficientyly advanced yet to derive even a grain of dust of its potential. This is my position.

I am told that all are welcome to join to it, or not. Anyone may test the light and feel it, and make how they wish.

All may choose freely as they will.

Why do I mention about mankind making a choice together the same? In such an event, the entire spiritual strength of mankind in that moment creates a quadratic equation of accelerated empowerment, the arrival of which will be as an outcome, the place of OUR CHOOSING. In essence, we create our own personal afterlife, and the more that share it the same, will make it happen so much more. Like the power of a billion small batteries all connecting at once to focus on one use of that power.

Some might refer to it as the power of spiritual ascention. Its what it feels like to me.

I have my history and my path, and my many struggles and experiences. I have prevailed in the darkenss of the last step for many years to arrive here, and there are many experiences taken along this way.

All I can say today is that this is also one step of the path, it is not the final end; and i move to travel its course of learning to the next.
In this universe, our species has this chance. We were designed so. It is our design to move ever forwards along our chosen paths. without this, we deny our humanity and recede to the functionaliy of slavery to a single opinion stuck in a dark place. No person has the right to deny the learning of any other, nor question their pace of learning; but to remove the abscence of learning is one spiritual goal of all.

We revisit earleir steps learnt to recheck their learning and compare it to our current step, to confirm or deny its part in our process.

My apologies if this is heavy stuff. i can only explain that I do not appreciate evil lost souls contrived to stand on me so i cannot breath. I know who they are now, and because they have exposed themselves to me and are known, they cannot return, for they are sent lost now in the lost of the lost, never to return from their void.




Hello Planetzarg.
I love to read your posts. They are so interesting and different. 😇
I doubt anything dark or evil would dare come within a hundred miles of your energy. They would know better!
That is if dark and evil exist . I have always thought they are a myth. I have not experienced them. It has been my experience that all negative energy is physical.
My philosophy is that it is soul evolving. Always learning. Gathering new experiences. A playground for an infinite spirit.
What is one lifetime spent good or bad in eternity. 😇
I have my meadow. That is where i escape this world and where i know i will end up.
Curious thought Planetzarg. 12 years ago I had my own awakening. I felt that snake crawl up my spine. Always thought a person only ever had one awakening.
Guess what? The snake is crawling up my spine again!
Always learning😇
Can't imagine what spiritual mystery awaits.
LOve Cheeneka x


Nice to see you back and on form.
Thank you for your kind words.:)

I know about awakenings. they come with the process of learning, and thats a personal process for everyone.

Snakes crawling up spines...not too sure about that one.

It may be that you are moving forwards in your personal learning or looking back to check what you were before against where you are now, to get a bit pf perspective. good news either way.

These place are outside of time. sometimes it is possible to pass a dimensional window and take a peek. you might see yourself looking back. or not.

The issue for me now is to slow time down so it stops. for a moment. Many speak and write of such things, and I feel thats all well and good too; but not for me. wisdom and the learning of the path we travel is personal to that which we all are for each of us. to spread out learning and share a joining can be good, and also slow the process down. this is a concrn for me, as this pillar of light at my back seems to want to encompass all, so it tells me.

i do suspect it to be a passage to ascention- at some cost of the loss of individual learning, to become part of a contribution. i have felt it for what it is. i dont see any negativity. it is a waterfall of spiritual energy, that exists of its own accord. it feels neutral in its intent. i am making investigations.
i have been asked to provide some clarity for this knowlege to be spread to those who would wish to experience it. something i might be doing with a sigh. i have my ways of checking things before i make an idiot of myself.

i hope you are well here and have your new home sorted out now after your tragic fire. i see you have moved. that you will move again soon.

water is an amazing resource. very simply, from water comes such powerful and free energy its divided plasma arc can vapourize pretty much anything, including radioactive waste to be entirely harmless, cut any metal or stone, and generate power of great magnitude, while turning back into simple water again as the final end product. to have such freely available at the temperature to be liquid is a rarity of galactic proportions.

dont ask about aliens. i have met some of them and they all told me to go away in different words. not too many about, and not here. they have much further and better things on their minds in the now of time. they mostly hide behind a denial of connection for reasons of their lack of interest and desire not to be disturbed, and desire not to be distracted from their paths. but what do I know? not too much I suspect.

anyway, nice to hear from you:)

do tell me more.



The coiled serpent of the kundalini is the snake i mentioned crawling up my spine. The synchronicity of a post today will not be lost on you. 😇
No time. Yes. It is all one. It is a concept that i think one has to experience to be able to even begin to logically understand.
Time standing still is a mind blowing experience and not for the faint hearted😇
Water. I think without autonomy we can take the shape of all vessels. We can merge and reflect everything around us. There are no physical barriers. Only imagined ones.
Aliens. I guess anything unknown is alien until we become aware of it.
Take care until we meet again😇
LOve Cheeneka x



ah yes I see what you mean.

this is one type of snake understanding that you refer to. the spiritual ones I have seen and met and dealt with as beings are not so constructive.

The barriers or edges can be useful. although passage is amorphous of itself, if possible, it is my experience that the golden ratio is the one true number one, that is known as expansion in this universe.
each addition being another container, or box, or field. with edges. the next grows from the prior, who was busy mowing his lawn on Sunday. Why he wears those awful godzilla brown and green pants I have no idea. he only wears them when he mows the lawn and ties valkerie to phantoms tails by their hair.

the suggestion i was making regarding the concept of aliens - a broadly abused word full of stilted fashionable connotation- is that as of this galactic moment, as in NOW, there are only two that I have found, both being far and ahead of our evolution, and wishing to remain private as in:-
no, we are not interested to meet any more ants, thanks just now, as we have many here about and are busy with ascending to dimensions of deconstructed energy.
before the next natural catastrophe is imposed on them, the children come home from outside the universe school and the kettle boils.

the issue is one of definition. if you want to define an item it helps that such is accepted as an explanation, as in rain is wet.

we dont say why how or where, just when and what. its a trade off between pedanticity and common understanding in the short hand of communication.

until I was was 12, i though a pedophile was a person who enjoyed walking in line.

male rats have the common idea to eat their male offspring. nature is a mixed bundle at best; and society has its own way of imposing its ethics as a blanket; not that you might notice these days, the main cause being the lack of distance between communities. today, its more of not breathing in the wrong fashion in case you upset someone's feelings of self empowerment by excuse.

people may well ridicule the past for its ethics, although the values day by day gone by usually revolved around the ability to survive rather the ability to indulge. the concept of putting one's hand in a fire was met with; how much food do i get when i do, rather than; no chance pal that will hurt too much, eff off.

these issues change with fashion. usually, along with the quality of life of the vocal. these days, its considered that every individual is their own democracy of one, and that rules imposed from outside do not apply. such is the advance of mankind and connection by the internet for the spread of knowledge.



I think what you might be referring to is the ascension of mankind or maybe planetary ascension.. ive also been thinking a lot about this in a interdimentional sense that after we pass we create our own dimension of memories and will create almost like a reincarnation system which may expand existance of things as a whole. I almost want to say we add to the creator or “collective thought” like a pathagorean equation. To achieve this as a phianight collective sounds very hard I feel. it would have to involve a mass awakening brought on by something we all trust as truth, which for myself, I question all things so probably end up sticking around playing clean up while everyone else getsta become creativity itself. I’ve seen a lot of Kundalini talk on here and it’s something that I’ve been experiencing since January. It’s how my awakening presented itself. I started to sway side to side after reading a book on hermeticism that is said to be the words of Hermès Trismegistis. Kundalini is said to be an awakening into enlightenment. When I see the staff of Hermès staff (caduceus) which is commonly seen as a medical symbol, it looks a lot like a representation of kundalini, or could represent a DNA healix being transformed after learning something that activates our evolution mechanism. Maybe it’s all the same. I love finding the meaning and science behind things as well as the love and care that was put into our environment for us to perceive and learn about. I haven’t really been able to talk about kundalini or other experiences since I was activated.

I really appreciate having this outlet and knowing others are out there.
White wanderer 🦋🏔🐛


Yes awakening your Kundalini is a good step forwards.
some people highly advise this step out of all proportion to everything else.
Whatever anyone learns
and adds to their wisdom
is only one more step of their journey.
What may have been the right thing to do yesterday
is not right today
and today is another day
another step
of your learning
in preperation for your tomorrow.

The essence of time in application is entropy.
one step some way along for you to discover
is that entropy in time
is of itself a step of learning.
Some postulate that entropy will lead to the end of the universe.
the steps you have at your feet
will take you far from such an event
long before any approach become close to a reality affecting this life.

to follow the steps of learning
will lead you one at a time
to wisdom that is safely away from any relationship with entropy.
sadly there are no short cuts
no quick fixes
no direct routes.

to reach the condition of ascention
is of itself a process of understanding learning
far, far more precious than any messed up religion
or basic technique.

Buddhism has some way for these steps
some show of passage
but these ways are not the way for each of us
they are only one way that was documented
to get to one step of learning
of which there are far, far more.
To stop and say,
this is the step that is the end
is a lie.
Learning is a process of understanding and application of wisdom.
there is no end to it.
Learning is much more than the universe.
Learning is of itself, a process
and this process
is much more important than the universe.
much more important than any idea of what any god might be
much more.

to open your mind and spirit to learning
is the first act of wisdom in application.
to keep it open and continue to learn
is the second.

You wish to approach certain intellectual and spiritual devices and concepts and learn from them.
this is a good step forwards on your journey.

Take this step and learn from it how you will.
then when you arrive at your understanding
and are able to apply its wisdom
refresh your open thoughts
by using that to move up your mountain
to your next step.

only at the moment you will see your next step
will you, of your own decision, move up to it
and begin a new discovery.

youth has its own chemical devices
that rage in our systems.
only as these chemicals
the markers to procreation
recede over time
can age bring peace to understand what steps may be right for you
one by one.
there is no one day that is more or less right by implication
the only one day is the day that you begin to take your steps
and having satisfied one
then another day to
move on to the next you choose
and so on.

and days are not the answer.
moments of passage occur, that only take a second or so on that day here on planet Earth
for you
and fill the mind and spirit with unified harmony of understanding
like huge and wonderful music in dance
where the whole is composed of the will
and understanding reaches your entire nature.
an irreligious epiphany, if you will.

all these stupid and naive rules and religions have no call to muster intellect
except the teachings of Jesus
and Buddhism
have good context.
you want to be a slave to people who control your thoughts and prevent your learning
be a slave
and stop learning
run around that single step and look at every atom and turn over to study every grain of sand.
you can stay there for as long as you wish to. Become a professor of that step.
But when you do this, you will fail to notice that all the sign posts point in the direction of the next step.
You will see them and ignore them.
You will make up excuses.
You will find distractions.
when they do appear,
it is the moment to move forwards for you.
At any time, you can revist this past of any step
and reconsider its wisdom to check its truth for you
to compare it to the step you are on now.

you decide if it suits you to become a slave or to become a free thinker learning at your own pace of discovery.

i promise we will not laugh at your self imposed slavery.

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