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Healing Through Writing

I recently went through a rough patch, and felt drawn to simply learn how to write a story. I never wrote one before, and kind of felt intimidated by the process upon reading various online articles.

Sitting in front of my computer, I heard a voice in my head simply say "create someone". So I did. Someone I could relate with, how they looked, what they felt. Intuit what they might do next in the situations that evolved organically from the interactions of the people I created. It was like acting.

Once I found that sweet spot, this entire other world came out of nowhere filling my mind with the sights and smells of the room they were in, and the sounds of ticking clocks and the world outside. I couldn't write fast enough. The story seemed to evolve on its own, more genuine as I immersed into the people and scenes.

I allowed the process to take its time and I soon found myself feeling better, like the artistic flow of energy set things right again at a basic level. There were more answers for me in life and things weren't so grim. Things seemed lighter. I buried myself in the process and refined my product and after three months I had my first short story - and it's pretty good! I am very proud of it:)

I hope someone reads this and decides to commit to their own inner artist, if even once. We were meant to create and imagine, and there is growth and healing in the process.
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