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Re: Illusion


To move on, we find now that sub atomic particles, according to the latest press release from LHC, are getting even smaller, and these seem too be the precursors to the Higgs Boson. Gravity has mass but, in between energy and the application of electromagnetism to make a particle of the contrivance to have the type of mass that is gravitational, there seem to be other particles that are eak in their construction.

It appears that these particles get weaker as they get smaller, back to the raw state of energy without mass.

This is great news. The more complicated this gets, the more it makes sense. The more elegant it becomes.

The point I was going to make in the previous post was that our existence is so rare and remote in probability- taking into account the element of reasoning that I apply to these words- that we enter into the possibility of being at or as close to as possible,
You and I are not here.
Its truly an illusion.
So, when you put your non existant head under non existant bus, you will in fact be lying on a nice beach in Brazil, waiting for your next fruity drink.
Or not.

The fact that CHOICE is real, and not an illusion, means that the past. present and future is one and the same in a sure process.
Or not.

How can an experiment be defined to decide once and for all if the future is already written, and the past is prone to the sublties of change in mismanagement?

The lottery seems to be good idea. It hasnt happened yet. The draw always produces its defined winning numbers, and sometimes someone wins, more than one person wins, or no one wins. No one today knows what the draw will result before time.
You can ask Schrodiger's cat, Roger, to make the draw instead of the computer.
If he was there, the draw would be made when you looked. If he wasnt there, the draw would be made when you looked.
Just giving the cat the draw to make would mean there would be a draw result.
When you looked.

The point is, that whatever happens, we are here and life and death are real as well as everything else.
Its not an illusion. I know that because I can remember not being here before I was born, is missing.
There is a lot of other stuff that is outside; but dont talk to me about reincarnation. The simple maths is not acceptable to anyone with a hoop and stick. Its much more of what I like to define carefully as
total b*llocks.
But what do I know?
Its probably very real, if you want it to be and all is perfect and super.
Dont ask me. I go round having long and complex conversations with trees. trees. and cats. and dogs.
I had a four day long debate about wet wipes with an elderberry bush some years back.
It won.
The issue is that in a spherical universe and we are somewhere inside of it,
where spacetime is spinning as well as expanding, in a rotation of universal porportion, (bent I think they call it),
The cat is or is not there, and we choose to look for it or not look for it, there or not there.
We are moving.
doing and not doing.
Given that there are 7 billion people here already, I dont think any inspector would be carefully checking each one of us at a time, to see if we were looking or not looking for the cat today.
The lottery has only one winning number.
All the others dont seem quite the occasion.
On digit off here and there... just one digit.
is the same and all of the losing numbers not being right.
The issue is
We are the winning number in our own lottery.
The certainty is overwhelming.
In a circle of probability.
Next to zero.
You could not have said that 10 million years ago.
or last week.

The Descartes reasoning, of being here when you are.
So, you get to choose if you want to look in the box for the cat sometime.
There is only one is.
And a very large number of is nots.
The lottery winning number.

There is always one winning number, even if no one has it on the day.
who makes the lottery for us? The cat?
When it comes to the moment,
with choice and reasoning at the fore
we remove the genetic element
as we are here now
and it is us who define our choices
and us
who define our own lotteries.

This makes it a racing certainty after passing the post.
looking back.
after the event.
winning the invisible race.

what else could it mean?

Re: Illusion

Hello 😇
I am everything and i am nothing.
I am not a scholar i write from experiences. My illusion what my energy has experienced as a sentient being.
I have written about reflecting animal, plant, human and spirit. There is no choice or free will i just reflect the energy around me. Like a void or a candle in the wind 😇
I reflect love and i reflect hate in equal measure. I am like water i take the shape of the vessel.
I have seen this whole universe disappear.

I would ask who am i? What am i?
That is my illusion and it changes like the wind depending on what i reflect. 😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Your comment is most apt i think.
the illusion is one of the infinity of self reflections.
in such a reflection
it becomes improbable to see which if any one is real.
therefore what is outside is also inside
and i sense that in my state
the oneness is defined as it own reality
and rises out from the illusion on its own wings.
in other words
the reality becomes what we wish it to be.

the danger is to be in control
as many, so many fail and go forwards alone in some confusion
your meadow for me is allegorical in fact.
Roger of course knows differently
for me, the way is to make the meadow real
is this enough?
is this a superb prison?
is it enough to call on a real place, be it modest?
or is there more out there, and your meadow is one step to something more?
do we have the opportunity to grow after we leave here or will that be defined as our passing lot?
who makes those rules?
if we do, then passing is a focus and we can still develop and be free to exercise sentient choices.
hard to deny after all we have seen and done, yes?
so the action of passing becomes a portal to go through
and here i am
at the way of the kiloclimbs
in the valley of the damned
keeping away those dusters
who predate on those who pass that way or this way as they muster to the light beyond.

but this is a old step and i have moved well on
from there to be as one friend refers to me
gandalph the
today i have realized to be as never before, so at peace
so in tune
and yet for me
this is just a further step on my journey.
i have been waiting for your post that you made now.
i see your way to be a new step for you
that may include or not include your meadow, but also be something more.
try not to deny your progress, i feel.
when we turn back and look down our mountain of our journey
and recall those signposts that were along the way
as memories that came to us then, here and there
small and modest;]
a sight of a hand
a view from a window
a feeling
the wind in certain trees
moments now we didnt even consider at their times.
imprints from before
like labels on old records that mean something only to us.

passing through a portal is not an end of itself
but a passage to a new step beginning
it is the meeting of surface to our frequency over which we go from one state to another as a wave of energy
its unkown to us maybe
and the unknown is as scary as it gets. i know. i dont know.
and i dont know a lot.
so we take our time
and have our own speed
and gentle it along.
we listen to the bird song in the trees
and measure ourselves
and reflect
to slow it down for time to be and time to pass and time to feel and time to know
what we dont know
and the more we do know
the slower we must learn
and the bigger the steps become when they arrive
from our learning.
i can hear clues...that are cues...
the sound like a freezer running
the sound of the high tone
the sound of the stars whispering
come to us, we are here.
and we are here, too.
here is there
and here is everywhere.
and we are.

the wind that opened your kitchen door
is your friend.
you can be as one and join.

you dont have to stop being.
so the angel dancing that you see when you hold open your hand
is yourself.

after you arrive on your next step
you will see that you will not need the black cat i sent you some months before, anymore;
as you will smile and know something more.
looking back it will show as a signpost to where you are newly there.

when you want to swim in a river
you test how cold the water is
and you balk.
but as the man says, its alright once you're in.
no one is pushing. you get to choose your moment. or not.

Re: Illusion

yes i see.
perhaps your use of the word meadow is a personal close one to describe what you define well above.
words define us as they are, as we are educated to understand them.
the huge waterfall of pure energy is at my back these days
i am learning
i am carried along by its movement
not riding
i meet energy
what of it shall i know to be if i do?

this is not the final step of my journey
i am no longer troubled by made visitors
and i know one serious spirit from before

there were gone times when simple folk lived in winters by their tale of woe
and saw matters shrinking, closing down in cold and ice and snow
and in the moment of the minute in the hour last to just a single breath
they saw him looking at them at their rendezvous with death
so they frozen came to know alone as is the only unknown fear
their ends seen and measured each their price to pay with dear
now; snow melting in my blue hand i cannot feel yet feel all of me is lost
make me clean as pure fine can be that I stand over meeting any cost.

Re: Illusion

Yes. The word meadow evolved. It was the only description that was apt at the time.
Still is. Wild and not ordered. Beautiful in it's simplicity.
Tawmeeleus. Uriel. Pegasus and Maya.
They have been with me since the beginning of time.
LOve Cheeneka x
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