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Has anybody had any lower back problems go througth process of medical checks tests MRI scans to find theres nothings wrong physically. i had been studying about the chakra energy centres to find out that they contected to different parts of our body which regulate our health and welbeing although you cannot see them they are there, like the dantian centre. i had been doing a chakra visualisation which help to clear any blokes since it could also be physical i investigated that first to no avail. so i was doing the visual clearing of the chakras which seemed to work at first but was only temprary relief so i tried a one to one treatment which gave me even more releif it was recommeded that i repeat the process for 21 days but meantime i come across a process mediums use to to raise there energy by imagining the chakras getting larger one by one flooding them with white light coming up from the earth finally when it almost reached the crown you would imagine white light coming from above into the top of the crown chakra mixing with the upcoming white light this supposed to also energise the psychic centres plus expand your aura for past several days i have had no problems with my back. has anybody ever come across anything like this. but a word of warning to anybody trying this it could make you psychically open and possible target for negative entities or energy vampires. your probably wondering well why are you doing it then, well thats simple i learned to protect myself after many years of been attacted

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Hello Red Violet
Well i dont know for sure as i have not been doing this visualization for long and i do a similar visualization with a lady at an holistic shop on sundays which normals clear all the negative muck that builds up in your chakra system i meditate also which also helps after the session you usually feel great for several days

As for my first message i pick that from a book by john holland he advises careful patience i dont know about your abilties but i find this man to very honest and genuine not many authors give away there secrets that normally what you learn in class.

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I am pleased to confirm chakra clearing does work but it's a bit like brushing your teeth you have to have a regular practice. I can state that I know of several other practices which are just as effective relies heavily on the breath but are more involved and requires patience and an inner peace as not to panic when you feel sensations in your body these practices are for anybody willing to master and esp good for people who are sensative I do a meditation with a short break before I continue to do chakra cleansing it tends to makes one mind clear and inner deep relaxed feeling in ones body :D
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