Ultra awareness

The title here is something to ponder. Throughout my life I have had a ultra awareness of the layers of existence of the earth, ourselves and beyond. Many times the physical mundane world has been transcended by a far greater sense, and experience of the spiritual, and those of a greater reality.

I have seen things in places, before they were actually there. Known the future to a limited extent. Bi location, being in one place then suddenly somewhere else, and back again, it seemed like eternity when these things occurred. Ghosts, lighters flickering on and off, doors opening of there own accorded, vivid dreams, lucid dreams, spiritual symbolic dreams etc.

There has occurred a few times, only what I can describe has a release of energy of a past event. I have touch objected which in a flash released energy of a past event, one was of a man wearing a woollen polar end jumper (like a fisherman) walking down to his boat.

Being guide to safety, either through finding my way home when I was lost, of walking across a road and being told by some mysterious voice to stop, so I did and a car missed me by a few inches.

Being aware can be a burden and a benefit. I will say I have had also a negative force of some kind influencing other peoples actions, which was contrary to my well being, this has happened a lot, demonic maybe a term, since a diabolical grin was apparent in a number of incidents which relate to this, and I was the target.
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