Re: Illusion


To move on, we find now that sub atomic particles, according to the latest press release from LHC, are getting even smaller, and these seem too be the precursors to the Higgs Boson. Gravity has mass but, in between energy and the application of electromagnetism to make a particle of the contrivance to have the type of mass that is gravitational, there seem to be other particles that are weak in their construction.

It appears that these particles get weaker as they get smaller, back to the raw state of energy without mass.

This is great news. The more complicated this gets, the more it makes sense. The more elegant it becomes.

The point I was going to make in the previous post was that our existence is so rare and remote in probability- taking into account the element of reasoning that I apply to these words- that we enter into the possibility of being at or as close to as possible,
You and I are not here.
Its truly an illusion.
So, when you put your non existent head under non existent bus, you will in fact be lying on a nice beach in Brazil, waiting for your next fruity drink.
Or not.

The fact that CHOICE is real, and not an illusion, means that the past. present and future is one and the same in a sure process.
Or not.

How can an experiment be defined to decide once and for all if the future is already written, and the past is prone to the sublties of change in mismanagement?

The lottery seems to be good idea. It hasnt happened yet. The draw always produces its defined winning numbers, and sometimes someone wins, more than one person wins, or no one wins. No one today knows what the draw will result before time.
You can ask Schrodinger's cat, Roger, to make the draw instead of the computer.
If he was there, the draw would be made when you looked. If he wasnt there, the draw would be made when you looked.
Just giving the cat the draw to make would mean there would be a draw result.
When you looked.

The point is, that whatever happens, we are here and life and death are real as well as everything else.
Its not an illusion. I know that because I can remember not being here before I was born, is missing.
There is a lot of other stuff that is outside; but dont talk to me about reincarnation. The simple maths is not acceptable to anyone with a hoop and stick. Its much more of what I like to define carefully as
total b*llocks.
But what do I know?
Its probably very real, if you want it to be and all is perfect and super.
Dont ask me. I go round having long and complex conversations with trees. trees. and cats. and dogs.
I had a four day long debate about wet wipes with an elderberry bush some years back.
It won.
The issue is that in a spherical universe and we are somewhere inside of it,
where spacetime is spinning as well as expanding, in a rotation of universal proportion, (bent I think they call it),
The cat is or is not there, and we choose to look for it or not look for it, there or not there.
We are moving.
doing and not doing.
Given that there are 7 billion people here already, I dont think any inspector would be carefully checking each one of us at a time, to see if we were looking or not looking for the cat today.
The lottery has only one winning number.
All the others dont seem quite the occasion.
On digit off here and there... just one digit.
is the same and all of the losing numbers not being right.
The issue is
We are the winning number in our own lottery.
The certainty is overwhelming.
In a circle of probability.
Next to zero.
You could not have said that 10 million years ago.
or last week.

The Descartes reasoning, of being here when you are.
So, you get to choose if you want to look in the box for the cat sometime.
There is only one is.
And a very large number of is nots.
The lottery winning number.

There is always one winning number, even if no one has it on the day.
who makes the lottery for us? The cat?
When it comes to the moment,
with choice and reasoning at the fore
we remove the genetic element
as we are here now
and it is us who define our choices
and us
who define our own lotteries.

This makes it a racing certainty after passing the post.
looking back.
after the event.
winning the invisible race.

what else could it mean?


Re: Illusion

Hello 😇
I am everything and i am nothing.
I am not a scholar i write from experiences. My illusion what my energy has experienced as a sentient being.
I have written about reflecting animal, plant, human and spirit. There is no choice or free will i just reflect the energy around me. Like a void or a candle in the wind 😇
I reflect love and i reflect hate in equal measure. I am like water i take the shape of the vessel.
I have seen this whole universe disappear.

I would ask who am i? What am i?
That is my illusion and it changes like the wind depending on what i reflect. 😇
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion

Your comment is most apt i think.
the illusion is one of the infinity of self reflections.
in such a reflection
it becomes improbable to see which if any one is real.
therefore what is outside is also inside
and i sense that in my state
the oneness is defined as it own reality
and rises out from the illusion on its own wings.
in other words
the reality becomes what we wish it to be.

the danger is to be in control
as many, so many fail and go forwards alone in some confusion
your meadow for me is allegorical in fact.
Roger of course knows differently
for me, the way is to make the meadow real
is this enough?
is this a superb prison?
is it enough to call on a real place, be it modest?
or is there more out there, and your meadow is one step to something more?
do we have the opportunity to grow after we leave here or will that be defined as our passing lot?
who makes those rules?
if we do, then passing is a focus and we can still develop and be free to exercise sentient choices.
hard to deny after all we have seen and done, yes?
so the action of passing becomes a portal to go through
and here i am
at the way of the kiloclimbs
in the valley of the damned
keeping away those dusters
who predate on those who pass that way or this way as they muster to the light beyond.

but this is a old step and i have moved well on
from there to be as one friend refers to me
gandalph the
today i have realized to be as never before, so at peace
so in tune
and yet for me
this is just a further step on my journey.
i have been waiting for your post that you made now.
i see your way to be a new step for you
that may include or not include your meadow, but also be something more.
try not to deny your progress, i feel.
when we turn back and look down our mountain of our journey
and recall those signposts that were along the way
as memories that came to us then, here and there
small and modest;]
a sight of a hand
a view from a window
a feeling
the wind in certain trees
moments now we didnt even consider at their times.
imprints from before
like labels on old records that mean something only to us.

passing through a portal is not an end of itself
but a passage to a new step beginning
it is the meeting of surface to our frequency over which we go from one state to another as a wave of energy
its unkown to us maybe
and the unknown is as scary as it gets. i know. i dont know.
and i dont know a lot.
so we take our time
and have our own speed
and gentle it along.
we listen to the bird song in the trees
and measure ourselves
and reflect
to slow it down for time to be and time to pass and time to feel and time to know
what we dont know
and the more we do know
the slower we must learn
and the bigger the steps become when they arrive
from our learning.
i can hear clues...that are cues...
the sound like a freezer running
the sound of the high tone
the sound of the stars whispering
come to us, we are here.
and we are here, too.
here is there
and here is everywhere.
and we are.

the wind that opened your kitchen door
is your friend.
you can be as one and join.

you dont have to stop being.
so the angel dancing that you see when you hold open your hand
is yourself.

after you arrive on your next step
you will see that you will not need the black cat i sent you some months before, anymore;
as you will smile and know something more.
looking back it will show as a signpost to where you are newly there.

when you want to swim in a river
you test how cold the water is
and you balk.
but as the man says, its alright once you're in.
no one is pushing. you get to choose your moment. or not.


Re: Illusion

yes i see.
perhaps your use of the word meadow is a personal close one to describe what you define well above.
words define us as they are, as we are educated to understand them.
the huge waterfall of pure energy is at my back these days
i am learning
i am carried along by its movement
not riding
i meet energy
what of it shall i know to be if i do?

this is not the final step of my journey
i am no longer troubled by made visitors
and i know one serious spirit from before

there were gone times when simple folk lived in winters by their tale of woe
and saw matters shrinking, closing down in cold and ice and snow
and in the moment of the minute in the hour last to just a single breath
they saw him looking at them at their rendezvous with death
so they frozen came to know alone as is the only unknown fear
their ends seen and measured each their price to pay with dear
now; snow melting in my blue hand i cannot feel yet feel all of me is lost
make me clean as pure fine can be that I stand over meeting any cost.


Re: Illusion

Yes. The word meadow evolved. It was the only description that was apt at the time.
Still is. Wild and not ordered. Beautiful in it's simplicity.
Tawmeeleus. Uriel. Pegasus and Maya.
They have been with me since the beginning of time.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: Illusion


Just sorted this out now...

How the vortex NOW travel works:-

Based on the Coriolis Effect.

Bang in the destination you want. In NOW time. Not visual light traveled time.*

Find a paired electron there. The number 3 ( from zero to 3 to make a 3D tetrahedron in relative spacetime) is best if you can as it triangulates the 3D destination so you land the right way up.

Order the transfer of polarised charge.

The vortex will rotate one way.
Then it will meet the opposing vortex at the null point ( equatorial moment) in a 2D disc that reaches the width of spacetime but at a single point in travel.**
Then it will spin out back to reality the other way round.
And you land at the other end, oppositely charged, with no ill effects from the process.

*You need to know where you want to go first. Its no good hoping. A real universal GPS is the best plan.
This can be worked out for each flip if you know the passed time in light speed to the current NOW time point and add in the destination variables of unseen light travel to where you are. A good computer will work it out. You can always test it first and see if you are off course.
Evolved people with the right levels of understanding dont need to do this as the whole package is built into the average brain anyway. So they can think it to happen.

**This all works seemlessly in one event to pass through. Points where you may happen to be on the apex of any Coriolis dont matter, as the entire universe is bent in a spiral anyway. The apex (null moment) happens at the moment of change of charge from positive to negative or visa versa.

So get you Fiery Travel Portal now and see how it works. Roger can show you how it works in Adventures on the Astral Plane. Only 2 and a half Relontikled onion bites from Walling Mote plus the batteries and sales tax.


Re: Illusion

I measured the angles between three mirrors showing the same image across slight variations in relative positions.
The code is that when something is moving, it is a line of energy. It has a beginning, is travelling in the middle, and stops at the end. When it is still, the line adopts a joined form into a slow sphere of the line traveling in an orbit. The line of travel is broken by the end.
Like stretching a bit of elastic until you let one end go.
The point is that there is one point before travel, one and potentially two during, and one at arrival again.
This makes a bit of a mockery of the Young slit light experiment.
Too many assumptions.
Stop thinking of a photon as an item
and instead, only as an event.
then it makes complete sense.
the event is that of release, travel and arrival.
the tradition of looking at things as objects rather than events is neurotic.
a photon is not an object.
its a wave of energy in spacetime.
as such, the electromagnetic tendency is for it to be in an orbit when not in motion. it makes an electromagnetic sphere, and its end and beginning of the wave of energy are joined, rotating so fast, the photon appears to be spherical.
its got no where to go, so it spins around itself happily, looking for many people to appear to be a particle. its not. particles do not exist.
only slow energy.
energy in orbit.
energy with the wave ends joined.
the size of a photon is an exact match for its wavelength / frequency and pitch. surely this is self explanatory?
What we are talking about is the potential release of energy in travel. like electricity along a copper wire, electron by electron. the energy is passed on in a stream, with some slight loss over distance according to environmental consequences and the values of copper.

so the mass of a photon can only me implied as an event in motion.

it is potential.

people get this mixed up with probability.
and there are no laws of probability. because they are always correct; and that disproves itself, as a monopolist law has no meaning.

like saying everything is probable. its such an abject statement it teaches nothing of value.
like everything is finite. same again.
what do things mean???
ask a photon
they talk really simply.
if you get them now.


Re: Illusion

if i ask a question
does there have to be an answer?
we know its the wrong answer
and the wrong question.

i cannot leave
i cannot ask the question
i have to stay and not ask
they keep me here to not ask questions
they do
why not ask?
i cannot
i can only not ask.
they give me all of this
not to do
not to ask
not to answer
they do
they give me more
all the time
that there is time
not to do
and i dont do it
there is no time
no time to do anything
to do
or ask
or answer
in time
or out
their shadows make an illusion
not here
not there
from a
to be


Re: Illusion

Recently I described elementary particles as 'slow energy'. why?
energy travels as a wave
and arrives as a particle, so it appears.
when is a wave and a particle the same thing?
that is what I was considering.
so I rather suspect that slow energy
is a wave of energy
that has elegant electromagnetic stability
to run in its own frequency of wavelength
in a circle
chasing its tail
rather like happy dog.
a circular chase so fast
it appears to be a particle
and the application of electromagnetism
in the relationship of circular motion
evolves into what we today define as a particle
given mass by the electromagnetic travel of the energy wave in its own closed orbit
round an illusory point at its centre of rotation.
slow energy defines the arrival of mass when a wave is in a closed loop rotation.
mass from electromagnetic effect
from the energy wave
upon itself.
and the masses differ according to the wavelengths of the energy in closed loop rotation.
where is the Higgs Boson?
The effect of the electromagnetic field created by the closed loop rotation (clr)
or the energy
is hardly upon itself,
but on its local environment
and its neighbours.
Apart from some stability in its state of clr,
the effect is external.
We can subdivide particles as much as we want to.
Energy is all there is.
Blast one particle into another so it breaks the clr and travels as an energy wave.
Matter and antimatter cannot exist in the same location without there being instant balance
by annihilation.
Matter is particles.
So...why not just consider that energy, under the Coriolis effect,
has the tenancy to smash into itself
as the rotation or direction of travel
is equal and opposite
in the same location
which understandably removes it from this universe
in which energy cannot be created or destroyed
just changed.
so... if energy is like that
then antimatter cannot naturally exist here
and we should look to consider the moment of the big bang
in which both arrived, so we are told,
in equal sums...
except they were not equal.
Or we would not exist now.
Why dont we think of antimatter as being the norm
and matter being the abnormal?
If the universe before or at the big bang
was a supermassive black hole
into which arrived a single instant-- not a particle-- but an instant event--
of antimatter, being a travelling clr in its normal condition,
at its singularity
this would be more than enough to reverse the polarity of the black hole
and make it go bang
and create the universe we live in today.

The odds of this happening
are so remote
that they destroy the entire prediction of probability
and leave us with only the certainty of a sure conclusion to an event.

This would mean that the entire current universe was spat out of one huge black hole
which is entirely feasible.

Considering the finite potential of the universe,
in a finite act of construction,
with a start and finish,
part of its construction
is that it can only expand
as any other option
does not work.

The moving apart
is not the energy
its the stretching of spacetime
and this stretch
is the real size of the universe
which has a constant.
People love constant stuff.
We are pattern hunters by genetic design.

and no, its not the matrix, or we wouldnt see patterns like this at all.
Patterns as huge as this define our universe,
and this definition would be closed to us
if we were mice in some wheel.

Dont mention Plank time. It is only a name like an hour or minute.
Mere convenience for a shortcut for short time.

so, what can we say?
expansion is essential.
Its constant.
we know this pattern.
is there a third to round it off with?

knowing it helps to see that everything is energy that is either open looped or closed looped.
we see that the distances between galaxies is increasing at a faster rate...
but is it?
the red shift and system of measurement using various aggregations of super nova data
is approximate at best
and dangerously questionable at worst.
let us consider spacetime to be an energy as well.
if this energy is increasing
then surely the addition will have to make way
for a constant inclusion
between galaxies?
so the distances increase constantly
according to the constant production of the energy of spacetime
being poured into the universe.
If it is speeding up...

we know gravity bends light
so light is not a constant.
shine it through water and see.
if spacetime has variable density
which is full of stuff anyway
and light is travelling through it-
light that we rely on to measure distance over time-
and the expansion and age of the universe,
then really, we are far from correct in the data.

it will be much better to realize that there is a cosmic expansion constant
going back to the big bang
and the speeding up
is really due to light having to travel through more sticky stuff
to get to our measuring instruments.
no, light does not travel at a constant speed except in theory.
a theory that has meaning, yes, and relevance to reality, yes;
but only a mathematical truth
rather than a real life one.

the third is that we know the only natural shape is a spiral.
if we apply this to the universe to see what happens,
the entire machine makes sense
we have the cosmological constant
and cosmic expansion
and a universe that is spiral in overall shape.
try any other shape, and it cancels out one and two.

let me know...

this all rather follows the geometry of Sir Roger Penrose's cyclic cosmology.
with the addition of a single event
that took a long time to happen
of a single matter-antimatter event
that reversed the polarity of this universe in original expansion
and took us to here now.

if the universe is cyclic
it can be flat as a single photon
stretched across a huge disc.
and still fold back into itself

the point is that a black hole has a flipping point
when it has nothing left to feed on
it becomes unstable
it has a finite sum of gravity
small black hole = small gravity
small pull towards other matter.
huge black hole = huge gravity
huge pull on other matter.
imagine every black hole can sense mass over distance...?

and when they have too much to eat, they tend to burp
in the form of polar energy release
in the energy of gamma radiation.

black holes at the core of galaxies are small ones.
big ones are billion galactic in mass.
these can bend the universe.

and they do
as the first one did
the big one from before.

which rather brings me to consider the cyclic state
being one that has some dull repetition
leading me to think about the why question of existence
appearing to become arrogant
unless we understand the three points
of constancy, expansion and shape.

we are now universal babies.
if we understand the universe as we evolve
then humanity has the ability to develop
based on real measurements
in a reality constantly redefined
by developing understanding of knowledge
far beyond what we are today
to the point where we exist as intradimensional energy
with sentient definition
either as a hive
or individually
beyond this universe
and a few others;
which is pretty attractive, either way.

We have a purpose which we originate
that is not arrogant
that has meaning
and destiny
to which we can aim with certainty.

My opinion?
This has nothing to do with the value of one divine being
or and kind of challenge.
This has everything to do with the facts as;
we are here
the question of what for?
the application of sentient understanding
over corporeal existence.
You might push to say that if the universe is expanding,
then there is only positive philosophy
to support mankind
expanding understanding
by learning
and learning
and learning.

The single thing that is wrong
is to prevent learning
at any positive level
as this practice is against the seen rules of the universe
and lets be honest;
who needs to go through another cosmic cycle?
I think the one I am in
is plenty to be going on with thanks very much,
and thanks also
to the divine being
that gave me the sentience by reason
to appreciate that I have a chance to evolve and move on.

This planet is very nice;
there are a lot of other very nice places, too
which are all out there.

Our birth right
is to join in
and have a good look around.
people are held back by the stupid selfish desires of the imposition of slavery on them by others.
disposed of like the snot on a tissue by elitist evil arrogant and myopically ignorant scum who have the rabid impertinence to crush sentience where ever it suits the satanic greed of their paper-thin intellects.

its time to start expanding your understanding
stop being a toilet slave
and know why you are breathing today
and what it means for your tomorrows.


Re: Illusion

I have been looking at the illusion of spacetime a bit more these past few days.
So I am writing here how far i have moved along.

Some say that time exists before gravity and gravity is a product of time.
I disagree with this.
Some say the universe is composed primarily of spacetime and gravity evolves from its curvature.
I disagree with this also.

There is a constant I posted before, the Hubble constant, which explains that the universe is in a constant expansion in all directions.
not the stuff in it.

You can look into dark matter and energy.
Lots to think about there.
what I have been thinking about now
is to accept the view that time in space is of itself an energy.
not a wave
not a particle
but derived from something akin to momentum.

light as we know red shifts when an object is moving away from us
which is how the stars are measured for visible distance and we know, as a train does when it comes and goes past us,
compressed in coming and stretched in leaving
that the sound wave and light wave operate the same. blue shift coming and red shift going.

what we are experiencing is a wave of energy in spacetime.

no one considers spacetime to be a material in value. so far. just a handy direction showing the path of expansion into the future.

Lets consider what time is actually on its own. a direction one way, yes.
we can trace it all the way back to the first moment of the universe.
let us think about time as a place and an event.
there are the 3 dimensions of space and one of time here now.
none of this would work without time.
time is the universal mesh that binds past, present and future.
time dilation exists in regard to gravity, as gravity is a powerful force to be at in the now.

let me try and think that time is what is pushing the universe to expand faster, of itself.
spacetime is the one way road.

so, as the universe was younger, we can measure the expansion was slower, and moreso the younger it was; starting way back from after things settled down and the first stars were born.

Imagine if the distance out across space time in the future has a direct mathematical relationship to the past.
let us say for example, that P is the past, N is the present, and F the future, leading to S for the speed of expansion.
It could well be thinking about this, that P at N x F2 =S

or some relationship simply explained like this.

where N is always where you are right now. Not tomorrow but now.

so, its always changing and stretching out to add more fabric to the universe.

time is looking at it like this, a material value with substance. something tangible like air maybe.
and space is absolutely full of it everywhere, which would account for the 70% estimated value of so called dark energy.

lets establish a base line.
the past is always less than the future or the universe would collapse.
so the future always has to be more. its expanding. everywhere.
so there has to be a relationship of values between the past and the future times.
this future value
has a value
that makes up the cosmic value of the universe.
dark energy if you like that ugly name.
time is better.

is this TOO simple?
is it trite?
no. the universe is based on a tetrahedral crystal repeating pattern
composed of the point zero
the number phi one
and the number pi two
with the addition of time
makes the four sided pyramid crystal of which all matter is composed as a geometric shape.
how much more simple can you get?
you cant for a 4d shape.
thats it.
its a Fibonacci sequence of continuous expansion.

thinking about this,
the addition of expanding spacetime to the universe would then have a value of substance
not a virtual description of time
an energy
the energy of expansion
by original momentum
from the big bang
plus the expansion of the universe by its crystaline structure
from the lesser past
into the greater future.
the past is always getting bigger as we move the point zero or now, continuously into the future.
we are here ->.
the future
to balance the equation
has to be getting substantially MORE big
as well
by a factor of time x itself at the point of nowness.
Einstein was into the expanding universe stretching spacetime, but that's not right, as it would mean that the future was less, and that cant work.
( Not to say the universe is infinite. no. its just that the past and future have a direct quantifiable inclusive relationship
that has tangible value
that adds up to the whole of what they refer to as dark energy. which is expanding or getting more as time passes,
measured always from the ever moving point of nowness.)
This also fails to say when the universe will end. but it does tell me how big it is right now. now now now. now.
(cumulatively and from this post, my view is that this is what everyone seems to be yatting on about for a unified theory of stuff.
just those turkeys get fat grants, expenses, offices and food, and I have to live in a box in a hole in the ground.

I think thats about as far as I went with that...

Delilah says its simple and humans are not thinking outside the cardboard box enough.

which would also explain very simply quantum entanglement.
energy can only change
it cannot be destroyed or created.
but it was created at the big bang into being eventually what we enjoy today.
or injected
or mixed.
anyway, at that time TIME as NOW then-- you see what i mean,
then, every electron was in the same place next to its partner, so created.
i was talking to Delilah and she says electrons are not bothered about time and space.
they only care about the EVENT of their creation.
electrons are here there and everywhere, just as they were in the original EVENT they were made as pairs.
pairs to be noticed and used.
that original event is still going on right NOW now now.
so, although the spacetime is expanding between paired electrons, why should they care?
its meaningless to them where they are.
the question people have trouble answering is
how can they do this?
try not to make stuff complicated. the universe likes simple.
reverse the equation and you arrive back at the big bang.
the event that is NOW.

all time in one place. one event.

now, its just spreading out-- so it looks like to us.
but to an entangled electron pair, its the same event anywhere.
So the PASSAGE of time is irrelevant to entangle electrons, as its the same EVENT they are in.
And as time is coupled to space,
in an expansion,
the result is elegant.

At the singularity of a black hole time freezes. so,
what would electrons do to their external entangled partner if they were inside there?
and it doesnt matter, as its all part of the same event too.

which is great for the Fiery travel portal, 1 million euros each and a one year warranty
just gps the 3x paired electron triangulation you need, and flip there through your neat vortex
of nowness
that was then
as an event
(Roger accepts gold St Pancreas donor cards. pay in advance.)

well, that's what Delilah says, and she is an evolved marmoset so she should know.
she is also particularly fond of asparagus....?


Re: Illusion

I have been thinking about the value of time as an energy of itself.
To start, we have the spacetime relationship/balance,
where space shrinks as time increases
and time shrinks as space increases.
(as detailed well by Brian Greene here, )

Motion through space affects the passage of time.

Time is an illusion.
The passage of time is an illusion.
In order for this to be a truism, you would not exist to be reading this now...
So, what illusion is time to us in the 'here and now'?

In my prior post, I was discussing how it could well be that time = dark energy.

Now, I want to add to this idea a bit more
by thinking in more detail about HOW time is added to the 'here and now' and to the past.
The plan is to show that this detail contributes to support this idea
and takes us to move a little closer to spirit being a reality that can be acheived from our human form.

Every moment time passes the 'here and now', I am sure everyone would agree
that that bit of what was the future in front of us
then moves over to become the past behind us.

The time from when you started reading this
to right now
has passed.
Just a few moments...but,
the reading of the rest of this post is in the future.

The valuation of time depends very much on the position of the viewer.
You can look right back into the past straight,
or straight into the future.
Try and see yourself at the centre of the Earth, rather than in a location on its surface.
If the past is located at the South Pole ( for example), you could call that 0 degrees of position relative to you at the centre. Lets say this is looking into the direct past.
If the future is located at the North Pole, you could call that 180 degrees of position relative to you at the centre. Lets say that this is looking directly into the future.

Consider that you are looking out across the equator, at 90 degrees. Sideways to the past and future.
You see the moon at some distance away.
Looking sideways at this moon, at 90 degrees, the moon is sitting out there in space, moving parallel to you from the past into the future. You see a fixed view of the moon in the present.

But because of the distance between you and the moon, the reality is that you are seeing the moon a little bit into its its past. Its real position where it is itself, is a bit more forwards. The light that shows the moon has taken a few moments to arrive at your eyes.

If you get on a spaceship and go to the moon, the rate of travel across the distance of space beween the Earth and the Moon shrinks space and so for you, makes the passage of time smaller and for the moon, bigger. You in the spaceship, move more slowly than if you are not moving because you are traveling across space. When you arrive at the moon, you are synchonised to have the same time.

If you get in a spaceship and go away from the moon, space is getting bigger so time is shrinking for you and increasing for the Moon. You travel more quickly than if you are standing still at the centre of the Earth. The Moon is moving into the future more quickly than you are the further you move away.

Take this idea a bit further.

As In Brian Greene's video, you can cut up the past, present and future like a loaf of bread, into slices.
Eating one slice from the middle, puts you right there and then.
So, how do you get a slice from the past or the future?
Shink space by going towards your objective.
That increases the passage of time (for you). Time for you, passes more slowly.

This is great.

When you launch your spaceship from Earth, you are aiming at the Moon in its past as you see it then.
The closer you get the Moon, the distance decreases, and your time and the time of the Moon eventually merge to being one and the same as the distance becomes zero.

You catch up to the Moon in its future because space has shrunk to zero.

People back on Earth still see you in your past a little bit while you are on the Moon, in the same local time as the Moon.

Brian was talking about the past, present and future all being one thing.
This is where the illusion breaks up.
IF spacetime are one item, as many agree,
the future has a tangable value compared to the past and present.

It becomes a type of energy.

Let me think about the future a bit more.
Lets say that the future is as fixed as the past; and the only window of choice available to every human is in the present.

Lets say that I can choose to jump into the sea. I get wet.
Lets say that I choose NOT to jump into the sea. I stay dry.

Two choices.
Two results, but;-
Only one outcome of either choice---
I have made a choice.

The present has passed me by.

I made my choice.

Its done.

How either choice affects my future is the issue of choice.

But the constant is that a decision was made and executed.

Let us suppose that every hour, I jump into the sea.
Or not.
I choose then what to do.
I dont stop doing this choosing.
I go on and on and on doing just that.
After a year, I might get very bored with this plan...

But what I have chosen is in the past, and what is to be has not been chosen yet.

Really, it does not matter which choice I make at all.
It does not even matter that I can choose to choose to choose to make a choice, or any choices, when ever.

Whatever I choose to do (or not choose), is already part of the equation of the future, which comes about in the present, and then is written into the past.

The only get out is that I am no longer here and now to make or not make any choices.

As long as I am here, then a choice is available to make.

How can I get to the bottom of this need for choice in the present?
How can I remove it from the future in order to see what remains there then?
How can I find this energy that I am thinking exists that is the expansion of spacetime and includes dark energy?

I can look simply into the past, and see where my choices took me before here and now.
I can learn what happened to get to here.

I can say that, if I bought a lottery ticket with these numbers, I would be very rich now.
A choice I did not make.
But I could have done.

The single issue is that it never matters what choices we make as far as space time is involved.
We can choose or not.
If we are here to choose.
Not choosing is also inclusive.

This boils down to spacetime being a function not of choice; but of getting past the here and now into the future.

Its a consequence of expansion.

Not choice.

The universe was expanding happily all by itself before humans ever existed. Before you or I were born.
It didnt need us then.
It does not need us to witness its expansion.
it does not need our choices.

There are no parallel universes of other made choices to consider. Choice is irrelevant.

The bottom line is that spacetime is a consequence of expansion and thats it.
We happen to exist in it here and now.

Like a bacterium in a puddle in a field in Mozambique, for example.
What effect does that bacterium have on the Sun?
None at all.

Its the same for humanity affecting the universe.
We are irrelevant right now, until we learn to travel the cosmos without moving through space time-- just as paired electrons are connected regardless of spacetime-- and we are made from electrons, atom by atom.
Electrons are NOT a consequence of spacetime.
Or they would not be able to be connected with or without reference to it.
I defer to Planck's constant, ^energy x ^ time= Planck's constant...
Which is Heisenberg's Principle....
also, Time = ^energy/P.

[ I entirely disagree with this principle anyway, as a wave of energy is in fact, just an open particle of energy as a wave before it loops into a closed wave which people prefer to describe as a particle. Which is why its not a particle until it stop moving. I mean, its so simple. There is no uncertainty.
Time has no meaning to electrons... so...
as I have posted several times before, a particle is a closed loop of energy.
A moving particle is an energy wave which is OPEN and travelling.
Before it starts, its closed.
When it travels, its open.
When it arrives/stops, its a particle.

To quote:-
The uncertainty principle is alternatively expressed in terms of a particle’s momentum and position. The momentum of a particle is equal to the product of its mass times its velocity. Thus, the product of the uncertainties in the momentum and the position of a particle equals h/(4π) or more. The principle applies to other related (conjugate) pairs of observables, such as energy and time: the product of the uncertainty in an energy measurement and the uncertainty in the time interval during which the measurement is made also equals h/(4π) or more. The same relation holds, for an unstable atom or nucleus, between the uncertainty in the quantity of energy radiated and the uncertainty in the lifetime of the unstable system as it makes a transition to a more stable state.
End quote.

> blah blah blah blah...
> These people write like it takes a decade to go to the toilet.<
> see:-
> for what these highly intelligent salary takers really mean.
> The final part is their perfect explanation.

Which is why you cannot measure it as a particle when its moving.
The real question should be aiming at aswering what prompts the closed loop of energy to open and travel...
Not the simple answer. the real one from the pint of view of the energy wave...]

Please decide what is right.
Energy has a mass [density], which has weight. Time is energy, therefore time which is an energy, has weight.
This is electromagnetic FORCE. Potential energy.
Therefore dark energy
and dark matter
could well just be the energy of all of time.

Time is an energy that some people seem to be ignoring-- for why? I dont know...
It seems to me that the past that is immutable, is dark matter. (estimated to be 23% appx of the universe)
The future, which is mutable, is dark energy. ( estimated to be 73% appx of the universe)
Plus 4% appx estimated to be regular matter...

Its not the vacuum of zero energy.
Those sums just are so far out of whack they dont count.

These scientists have already answered their own question that they seem to be too blind to ask from this point of view.

Mutable time has the same property as mutable matter.
It is spent energy that has changed from moving to being stopped as matter is slow energy.
Immutable time has the same property a the balance of the original expansion moving into the mutable.
The bigger the mutable becomes
the bigger the immutable has to be to balance the equation.

The outcome is that the bigger the past is
the faster the universe will expand
until it reaches the speed of light
when it will start to spin in a spiral
as it cannot go faster
it changes direction
from going forwards to moving sideways.
Gravitational lensing makes the universe bend.

the equation balances out.
the past - dark matter
the future = dark energy

( the wonder of the here and now as sentient beings--- you have no idea of the relevence of this huge power to BE at the pivot of the balance.)

I have to look into the properties of galaxies that on current investigation dont seem to have any dark energy using the current best methods.

If they dont on proven close analysis, then this time theory will not work.
Or there could be reasons or anomilies as yet unknown for the lack. I have to look.

The cosmic whole is the sum of all the parts.
Which nicely shows the age the universe is going to be from here and now
depending on the immutable past having become static.

To close then, this reveals two statements I am happy to make now based on this theory;-

1/. Time is an energy of expansion, and is really what some refer to as 'dark energy'. This means we can directly measure the size and 'edge' of the universe in terms of spacetime in the future, as in my prior post.

2/. Try and learn more about paired electrons; because as soon as we can travel without moving, then we will be clever enough to learn how to ascend this reality and become spiritual energy without form or mass; or very little mass.

Living for ever? Not right now. Maybe later, when we understand a lot more than we do today, and can deal with the concept without thinking that we will not age or change over spacetime. When we can CHOOSE to ascend into our spirit forms.

I consider that there may be ways that some people have already realized to be able to ascend by certain processes and learning. I tred this path myself...

Another thing: Always wear your shoes outside your feet. They dont work as well on the inside.

Happy traveling, fellow Earthlings.


Re: Illusion

I have edited my previous post to make it more holistic as some readers were experiencing heavy static...


Re: Illusion

I must apologise.
I cannot condone any idiot who sounds terrifically well educated,
putting forward the super plan
that he is not sure of something
and why that makes perfect sense.

We must be vigorously and aggessively uncertain about this entire concept of certainty, and ONLY enforce the RULE of uncertainty as a principle that will get anyone
who is in the least bit certain
beaten to pulp
unless they ride unicorns through the heavens to go to Sainsbury's and buy passion fruit.
We can PROVE how uncertain we are, and use the maths of others to push it, so we can certainly be really fully uncertain when we dont know if its real or unreal anyway. Or at least, certainly certain, to prove how much we really dont know to be certain; even if it is or it isnt, its really uncertainly certain.

I certainly or is it uncertainly... want to be sick now....
I think it must be all this uncertainty making me nausious.
Like cosmic expansion going or not going. We sit and debate for at least the entire passage of the universe. Is it or isnt it?
I dont know. When we look, it is, and we dont look, it isnt or not. We dont know, so we are certianly certain about it being uncertain.

These punks get paid for this utter, utter drivvle??????????


Re: Illusion

I have been looking more and more into time being dark energy in the future and dark matter in the past.

I think its a matter of agreeing that time and space are one item, as many would agree.

What I was reading yesterday was work by Schrodinger and his work in this direction.

It seems that scientists see energy in 2 forms.

Energy that has changed through some action of use
potential energy.

I strongly suspect that this simple plan agrees very well with the future and the past, pivoting around the moment of now.
No need for uncertainty.

For galaxies as yet showing no dark matter, of which I have heard reports but have to dig up the exact details; I can only suspect that these are young galaxies, with little past, in the understanding that this is the first idea to check, if the results of the work done to see if this is correct, is accurate.

The issue about checking the age of the (visible) universe back to the big bang:-

I would like to put an edge on this as it seems to me there may well be galaxies beyond (our) view today, and hence the so-measured age of the universe could be out by some degree, so far. In order to add accuracy or check the current accuracy, I would suggest that it is much better to reverse the speed of expansion of the universe from the speed it is NOW according to current measurement today, taking into account changes back along the way (and perhaps the original expansion) back to the big bang.

I do not agree with the plan of the maths model of putting an electron in a box to measure the probability of its position. Electrons are not engineered to be put into boxes thought up my mathematicians to explain their ideas...

The first point of reference is to understand that an electron is not interested in any box. Its an electron, with its own plans and rules. Look at the universe from its perspective.

Electrons having variable energy to strict rules and a maximum amount, in two types of odd and even sums of variation, are particles.

I have the strongest feeling that particles are energy in a closed frequency loop ( string) that have the appearance of a particle, but are in fact closed in their wave form as energy.
When this wave form opens and MOVES from its closed to open state, as an energy wave, of course its impossible to measure it as a simple particle. It isn't there. It's moving in a form of
1/. a point of origin
2/. a process of travel
3/. a destination.

The current thinking completely misunderstands 2/., the process of travel.

More about this (again) later...


Re: Illusion

WAVES closed loop and open (loop).

Properties of waves
Closed loop

My 'cello
is a potential sound wave producer.
If I pluck or bow the strings
sound waves are produced
that reach my ear
as you may well expect.

The string vibrates in air
air resonates to a particular frequency
or harmonic
and sound waves are the result.

While the instrument is at rest
it has potential energy stored in a string under tension.
the energy comes from the process of the string being moved
by the musician.

All this is very nice.
Any potential store of wave energy will do the same to the point of production.
By any process.

considering photons
golf balls
or any other moving object
there are similarities we can define as basic truths.

1/. an object requires energy to move it.
2/. If you try and find its location while its traveling from point A
its source
to point B
its destination
its most likely the event of measurement
will interfere with the process of travel
to alter
or stop the process
the smaller the object is.

Consider the doppler effect.
You see atrain coming towards you to pass you by.
Its sound waves are compressed by the travel of its action to your ear
so they appear more urgent in tone
The train passes you by.
The sound waves from the train's action now appear longer
less urgent
as the train moves away from your ear.

Allow me to confirm that the doppler effect is a constant in the universe.
Any object moving towards you seems faster
than the same object moving away from you
because of compression of travel.

That is how the universe is seen to be expanding
as its doppler action is proven to be shifting in longer frequencies of light waves
Red shift.

When they come at you, they are shifted towards the blue of the light spectrum.

For light, this is easy to confirm by well proven methods accepted as truisms.

For sound in air on Earth, this is also the same process for aural mesurements.
We are born to hear the nature of this by our design.

What I fail to understand is
that people believe in the double slit light experiment
as a proof of some knowledge
when all it is
is a loop of energy
joined up to form what appears to be a particle of matter
vibrating in its harmonic state
in a single loop at a certain wavelength.

Particles have the confirmed habit of interacting with others.
They affect their neighbours.
In what some refer to as a field of particles intracting in a pattern
they have a static pattern of appearance
whereby they all tessellate
in relation to their wave harmonics
their frequencies.

look at a glass of water.
all the atoms are equally distributed
according to their pattern
of H2o and
plus the temperature
and pressure
and gravity
forces imposed on their location.

A single atom of water
has a degree of stability in its function of remaining H2o
and not breaking down into hydrogen x2 and oxygen x1 atoms.
It takes quite a bit of power to break this bond and reduce water to 2 gasses.
The number of electrons in hydrogen are one. in oxygen, its 4 (from memory).

I have yet to read any sufficient explanation as to why the molecule/atom of water is so stable and requires so much power to break it apart. However, water very easily mixes with other substances like salt for example, which happens with no effort at all by ionization,

Salt water is in fact a solution of salt in water.It has no specific formula , but when salt is dissolved in water it ionises:

NaCl= -Na positive ions , and Cl negative ions

In water it forms NaCl + H2O = NaClO (sodium hypochlorite )+ H2

The process we refer to as ionization is the act of change from two molecules changing into one in this case.

why is it so easy to ionize water with salt
and so hard to break apart the gasses that form water?
The chemical bond that makes water readily accepts change to ionize to salt water.
The little loops of energy
that LOOK LIKE particles
are in fact
closed loops of wave energy
affected by the environment they are in.
The can be defined by their wavelengths
and frequencies.
these definitions are also constant.

so now we have 2 constants

the doppler effect
and the definition of wave harmonics that appear to be particles.

shall we try for a third?

Let us consider an electron in a location of NON TRAVEL (closed loop).
It is not moving in a direction affected by any law of motion.
We can measure it and see where it is.
it is where it is.
The condition of rest of any electron is ALWAYS affected by its closest neighbours.
if you want to see an elctron without any intereaction affecting its location
the vacuum of deep space is about the best it can get. not perfect but just OK.

Here we need to define some properties of electrons.
As a loop of closed energy vibrating with its own frequency and wavelength,
you might do worse than see this as a dog chasing its tail.
round and round and round it goes
you might see this as the dragon of the universe chasing its tail.
round and round it goes.
it has a distict location.
It can be measured where it is.

lets act on this electron and make it travel.
1/. The wave un-loops
2/. The wave travels in response to the direction(s) of force imposed.
3/. The wave arrives at a location where it STOPS TRAVELING and re-loops.
4/. This stop could be any object or measurement.
5/. The electron could simply be absorbed by the object that stops it before it re-loops to appear as a particle again,
like a photon of sunlight hitting the nose of a dog, the nose gets very slightly warmer with the absorbtion of the energy.
Electrons as waves have no mass. therefore they are not affected by time, distance, space, or the action of traveling. A wave is a wave in the sea until it breaks on the shore. The wave energy is dissipated there. The wave is ONLY affected by the imposition of eternal forces of other energies which either
1/. change its tragectory or
2/. change it from an open loop wave in travel to a closed loop wave that appeares to be a particle.

Many experiemnts have been done to explain why a photon of light or an electron in travel always choose the path of least resistance. Some to support the mad theory of improbability.
Its very simple.
Because the energy of travel is constant without any addition
the wave in travel will ALWAYS choose the path of least resistance regardless of direction or origin.
Its only point of reference is the point of the wave energy where that is, at that moment.
a beam of light traveling through air
then going into water
diffracts at the point of change of its environment.
it has NO REFERENCE to its intended destination when it stops traveling through the water.
If anyone wants to set up kit to see where the light goes,
guess what?
it goes the way of light in water no matter where your eye might be.
The light beam does not care where you can see it or not.
Those people who think that they have some divine right to see that light because they are looking
are lost to sanity. The light did exactly the same before there were ever people to see.
And will do long after. It did not bake a special cake just for the giddy hypnotists.
They try and make the light go certain ways to PROVE they are right and the light bends to go to their eyes.
Random light sources are random light sources--
not specially contrived ones to support ideas.

Some people have been done by the idea of probable improbability being a law in the action of being proven.
They have gone so far along the wrong path with as many people as they can sell their pup to, that they really look stupid.

The third constant is that a wave traveling has no mass as its ENERGY IN MOTION. When you try and see it as a particle to find its location, IT DOESNT HAVE ONE AS ITS NOT A PARTICLE. ITS ALSO NOT A WAVE OF PROBABILITY EITHER.
Its just a loop of energy that is open and in travel.
Waves dont need to be a light year long or an inch long or a nano/mm long.
Because the total length of a wave
apart form its harmonic definition
is not dependant on itself.
it depends only on external forces.

So it can replicate its harmonics a trillion times +++ when traveling
or just once.
It matters not to the wave of energy
and energy waves are defined differently to other energy waves by their frequencies and wavelengths.


Not people knowing they exist.
Not people seeing them.
Not people knowing where they are.

These idiotic ideas are just humans asking human questions of something that is NOT HUMAN.
The correct question is ONLY based on what closed loop energy waves can be when located or moving.

I cannot say enough what nuts it is to suppose that these particles have some predetermination as closed loops of energy.

The 4th constant:
A wave of energy ONLY knows where it is when it reaches its destination and becomes a closed loop.

The 5th constant:
A wave of energy can only be one wave at one time in one motion of travel.

Sub atomic wave energy is not interested in time and therefore neither space nor distance, as it has NO MASS and is just energy as defined above, regardless of where its partner paired electron may be.

In any event where an energy wave meets an event or other energy waves, there will be an effect on the original energy. The energy wave needs only one complete wavelength to re-loop, so if the wave is traveling from its point of origin where it was a closed loop having the appearance of a particle, in its open form, this wave can be divided and subdivided, or added to in strength of energy. The wave does not know the future or what some viewer wants of it. It does what it does. Why people think an electron has some idea of its own is so nuts, its like the story of the Emperor's new clothes.

The plan is to stop people thinking that particles are in some way different to energy waves. More energy in an electron makes it do what? it moves more strongly. with more power.
Its likely to pass on its power as its natural state is one single closed loop OR one wave of energy traveling with the minimum or extra energy. Just remember, any electron has no judgement nor concept of time or space. It is what it is. move it and it moves. measure its location and it stops moving. nothing to do with its potential position on a wave of probability. no.

this accepts the message of string theory only at the extent of closed wave energy loops. the vibrating closed loop of energy. harmonically tuned to its location/environment.

different waves have different frequencies, so appear to form different particles. small waves interact with other to form harmonics of bigger waves. like atoms, the atomic weight is harmonically tuned to the number of electrons, protons and neutrons. I am not too sure about the currently accepted nature of a neutron either- another story, affecting weak nuclear energy.

the way that electrons interact in stable and unstable ways is the thing to look at most.

and the Planck equation that includes energy and time denounces the idea that there needs to be a host of extra dimensions, such as time, which is fine for a 4th. Time relative to space is the same rainbow at the other end. Like gravity and the singularity of a black hole. These have measurement that are finite and therefore easy to make from zero percent in size to any point up to 100%. All of space is not infinite. it is a finite function of its dimension. All of time the same, not infinite. The secret idea is to play with the meaning of the word dimension, so that it no longer is a finite measurement with two ends; but some other form of definition. the point is that strings are waves and waves do not vibrate without definitive frequency, are not random or subject to probability ideas.

the day that people stop buying the nuts of an illusion and stick to the simple facts then maybe they will make some sense of it that stands up to a mathematical proff using the universal numbers of zero to 3 (4 numbers).

i hope its sooner rather than later and i dont have to cringe to butt my head against the wall when i hear these nuts explanations of crazy notions anymore. these bright people are getting paid to sell pups born of a line of pups in the hope that the more people will listen makes it right. its nuts. The entire property of Cern proves the wave energy closed loop and open loop status every time they collide particles and watch the explosive traces as a result of smaller energy waves in open and closed loops. They have no idea of what they are seeing because they are asking the wrong questions.

which brings me back to why its spiritual to be indigo, and not nuts. the voices do not lie. the entire universe is so simple its hard to grasp unless you want a star for geometry and your own lab named after you.
The geometry is simple and constant. take up your pen Rose, and write it up right.
the nuts are bo**ocks.
is this the brightest mind we have to listen to???
Please Roger, help us all. get Delilah to explain it to them so they can see. i am so tired of the wrong questions.


Re: Illusion

More proofs that time is an energy.

As i was saying before
dark matter is the energy of past time
and dark energy
is the potential energy of the future
held on to by the single moment of the present.

That would be nice and simple if it was the same time everywhere
but its not.
time has properties the same as any other energy.

its a wave function.

Its finite.

its definable.

it interacts with space and the other energies.

energy as a photon or electron of subatomic particles
dont have mass
no reference to the Higgs Boson.

one proof of time being an energy it that time is relative to any single location in the universe of the viewer.

The use of time with clocks is not good to think about. this is a human application to divide up our lives easily, and has no reference to the universe, which does not keep a fob watch in its waistecoat pocket.

The issue with time being relative is one of space and distance over location, usually a point of view and a point of measurement. you need both to measure anything at minimum. three is more accurate. four is conclusive. the reasons for this is that time dilates over distance depending on what matter is around.

the issue with subatomic particles being closed loops of energy and not matter is that energy acts like the surface tension of water.
it likes to form a surface.
its a natural condition.
subatomic particles (sps) have two states
open= they are traveling as a wave of energy
closed= they are in a loop

some people ask why a wave should collapse and become a particle
particles dont actually exist. particle is just a word for a closed loop of energy.

across the universe open and closed sps's are all over the place doing what they do. opening and closing, traveling or being a particle.

the event which is important to see is that in our time
we can witness a particle becoming a wave
and returning to being a particle.
its a timed event that happens and needs to be investigated to see the speed realtive to light speed of this opening and closing.

this event is subject to definition inclusive of time.

what is outside time
is the energy that makes a particle.
the fact that electrons are paired
with paired properties that are always witnessed as being opposites
makes it the truth
that space and time
have no relevance to an entangled pair of electrons.
distance is meaningless.
they are connected regardless of distance, space and time.
lets remove distance, space and time
and think like an entangled electron.

how can it exist so we can witness it as an sps
and when its open?
if its not dependent to exist on space, time and distance?

distance is a function of spacetime by cause and effect, so we can strike that out right away.
without spacetime, there would not be any distance.

which leaves us with spacetime.

its not our place to ask why we are witnesses to this event.
we are here as beings with mass and not sps's.
they why of it is our being as sentience in the present.

it is our place to ask what it means.
what does it mean to an sps
for us to witness its existence?
how can we define its existence so it makes sense to us
without needing us to be a witness as to the why of it?

having removed spacetime from the equation
having stated that dark matter is the spent energy of time past
and dark energy is the finite potential energy of time to come
these two sums can be added together to define the date time and place of the end of the universe.
its written. yes. defined. actual.

because time as energy
is finite
its measurement universally
makes a simple sum total.

how can sps's be outside the need to be inclusive in this simple sum?

energy cannot be destroyed, only changed.
entropy is a progressive function of universal expansion
as the universe moves forwards to release the potential of time as an energy in the present
and then puts that energy into what we refer to as the past

our sentient condition limits us to be defined as
living in the present.
for us as witnesses, our position can only be to live now,
where ever we happen to be at tat moment.

sps's dont need the present.

they are only affected by the present as they pass through it from the potential future to the past.
they exist as long as the universe exists
and before
as simple wavelengths of different frequencies without mass.

as wave can be compressed into a single point without dimension.
it does not need to be defined by the present or size.

consider the construction of the columns of the Parthenon in Athens.
the masons did not have slide rules or computers to help them get the dimensions accurate
so the height, varying width and circumferences
were all listed on one scroll
by drawing segmented vertical sections shown horizontally.
segmentation is the simple answer
which becomes interesting.

a wavelength does not need to be fully shown.
geometrically, only the tiniest portion of its arc is necessary.
that portion
can be as close to zero
as you can witness.

each wavelength has a different arc
and you only need a measurable fraction of it
to define its complete single cycle.

that fraction is composed of energy without mass
that does not need space or time to exist.
yes, its information
but just any message in a bottle.
all the energies are there in sum total
to make one universe.


energy is compressible to a tremendous degree.
it is considered truth today
that the temperature of the universe at the big bang
was at its most extremely high.

that temperature
is a key component
to telling us
where the universe came from.
1 billion degrees or 10p9 K.

so its currently estimated...

using the method of applied logical triangulation (tri),
we have the date of the event in time.
we have the temperature of the event.
we have the appx sum of energy and matter as a total output of the universe.

therefore it is simple to decide on the fourth. the answer.
the direction back to what was before without guesswork or conjecture.

using the tri method again
we have a box with contents
delivered at a place before the start of time
in a process.
time only started after the deliverer
put the box down
and the box was opened.

you can say that you are this and that by definition to choose your vocation
genesis was written long ago
and its a pretty accurate way to describe the beginning of the universe
without the need for all the yatt that people stack up these days.

some say it was the random meeting of two dimensions that delivered the box.
that there are more dimensions and failed universes somewhere.

not so long ago it was held that the galaxy was the entire universe...
that the galaxy/universe was constant and not expanding

time comes from expansion that has not happened yet.
it is an energy.
time is the spent, current and potential expansion of the universe
defined by its location where it is witnessed first hand
or on paper.

all the energy that is sps
that was there before expansion
before time
before distance (space)
exists regardless space
needs in its definition
the potential of expansion.

energy can be stored as a potential.
when it is released
it needs something to go into
like space.

it is true to say that the entire potential universe
was held in a pin point
at 1 billion degrees
at absolutely exact measurements
or we would not be here.

needless to say this has implications as to what is not here in parallel or is and was lost by differences.
but these directions of thought are not helpful in our definition of here now.

quantum entanglement proves the original singularity of the big bang
at which
before expansion
time did not exist
as expansion of the universe was only a potential.

we are still in the big bang
past, present and future.
nothing is written for what our future will be
as sps's dont need to do that to exist.
its a release of potential energy that is yet to happen.

which rather gets rid of a lot of yat that people talk about and postulate.

thinking about time as human concept
parallel universes
and 11 dimensions...

the trick done
was to use something so simple
it could be compressed into a point
and then
let go
to become us here now.
it was not complicated

the chances of a random event being so accurate are impossible.

a lot of societies have the conditioning to accept the value of their ancestors and honour them.
i often wonder what the coming generations of offspring will think of the people here now
when they perform horrors and do wrongs to others and to this planet.

everything we do or do not do
echos across the entire spectrum of existence
so beware potentially
as your idea to rob the liquor store
could negatively deviate the course of universal events
and mark you down as less than sentient
so maybe your coming children will have to answer for
by their extinction.

sentience is all we have to learn with
our basic tool from which all others arrive.
dont stop learning
learning is human expansion-
or we will all go extinct.

our expansion of learning
defines our future by the application of its potential energy.
so that some time in our way
we will understand
what the universe means
and have the ability
to use entangled electrons
( which we are entirely composed of)
to mark any place in the universe
(with any paired partner entangled electron at a defined location)
in the here and now
and travel there
if we wish to
without moving physically.

but spiritually
this can be done now
with the use of astral travel
out of body
which proves it can be done.

when we can travel physically without moving in spacetime
the illusion of the physical universe today
will be a stepping stone then
in our evolution
without the yatt of power ambition, rotten cults and bad teachings.

the wonder is that this is our single human destiny
that we hold back to accomplish
deviate from
and ignore at our peril

we should consider why this is so
and answer these questions
to see what will be there to meet
when we are able.

not bother an sps about why it has to be human.


Re: Illusion

I might like to add here now

that Einstein
accomplished some of his greatest thoughts
considering pepper dust falling in a box of water
riding a streetcar
and seeing a man come down in an elevator....

he was one man with some understanding by simple triggers.

not much yatt in those thoughts...

anyone can do the same.


Re: Illusion


there are so many people who are reading this thread...
i would very much appreciate if you said hi right here too :)

i am having a negative day today.
too much bad energy locally.

its not mine so it brings me down with it.

or it could be I am picking up on it because of my mood being affected
by people sticking needles in their eyes to prove they can see.

its entirely the wrong path to go down.

i saw a vid about the relative value of hearing a tree fall in a forest.
the yatt went on and on about where and what sound is
from what sound is
to its source of production
and what each person senses in their minds
by its arrival in the brain
and all in between these two points.

just to prove that a tree in a forest makes a sound if it falls without any witnesses...

like the universe was busy before any human was born anyway...
and we know this as we are here now to say
I am.

we didnt get born from a book
or a sporadic event
it took billions of years
for people to be here this moment
to read this
and have some understanding
with or without intuition.

the cradle of sentience
is a positive evolution of learning.
asking the wrong questions will give the right answer to those wrong questions
if we prove the connection mathematically.

we can look back at great people in our recent past
who did their best to answer questions
with what they had around them then.

it seems that even with the best intentions
people are limited by their knowledge, tools and thoughts.


there is one item that might be unlimited...


you are suddenly woken in your bedroom
all seems normal but feels wrong.
you get up
the curtains are closed
you open the door
and step out into a filed of wild flowers and grasses
under a sky with two suns
and two moons

just a tiny story.

but while you are at that place
you might think about how to get home again
is it s dream?
is it real?
is it fake?
what is it?

you try and think about the part of the time between when you went to sleep
at home and all was normal
and now.
to see if there might be any clues to look into for an answer.

you ask yourself questions
how did I get here?
how can I get home?
better to ask
why am I here?
better still
what am I doing here?
and better too
what can I do while I am here
that I cannot at home?

only an idiot would say that its open to interpretation if a tree did or did not make a sound when it fell
in a forest.
if it was real
then you must know the fallen tree
and can discuss the event with live ones around it.

dont try and tell me trees dont communicate. just because they are not humans.
oh yes thats arrogant.

its not like us
therefore its not intelligent
and has no wisdom to communicate.
trees have been around for a long time on Earth.
bacteria much longer.

they all communicate with their own.
they also respond to their environment
in efforts to procreate and survive.

the genetic coding presented in its physical composition
is a marvel to detail from species to species.
each one has its story to tell.

as a pebble on a beach.
each pebble comes from somewhere else
part of a rock
a stone
a mountain

what story can a simple beach
pebble tell?
ask any geologist...
the information stored there
is a fountain of its history
you can hold in your hand.

you dont need to blow the thing up to find out whats inside
to learn what is means.

the action of being here now
is the event of existence
which then fades as spent energy
into the past.
spent energy
dependent on here now
that was potential energy
stored as the future
of an expanding universe
it can only be here now
in the present
it has nowhere else to belong.

time as a separate energy in space
is expended
from the potential of the future
through now
to the used past.

its all here right now where it happens

nothing to do with knowing what an electron thinks
or an electron knowing what we think
or looking.

at the deepest level
if an entangled electron is seen to change from a wave to a particle
as someone witnesses it
and this is done many times over with different electrons
and includes a control
what does this prove?

ask the right question...

is there an entangled electron in me, the viewer, interacting with the view?

absolutely yes.

then you can ask
is each entangled pair of electrons unique in the universe?
are there unique sets of pairs and if so, how many and why.

waves can be big or small
carry different quanta of energy
but still have the same frequency and wavelengths.

they dont travel faster
but they can absorb, store, and give out
different energy amounts.

what does a particle do when it has too much energy?
it becomes a wave
until the wave stops
and the loop of energy forming the wave
reconnects a complete string (loop)
to become a particle again.

this illusion
is asking the right question
not the wrong one...


Re: Illusion

I am posting here a link to wiki that explains the scientific understanding of this:

The event at the domain wall.
(i do appreciate a good domain wall, dont you?)

where Roger is sent by the BOSS to find Barry Gene's sister.

What he finds is an expansion that has two sides of an event
a hot side that is under greater pressure than a cool side.

The hot side is from this view, behind the cool side, looking sideways at the event.
The heat is under higher pressure pushing outwards towards the cool.
The imbalance
as measured in some related experimentation at Fermilab
leaves a positive matter residue of around 1% (?)
of quantum particles.

The energy in this universe is the 1% of that event.

The process of this expansion

as explained in the link I mention above which is here

follows the numbering system I descie in my earlier posts in my opinion

starting at zero
expanding using the golden ratio of 1
to make the event 2
that gives the universe expanding 3.

the four numbers.

or you can see grandma Ray's first here...

The cat


Re: Illusion

A quick update on time as an illusion.

As I postulate that time is in fact a type of energy
backed by Planck's energy equation
and the universal constant or expansion

3D time is not complaint with the here and now.
4D time is and as some say, it is NOT a block universe where every point has a coordinate in the past, present and future as the be all and end all.

The issue with time as an energy
caused by universal expansion
and the effect of gravity
which is why its going forwards
is rated at a speed.
time past is as I postulate in fact dark matter.
time present is where we get the choice to make decisions affecting the future present
which at any decision made, then becomes past.

time as a POTENTIAL is NOT a 4D block of nodes.
its a potential as dark energy
which is finite
it is made only in the present change
when each person
or any event
has a cause and effect.

its got very little to do with any law of probability.
let me ask you
if you gamble on roulette
the chance of getting a zero outcome
is one of 37.
this simple allusion is a law of probability.
it works forwards and backwards
just as any law of physics works forwards and backwards
if the universe is expanding or contracting.

you can make any function of probability into a law and prove it.
it becomes a probability wave
with potential outcomes in a pattern you can describe.

the issue is that this application of probability as a process
is utterly worthless.
it has function
but no form.

its like processing a person in a court of law as a simple statistic
which judges refer to
like a bag of garbage.
thats how much respect these worshipful icons have
for the common person.
they are garbage to these elitists.

my view is that any person is not garbage

i deny their attitude
because I choose to.
i change my future
and invoke the potential
of time
over process
to demand freedom of existence.
form designed with a pattern of a function
in a conscious choice of decision.


the issue with measurement of particles and waves
in Young's double slit experiment

is NOT decided by being measured or not.

look at the experiment this way;

you have a barrier with 2 slits in it.
the wave of energy
passes through both slits
it arrives at the view plate
as a particle

lets see why

mostly its near the centre line
less often towards the extremes.

why does the wave NOT collapse when it passes through the two slits?


sometimes it DOES.
they dont dwell on that one.

is the experiment done in a gravity free place?
in a vacuum?
we know about quantum zero point energy
so there is always SOME energy even where there is no matter as such...

one experiment was done horizontally to the Earth's gravity
and then
vertical to it
and at most angles of degrees in between
and the outcome CHANGED.

when gravity it VERTICAL to the experiment
you get simple particles in two lines on the back plate.

when its horizontal
you get the diffraction pattern.

work that one out then.

gravity affects their stupid probability 'laws'.

and the quantum eraser experiment doe not work vertically either.


my view is that they are all garbage
and easily disposed of.
they have not done it right

and push for a fat funding salary for what?
another microwave?

if you seek to measure a wave
the point of contact with the device
will collapse the wave
into a closed loop wave which appears to all these egg heads
as a particle
as it is a simple energy wave in a closed orbit.
so you cannot measure location and direction of travel AT THE SAME POINT OF MEASURE.
what a surprise.

if you were bright
and slowed down the moment of wave collapse
then maybe you could record the event of the collapse
but as it happens in the shortest possible time
and there is nothing quicker apart from zero point energy
you are screwed for that idea.

all their talk and yatt about probability
is to do with where on the wave
the measurement collapses the energy into a closed loop
and guess what?

the electron is losing sleep with worry over this topic.

in order for any measurement to be accurate
each measurement of an energy wave caused by an electron particle
would need to be measured at precisely the same point of the wave function frequency.

they cant do that one.

so they yatt on about probability like its a bible.

you can cut and chunder means, averages, peeks and troughs
and the results are a pattern of probabilities

which are as useful as a zit in a snow storm.

no infinite alternative universes.
no written futures.
no forgone choices.
all cak and chunder.

with a wave of energy it travels
when something collapses the wave
it closes the loop.

as explained in prior posts here.


as SPACE is interdependent on time and gravity

time is NOT just a definition of direction.
its a passage of the expansion of the universe
proven by the simple law of entropy
that energy as matter is slow energy as closed loop not travelling as a an open wave
and because the dragon is biting its tail
it acts as a particle.
they dont tell you that the law of entropy was inconsistent.
who built your new car or house?
has it broken down into its component atoms yet?
entropy is only a result of a process of construction
it is NOT a law of expansion
or you would not be here now.
entropy does not apply to the singularity of a black hole
where gravity is 100%
and TIME is zero %.

how could we see time there as zero % if time is not an energy?
dependent on space being also zero%?

work it out.

where is the zero point energy there then?

lets see something here.

at the moment of the big bang
there was only one wave function of each of the quantum particles.

which got copied.

the crystal construct of the universe
based on the tetrahedron
and the 4 numbers
is all you need for the golden ratio to copy itself
somewhere for something to get copied in a void into itself
like a void for example.
a void at the temperature of absolute zero
interacting with an event
at a billion degrees

the void has no size
except as defined by what something is inside it.
gravity exists in direct relation to TIME and SPACE and energy
where gravity is 100%
time is zero
and where gravity is zero%
time is the speed of light.

these are from INSIDE the event, not as from outside
because NOW
is an EVENT
not the future or the past
and NOW
is where YOU are.
not me
i am here
you are here
we are here
here here here

hows that for information here here here here?

what the eggheads should be asking is
why is that absolute zero temperature what it is?

that is a real corner of the box of our universe.

what is the hottest temperature there ever was or will be?

another real corner of the box.

and they tell us that at some degree of process
the universe is flat.

then they say its a pattern on an expanding balloon.

its all in context
and they miss the points of the corners of the box.

zero space time is another.

the sum of time as the potential of expansion of the universe is another.

all these corners

and the 248E

zero one two three.

248= 124 x2

the golden ratio in action.

zero phi and pi and the box.

use the 4 digit universe and so called e248 works simply a harmonic of the same 4 digit pattern.


its so depressing


Re: Illusion

The creation of new space and time is not being stretched as some think
as the universe expands.

The addition of new distance across space between matter such as galaxies
as the universe expands
is created from zero point energy at the quantum level
which adds also to my opinion that time is an energy
as space and time are completely entwined.

the real edge of the universe is this barrier
where zero point energy exists
constantly popping in and out of existance
until its required to be added to spacetime
at the quantum level
as the universe expands.

the interesting thought might be
what happens when spacetime collapses
as laws of physics work in an expanding and contracting universe the same

to prove this is so.

which leads to the second thought once proven in reverse
that spacetime and the edge of the universe are everywhere at the quantum level
even in black holes where gravity is 100%?

it might be that when gravity is 100%
spacetime (being at zero%) does not require
zero point energy
and so there is no edge of the universe there.

time and space being frozen inside black holes
they hold the universe with all its compressed matter
under the control of whatever black hole
although black holes do sit in the soup of spacetime looking from the outside.

looking forwards

it may well be that when all the energy of the universe is compressed into black holes
as is often considered as one ending option
the big crunch
spacetime no longer exists
and therefore the laws of physics are not broken
but set aside in extremis
while gravity decides what to eat next
or maybe it reaches a state of imbalance
where it eats itself.

the edge of the universe
being everywhere that there is spacetime and energy and matter
on a quantum sub atomic level
is the real mirror of existance.

this is really to my mind
the one area of interest for dimensional investigation
which is nothing to do with string theory and 11 dimensions
which in my view is so barking that it makes no sense
answering questions based on ideas that are not the best ones.
its all probably very improbable.


Re: Illusion

how are you???
the expression of local time here on Earth only satisfies our local status for purposes of organisation.

the rotation and orbit of the Earth, Moon and other planets have changed considerably over 'time'.
hence nowadays, we get 365 days a year
24 hours in a day
plus or minus a bit here and there...

the issue of the scientific definition of time
has other implications
linked to gravity
and energy.
the expansion of the universe.
Planck time.
zero point energy.
etc etc.

which is/are universal in its/their part/s of formulas.
what is even more spooky is the way it works at the sub atomic level.
where electrons are entangled in pairs all over the universe.
atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons.
hence the Periodic Table of the elements...

Helium is wierd as it remains gloopy even when its frozen at almost absolute zero. it has specific properties which i find will be very useful in the application of future tech.
in case of
the containment of superconductors imposed in an electromagnetic field.
it moves with cetrifugal force to be where the most effect is regardless of how low the temperature is.

anyways up

thanks for your interest. :)

the point I was making is that now as in here and now
time is an energy yet to be defined
evolving from zero point energy
and the effects of gravity
and some nuclear forces.

which leads me to agree with your illusion analogy.
as here and now is the most powerful tool we will ever have.
my opinion...


Re: Illusion

An analogy for the edge of the universe:-


In my prior posts
i was writing about the edge of the universe
where zero point energy pops in and out of existence here
from the dimension over the edge.
an energy that is in the free (not empty) space within ( but also everywhere else) the internal orbit of a proton particle.
which is everywhere throughout the universe.
even in the vacuum of spacetime.

an equation balanced by the measure of 3D against the speed of time's 4th dimension,
without which
nothing works here.

the slower the movement through space
the slower time passes.
the quicker the movement through space
the faster time passes (to a static external viewer).

this is a 4D universe for sure.

you have your 3 dimensions- measurements- of space, being height, breadth and width, and they all work very well to appear in the dimension of TIME, without which they could not exist here.

which is why the here and now of TIME is the most important equals sign going. the pivot. the fulcrum. the balance.

where is its edge then???

This zero point energy
which is everywhere anyway -except maybe at the singularity of a black hole where time is zero-

can be explained like

the surface tension on say,
a pond of water.
sometimes you see insects walk across the water and not break this surface tension.
this molecular bond between the water's surface and AIR
creates a membrane under pressure (tension).
(a detergent such as washing-up liquid or soap
breaks this surface tension of water chemically).

This tension is the difference between AIR and the meeting with the surface of a body of water, like a pond.

Keeping this in mind,
now consider that this difference is taking place everywhere in this universe (thats not at the centre of a black hole).

The pond surface is a picture of a 2D event between water and air, in a 4D universe.

Extrapolate this event so that you see this happening here and now everywhere in 4D.

Consider the universe as the AIR and the dimension outside as the pond.

As space expands in the dimensions of size
more water pours in to fill the gaps to equal the surface ( in 4D).
the holes get filled up:-
gravity working in 4D.

equally, if space was contracting, this can be reversed with the equation accurately so the boffins dont get more warts on their fingers wailing and gnashing at their chalk boards.

you can call it what you like, as long as you get it.
call zero point energy BLAH (B), space (S), gravity (G),positive expansion/negative contraction (E or -E) and time (T).

so you can express this as
or more simply
S= (E+B+G)T

This works here and now anywhere.
you can move the point of view ( here and now)
in theory
to work things out
anywhere along the timeline you want.
and future
at any point of location.

This is useful for working out how big space will be
before it collapses
as entropy becomes equal to cosmic expansion plus all the energy in the universe
and spirals back in on itself.
why a spiral? why not an arc?
because its a 4D event.

hence my explanation of the quantity of 4
being zero, phi, pi = the universe (4)
the simple true maths
of the golden ratio in action
which always produces a spiral geometry.
try it out in any cosmic context...let me know what you get.


being that this is an explanation of the edge of the universe
what is there to define on the other side- in the 'water'?

for this, I like to think of something and nothing.
something is dipping in and out of nothing
like a wave of energy with TIME as its centre line of direction
measured up and down
positive and negative
where positive is one one side of the wave arc
and negative on the other.
a simple sign wave from left to right
with a timeline from left to right along its centre.

the really interesting thought is that when it appears in our universe
it can be either positive or negatively charged energy.

its charge is not random
its has symmetry
its so fast an event
it can be either.

which rather explains the issue of entangled pairs of electrons having opposite attributes
because they are made from BLAH.

this is all an illusion as you know
or not
that means (in my understanding)
we can easily exist outside this universe
just by wanting to.
( see Roger's adventures in ADVENTURES ON THE ASTRAL PLANE).
in a spiritual form
of quantum energy
ONLY when we are clever enough
to understand it...

The point now is that its the universe making the rules of its edge
interacting with the edge
that works like a kind of mirror
and outside
is the VOID
where we get to make our own different rules
to interact with here or not

try and think back to the big bang
and see that the VOID is as important as the universe
because we all need a box with rules
a box in something
or the engine would not start.

One day when we are very clever
we will get to define our own universes
and define our own existences
when we see that there is
nothing plus and minus
and the result...

an evolved expression of the Vitruvian man.


Re: Illusion

planetzarg wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:19 pm
how are you???
the expression of local time here on Earth only satisfies our local status for purposes of organisation.

the rotation and orbit of the Earth, Moon and other planets have changed considerably over 'time'.
hence nowadays, we get 365 days a year
24 hours in a day
plus or minus a bit here and there...

the issue of the scientific definition of time
has other implications
linked to gravity
and energy.
the expansion of the universe.
Planck time.
zero point energy.
etc etc.

which is/are universal in its/their part/s of formulas.
what is even more spooky is the way it works at the sub atomic level.
where electrons are entangled in pairs all over the universe.
atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons.
hence the Periodic Table of the elements...

Helium is wierd as it remains gloopy even when its frozen at almost absolute zero. it has specific properties which i find will be very useful in the application of future tech.
in case of
the containment of superconductors imposed in an electromagnetic field.
it moves with cetrifugal force to be where the most effect is regardless of how low the temperature is.

anyways up

thanks for your interest. :)

the point I was making is that now as in here and now
time is an energy yet to be defined
evolving from zero point energy
and the effects of gravity
and some nuclear forces.

which leads me to agree with your illusion analogy.
as here and now is the most powerful tool we will ever have.
my opinion...
Yes I agree I note your science orientated like my self but there are things science cannot explain

Re: Illusion

yes true. always there will be other questions to search for a true answer...


Re: Illusion

The moment of compression
( the closure of a wave loop into a particle).

There seems to be some consternation and not enough interested good work on this part of the universe, so I will add my bit here.

What appears to be in question is the process of compression of an energy wave into a particle, or closed loop of energy.

How and why is this done?

I have posted before that energy travels as a wave, from its origin to its destination.
The origin is a closed loop of energy in orbit around a point of X in its centre, adjusted to be theoretical by its relative position as the centre point around which the energy wave rotates very fast to create an adjustable 'sphere' or 'particle' as in a state of natural equilibrium, or without external force applied.
This centre point may alter or flicker in relation to the spin of the wave energy in this closed state, in spacetime. Its position depends on the frequency, energy of spin and potential energy held in the particle. It will continue to spin in relation to its energy release, which may be held as a constant IF the particle is between other particles, and interacting by way of having found a spacetime point of a position in an energetic equilibrium.
This is an interactive constant.

When an event happens that causes the particle to move out from this location, the closed loop is broken by the addition or subtraction of energy from an external source, according to the established laws of thermodynamics. It gets hit by another particle, or spins back, depending on the force applied and the event, similar to a ball hit by another on a pool table for a simple example.

1/. There is always a point of origin ( the event of application of force) of the WAVE in travel, to which the start of the wave is attached in spacetime.
2/. The wave travels.
3/. The wave arrives when it meets another event that adds or subtracts osculating wave energy from it, and reverts back into a closed loop as a particle.

Let us consider why light as a photon wave travelling through air is not prevented from arrival when it hits the surface of glass or water.

1/. Some of the light will revert to particles at the surface.
2/. Some of the light will travel through the glass or water.
3/. The destination of the event of change from wave to particle is when it reaches the end of its travel, and
can easily be the eye of a veiwer or measuring instrument, to determine why it might choose the path of travel of least resistance TO THAT LOCATION.
4/. Some of the wave energy is lost to the glass or water by the process we refer to easily as refraction, which is the interaction between the wave energy of light and the wave energy of the medium it travels through having a cumulative effect on its passage ( slowing it down) and what is left that arrives through the water, are photons of light that have travelled along the path of least resistance-- being, the least interactive path of obstruction/ interaction for the light-- hence why most of the light that arrives at the end of the change of the medium of air to glass or water, is smack in the middle of the most likely path of travel.

This is the effect of the atomic structure of glass and water interacting with the light, or ANY OTHER OBSTRUCTION or event of energy action by obstruction or interaction.
The wave will ONLY continue to travel if it meets no obstruction HEAD ON.
It CAN BE refracted by a slight change of direction in a plottable curve of application as an obstruction nears its head on position of location.

The further the light travels in the glass or water, the less its ability to continue without meeting an obstruction- hence why light gets less the deeper you swim under the surface of water.

Your position makes no difference to the light. What you measure when you see it, is what arrives by being at the centre of that line of travel. Its got naffall to do with probability, and everything to do with simple logic, refraction and the proven interaction of known wave energies.

Remember the movie, "I, Robot?" Will Smith discusses chance with a robot about why their saving a girl child from drowning has a higher imperative than the robot saving him from drowning, even though the robot considers the odds of success against this imperative and instead opts for the best probable outcome, thus saving Will Smith.

This is an application of conscious logic over a natural event, with more than one possible result.

Light has no consciousness to apply to any event. It merely acts in accord with its environment.

Where is this going?

Wave energy is open to interaction. Interactions happen everywhere all the time, when any event takes place with electromagnetic fields having a known and provenn effect on each other.

The travelling wave collapses at the moment it meets an obstruction or interaction under the laws of thermodynamics and interactions of electromagnetic fileds.

The energy wave may make any number of changes while its travelling.

Hence why you get a particle at the point of origin,
a wave travelling ( subject to adjustments)
a particle at the end of travel.

The field of electromagnetism as a wave of energy closes when it can no longer proceed to travel.
Its properties are constant, unless it changes its fields along the way.
so it has to close its loop of wave energy and revert to a natural particle in relative combination to its environment.
This is not a conscious protective action of continuance of existence by an electron. Its a simple action of interaction of the wave energy according to the environment.

Energy cannot be destroyed; only changed.
Hence entropy.

I rest my case.


Re: Illusion

A relationship between the edge of the universe to the opening and closing of waves of energy into loops as particles.

In prior posts I wrote about the edge of the universe being everywhere in the universe
zero point energy
which adds to spacetime as the universe expands.

i expressed this addition as a creation to the Hubble constant
so space is not being stretched as was previously considered
but always added to as the distances between gravitational masses expand
entropy increases
and time rolls forwards.

This I defined as the potential of dark energy
being metamorphosed
into existence
in the present
locally everywhere as events unfold
and then passing into the past
as dark matter
mostly gathering around galaxies where gravity is concentrated.

The issue of young galaxies
that have little dark matter
i theorized
are young galaxies
with a short past since they became gravitational masses.

Hence, there is a relationship with the sum of gravitational value
to the sum of dark energy attached over time.

So by consequence,
a gas nebula has close to zero dark matter
as its mass is so diverse
that its sum of gravity is not concentrated there
or in open space
into areas of masses with high gravitational fields.

this could be considered to effect time
as time passes regardless of any specific location
having high or low gravity
the perception of time
can only be valued locally from the point of perception.
locally as in a galaxy with high gravity
a big effect
many localized events
time passing fast--
the opposite of being in open space far from mass.

This (these) point(s) of perception
is (are) a constant
relative to any single or multiple points of comparison
in any event of measurement
over time or at the same time
where data is compared:-

calculated cumulatively
or separately
over any combination of instances
and then compared.

The point at issue is that
it is not possible to stretch space.
Space has to be added to from something as the distance between galaxies gets bigger
as the universe expands.

Expansion is the definition of time passing in a forwards motion.
It is a foundation event of the universe
that creates it.
without expansion, the universe would be either static or collapsing.

The Big Freeze
a theory of the inverse cooling to being totally flat and only full of entropy affected energy
describes as close to a static example as is realistic.

the Big Crunch
a theory of the universe cooling to collapsing back onto itself in a progression based on gravity
overcoming expansion
reversing expansion
to another singularity of a circular event to bring about another Big Bang
before the process of entropy
destroys black holes.

Another theory of white holes
postulates that black holes are events that lead to the creation of intradimensional white holes
that make new smaller universes.

I disagree with this idea
for the sole reason that zero point energy is held in stasis in a black hole
as space and time are zero
and gravity is at maximum ( 100%)
therefore the edge of the universe
is also at zero
where an event such as the creation of another dimension for a white hole to be made
would not apply;
the maths does not work.
In this definition
black holes are only available as gravitational events in our universe.
i do not consider them to be doorways of some type to another dimension/universe.
What is here is here.
What is in a black hole is frozen.

The Big Crunch
leads to the definition of the universe
being bent
which is a spiral state
on a cosmic scale
of phi.

a good analogy is the simple loop of string
that one can hold thumb to thumb
with a disc of wood or similar in the centre
the string passing through two holes in the wood.
as you spin the string around
the wood whoops in and out
in a spiral forming a double conical shape
back and forth
that bunches up as the string tenses up until each thumb is locked up with a spun knot.
this is a good description of what the universe looks like
a bit speeded up
in the Big Crunch design idea.


a planet outside any event horizon of a collapsing universe
or in other words
a black hole
is still in a state of expansion
until it reaches the event horizon.

space time
and expansion
change when the LOCAL point of collapse comes.

Collapse happens in small bits locally.
as with the creation of galaxies from gas nebula's
and accretion on a galactic scale
so entropy is set aside
while gravity has its role to play
which leads one to consider that
entropy is an effect of universal expansion
which works until gravity is larger as an effect
than expansion.

what is the definition of local?

Any single or group of points of perception as data in spacetime.

There seems to be these days
much talk about the value of information
which is data.
A theory that data
is where its all at.
This is so thin its ambiguous.
Its the same as looking at words on paper
and saying they are the be all and end all
when its their meaning they describe
that has value.
You dont design a universe that works as ours does
without getting the meaning right
which means you understand it/
ask a musician to play from written music
what is on paper is meaningless
unless the musician makes it work
and then
it needs feeling to be a good rendition.
this is a human view yes
but we are human...
and our humanity is where we begin our understanding...
is it safe?
is humanity provable?
is humanity wrong?
there is more feeling in the universe
than just our humanity.

behind the numbers
the data
there is meaning
above information
there was an act of desire
that created the universe
perhaps not from someone
or something
but just because.

This data idea is nonsense and a complete dead end for the purposes of a contribution to understanding the universe.
Data collection is one tiny aspect fit only for the purposes of leading to understanding
and understanding
is what its all about.
it creates an illusion.
look at the big picture...

If humans wish to rise above their animal state and ascend to an energy state spiritually
which is, if I am right,
generally correct,
then the direction of travel of understanding
would better be employed
given that our time breathing is limited
to understanding how to travel
without moving
as a first base


learning how to ascend

topics i have posted on before.

There have been descriptions of the quantum state of protons
showing zero point energy
as the edge of the universe.

In a box.

the universe is the box.

the edge of the universe is everywhere.

energy as a wave form
at this edge
flops in and out of existence
due to its wavelength
and frequency
in a positive or negative random event continuously.
It may not even be random
but organised at the quantum level
in relation to its neighbours in its local environment
just the same as surface tension
on the face of water as water
undulates up and down
but in a quantum state of 4 dimensions simultaneously
about a mean line
which defines the surface as an average event
subject to specific wave length and frequency.

you could say that this is the wave length of our universe.

understanding this universal wavelength
as base data
upon which every other energy exists as an evolved contribution quanta and atomic definition
is the zero point.

i like the Bible definition in Genesis
of the start of the universe
as its analogy of water seems apt.

Its what we can read into words that really give them some meaning I think.

Let me define it this way;
any measurement
requires an event to be measured.
measuring an event
requires it to be inside this universe (so far).

i have not seen it possible to measure nothing
only something
within the constraints of spacetime and gravity.

let us consider what is outside
is it
a wave energy of zero point?
surrounding this universe everywhere at the quantum most basic level?
or is this merely the surface
like the surface of water
the tension between the edge of water molecules in relation to each other
at the quantum level?

just the side of the box
( introspective universe)
the surface of its contents?
( extrospective universe).

Here, like many occasions,

we have a choice to consider
we can continue to play the games of the 1/.

or we can opt for the prospect of 2/.

all the energy in the universe is finite in a fixed sum...
or is it?

is it merely changing shape as it evolves?

or is it in fact added to as it expands
in a finite event
limited to its contents
which would mean that time IS an energy
that IS finite
and a sum with set values
pivoting about each local present moment passing.

if time is an energy
added to as space expands
from zero point energy
which is so we are told
the main value of about 80% of each proton

time is created from zero point energy
as space expands

and from this expansion
creates the basic open loop
of time as a local wave energy
that closes into its particular form
at the moment it passes the present locally
and becomes the past.

we can consider the values of the future
without being there in the present
as time has a course
as does any energy
and make predictions.

time as an open loop energy
has the same field potential
as any energy
that when USED locally in the present
becomes a particle
as it travels from the future
at the moment of the present
closes its loop
to become the unchanging past.
when you add the finite value of time into the finite value of the universe
it has a sum not infinite.
i posted about this before.

which is one good reason why
it is absolutely OK to travel through time
as time is local
and only applies to the point of perception
going into the past from now
or into the future
is fine
because the zero point energy
will close its loops
for as far as the travelling observer can witness.

Let me be utterly succinct here.

The entire universe pivots about the point of NOW locally everywhere
and NOW is where zero point energy
changes from being a wave form
to being a particle
at the most basic quantum level.

Time passing locally has no effect on those not involved.

which solves the issue of quantum entanglement very well.

this rather leads me to consider that the energy of spirit
the divine chance of sentient understanding
that is available to each of us
here for the sole purpose of learning to understand
more and more
is the only logical destiny to follow.

you can sit on your hands and spit if you want to.
some of us see we have things to do...

i prefer to use my opportunity
to make a difference.

we dont need to see the visible universe
we can get there anyhow because we are connected at the quantum level.
lets move away from the limitation of eyesight
and evolve our thinking to see with our minds
and our spirits

it was before
and then with the ravages of nature
we lost it to the practicalities of survival.

lets document the process once more
and spread the understanding
so that we dont lose it again
and move forwards
because its really boring here
very nice but boring

so much t see
so much to do
its a lovely prison
now we have the key to the door
we can stay here and play games
or we can grow up
and open the effing door and go out.

before the boxes come for us again.
time has a finite value.
the universe is limited.
we have to get out before its done
and fast.
no more games.

i have my ticket
waiting for the bus.

i have to make the entire event of the bus coming happen
on a planet
were there is no metal
no gas
and no roads
and the driver is sticking his finger up his nose working out how to play with sticks and stones...

this is the only signpost there is.
its up to you if you read it or not and make the right step on your journey.
please teach me something relevant that's new...


Re: Illusion

In the classic rep of multi tasking, I take a few moments here to enlarge on some further thoughts.
Some cognizant imagination has been applied and continues to be applied to the bulk of outside our universe,
and the (ugh) branes or rather, membranes of conflicting dimensions
that symetrically connect and asymetrically disconnect to compose our universe.

Finding the measure of TeV, being the supposed unit of energy decided upon to define the application of a trillion electron volts... nice... the plan is to define the juxtaposition of extradimensional branes outside our universe at the quantum level, and Tev is slapped with the sticker of being the selected unit of energy
that makes possible the relationship between outside in what they call the 'bulk', and us down here in our lowly universe.

Its all very nice and seems to make some kind of sense if you follow through.
To add to these ideas, looking at what is perceived as WRONG instantly, is the idea that we are in a 3 dimensional universe.
How odd to forget about the dimension of time, without which, the concept of our universe does not work at all. Its added in with Planck's fomula for convenience, but not as a dimension.

I want to make it abundantly clear that, without time, there cannot be any appraisal.
Time is a prereqisite of any formula and in general, life here.
So when people refer to a 3 dimensional cosmos, its actually a 4 dimensional cosmos that absolutely includes time.

I refer back to prior posts on time and its construction as a geometry based on 4 digits universally;
zero, phi, pi and the result.
which makes a tetrahedron; the simplest construct in geometry of 3 dimensions plus time.

My case is that people have a wonderful aptitude for moving forwards in their ways, but are always looking for a complex answer to some obscure question rather than the simple path.

The reality has always been that the universe is ALWAYS SIMPLE. It chooses the line of least resistance, always changes at the tipping point of a cusp of any action to a reaction, cause and effect, and follows simple principles and rules. These have been proven over and over.
Put your hand in a fire and it hurts because its hot. A simple expression of a difference of entropic release of energy in 2 fields.

I coulld give this principle a silly acronym, if you want. Call it SPU.

Simple Possible Universe.

Try any number of experiments, anywhere, anyhow. Every change will occur without additional development. ( I am not talking about chain reactions, which are interdependant reactions to a series of events in an expanding change, and still follow this principle).

The issue I am raising here is that people LOOK FOR MORE THAN THERE IS.

Only in the personal choices provided by sentience, do humans et al, decide NOT to choose the most simple solutions wherever, and often opt ( musically descibed) for the symphonic answer rather than a single chord.

Rene Descartes had his own description of the universe in his time, which seems to be well presented as a 4d analogy geometrically (remembering time). Published in 1644. Referenced in The Book of Trees. ... ll-branes/

Allow me to postulate with some vigour:-
1/. Particles are slow energy. Energy that is NOT in travel through spacetime in wave motion.
2/. Slow energy is a closed loop of energy at harmonically applicable wavelengths and frequencies that alone or in sets, work together to form particles rotating in a symmetrical or assymetric orbit. A closed loop.
3/. String theory moves partly in the direction I consider to be correct, whereby it advocates the smallest energies to be strings of energy closed in loops, of some formation or another. The issue is that waves are simple and not random if left alone; unless affected by other energies.
4/. Doing away with the idea of 11 dimensions and rigidly sticking to what is simple above, string theory has a simple elegance that works at all levels, cosmic, atomic and quantum.
5/. The edge of the universe is everywhere all the time, being added to as space expands its distances from zero point energy to fill the gaps.
6/. Time is an energy that resolves the issues of dark energy and dark matter.
7/. The universe is in the passage of an expanding spiral consruct that will eventually reach a tipping point between entropy and time, whereat it will begin to implode in a decsending spiral due to the force of gravity UPON THAT MOMENT, wich will be a series of localized events forming a pattern and not one singe universal event. With thi info, its entirely possible to measure the exact finite lifetime of the universe.
8/. Thanks for all the fish, but right now, I am much more interested in ascention than defining what information really is, as it seems simply obvious to me and I dont need to be sat on another mother's knee these days; and eff off anyone who pushes the plan of this philosophy being merely intuitive and therefore not applicable. I am more than pleased to watch their ideas pass them by, their aging and eventual matter decay as they follow their marvelous plans, thanks very much.
9/. I have zero interest in debate or being proven right or wrong. I have been places and seen things that are more than enough for my highly scinical points of view.
10/. No one is going to ascent for you. You have to do it yourself, regardless of what this very bright and highly regarded people postulate in their divine espousements.
11/. Lets consider the numbers game. One million scientists all think the same. But the one million and first one is thrown aside because of public peer group pressure, even though this is the one who gets it right- proven to be the way of things many, many times over the centuries. All the one million are so busy justifying their own salary checks by quoting others from their group of imposters in a neat circle of ILLUSION, that the finance departments just cough up without question.

In my prior post, I wrote about the edge of the universe being either introspective or extrospective, and what those differences might mean- not be- mean.

I wish to add that, if time is an energy as I postulate, and the finite nature of it is measurable, then we have an EVENT and not a mere universe, progressing in a pattern that can be defined and recognized.
They love their little boxes, don't they? The universe is a box, then.

As an event, the universe with its measurements, cannot be deterred from its course. Its a holistic pattern arrangement of complete elegance IN A NICE LITTLE BOX.
Because its a nice little box of finite definition, it cannot be altered, adjusted or stopped.
1/. Its expanding faster and faster as more time changes from potential energy to particle (slow) energy and mass increase as time draws upon gravity.
2/. The speed of light is only one corner of that box, not the big one. Time passes regardless. The energy of time is the result of original expansion from the first application of geometric simplicity.
3/. Non-existance is the same as eternal death. Being alive is therefore, preferable to any sentient being less than insane or more than dumb. Alive as matter or energy, or both.
4/. If there is an anti-verse, it would show a balance about zero, as +1 +-1=0 that contained all the anti matter made when this place was born. Where is it? On the other side of the big bang, expanding away just as we are. Ask your Mesons. Which ask the question, what would bother to make a universe of +1+-1=0 anyway? Hence we are back at the crash of 2 branes again.
5/. No one is crashing this place out anytime before its done. No accidental washing of the petri dishes before its over.
6/. positive and negative branes meeting for dinner make a good universe. The just-so ones. At random? by chance? A billion or whatever falures? Or by design?
7/. Ask a tree what is the purpose of the universe. Every mature tree knows where all the trees in the universe are.
8/. If sentience is not a divine gift, then we are limited scientifically and less than trees. If it is, we have the need to ascend sharpish. For me, I prefer the positive agnostic approach. Is it possible to mean sentient existence scientifically? Can you cut the box and say, here is where imagination stops? Can a Higgs Boson tell anyone that their spirit stops at this or that point? Or, as I prefer, is any sentience possibly the illusion of a step on a sentient journey to get to ascend spiritually?
Don't tell me what you had for breakfast 3 years ago today. Memory is only part of sentience and at best, every personal view. Pause NOW, and feel the loss of imagination as time passes you by so that memory is just a small pink towel in someone else's bathroom. If you dont feel good about yourself, you will not remember. Now, you will forget things you learned.
This is the curse of negativity in feelings, and why its so important to recall why LOVE is the only true emotor. Why do we have these feelings? Because we are human? Do we deny the fact of our own deaths, whenever death comes, and instead, think of life and what can be done now? Make plans. Learn. Work and play.
Ask, who are we?

We have one chance before we get wiped out by the universe for being dumb. This is the only positive path. Do try very hard and not get distracted. :)


Re: Illusion

Thinking about the edge of the universe being everywhere
got me focused on the issue of time
and my theory that time is an energy.
so I flipped it over
what if time is not an energy
but merely an analogy for the energy that prevails with it
future, present and past.

in my regular research recently
i came across last week
a movie called something like
the travel anywhere chair
written and directed by one Mol Smith
which i watched as it was based on a similar concept of travel
using quantum entanglement.
apart from the nude girls who kept changing which was really not needed
the movie was a low budget obscure work
which i hoped might teach me something.
sadly it was a loss.
these odd movies sometimes give me ideas
or show something from another view
which inspires my thinking.

while this was going on
or off
i was thinking about why
would time be an energy
and to try and disprove this theory to myself.

its generally considered a fact
that the edge of the universe
zero point energy
is everywhere.
its not everywhere tomorrow
or yesterday.
only in the present.

time being relative
different places have different times
and the present is not the same from place to place
only locally.

so how does one travel in the present
from place to place?

lets think about light speed
and our nearest incoming galaxy of note
compared to say
the constellation Orion
moving away from us.
to travel from now on Earth
to arrive on a planet in Andromeda from Earth
you might be there next week.

to arrive on a planet in Orion
you might be there last year.

which makes things complicated.

what seems to be the idea
is that people want to arrive somewhere really far away
in local time.
as if they just went next door to visit the neighbor.

that puts a line through interstellar space travel right away.

as I write about Roger and his Fiery travel portal
that uses quantum entanglement
to GPS any location any time anywhere
the explanation is
in a simple way
that to travel back in time
you can choose to visit a planet in Orion
and as long as you have the coords
from where the planet actually is
in local time
compared to its visible position
that is dependent on the speed of light reaching your eyes from there
and the light covering a vast distance in between
then you will land on it OK
using quantum entanglement
to find a paired electron or three
where you want to go.


what i was thinking was that time being an energy...
if its merely a statement
what about the existence of zero point energy?
the old chestnut that energy cannot be created or destroyed...

space time is added to at the quantum level instead of stretching which is a crazy idea.
as the distances between galaxies get bigger
more energy is released into the universe from its edge.

the energy is already there
and fills the voids inside the universe
as the present comes and goes.
so that takes care of where it comes from
to explain
the void outside
is everywhere but only in the present
its a constant.
you cannot stretch a constant.

but what about the past?
as this energy is released in the present
in the expansion
where does it go?

hence my idea that this energy is finite in sum
and we can approximate a prediction for the life of the universe from this
the energy in the past
is what some call dark matter.

what happens to this energy
regarding black holes
where spacetime gets frozen down to zero
and gravity is maxed out?
this time energy
in spacetime
is where it exists
so what happens to spacetime
also happens to dark matter.
it gets compressed by gravity in black holes to a zero measurement.

it all hangs on the present
where this energy changes from potential
to the action of being released
into the dark matter of time past.

if i am right
then time is really a misnoma
and we should think about time very differently.
some have put a minimum value on time at the Planck level
to describe its quantum properties
and that is fine.
its only a measurement.
the addition of zero point energy
as time goes past you now
all the time
has the most meaning to take our full attention.

i surmise that most people are far too interested in particle physics
to get their heads around the concept of time as an energy.

the values that get stretched as the universe expands
are the distances that energy travels
think of a photon
whose 80% or so mass internally as a particle
or slow energy as i prefer to call it
is zero point energy.
nearly the entire visible universe is full of light.
and energy we cant see too.
the radio wave background noise
is everywhere apart from a few voids
under scrutiny
that in my opinion
may contain a large number of black holes made early in the life of the universe.
hence prevent the background radiation from being measured around them.
or they could be black holes in the line of sight of the measuring instruments
some way along the line.
the fact that there are noise voids
sort of proves the background noise is an accurate description
as you would hardly expect the universe to be smooth and the same everywhere for this.
anomalies are sure to give a triangulation ( or rather, tetrahedron) to this view.

lets see about this.

if there is a straight line outside the universe from point a on earth
to point b in Orion
its not affected by distance
and time.

so the length of that line
is zero.

whatever the local time is in Orion
is where the travel along that line takes you
from earth.

no messing about in spacetime.

this line
is not a measurement
it is a connection.

each paired electron
is connected outside the universe
because of its origin
in the big bang.

some people have even theorized that the universe
has only one electron
that moves about so fast
it looks like to many to count.

which is nuts.

energy is energy
it acts and reacts with other energy
and so we know that there are electrons spinning around their orbits
pretty much everywhere.

one electron would not have consistent properties
and be slightly differently timed
to act and react with other electrons as they do.

you are here on earth
you want to meet your partner for lunch in alpha centari.

in your Fiery travel portal that looks like a tablet computer,
you program your desired location.
the Fiery finds at least 3 partner pair electrons where you want to go.
its does this by specific sampling in batches by you
finding the paired partner at your intended location of travel.
the data required
comes from maps
provided by our dear friends in the 5th dimension
who have the entire universe plotted from zero to the end
and all in between

its a connection by quantum entanglement.
as the traveler moves from one place to the other
the end result is the the electrical charge of all their electrons in their bodies etc
are flipped around from negative to positive or positive to negative
depending on what they were at the point of origin
they would be each the opposite on arrival
which has no effect at all on anything
except the charge of the electron
that does not matter either way.

the process of travel
is by the vortex
created by the Fiery
that connects outside the universe
through its edge that is everywhere now
at zero distance
to the destination.
which uses no energy at all
as it is not needed.
no time at all
as there is no time outside.

i find it hard to disprove my thinking really.

the energy used is to make the connection.
just a calculation and flip
from positive to negative or visa versa
per each electron in the traveler.

the electrons are already connected
thanks to the big bang.

how to map the entire universe at the quantum level?
need a big computer with a good memory
fully connected to all galaxies
like a phone exchange
or nodes on the net.
not too hard to organise.

dial in the galaxy, star system
and planet or moon or asteroid...

space travel is so old fashioned
with light speed and warp drive
like swimming tadpoles in a pond.

the only things holding back this science
is us
being greedy to stick to fossil fuels
and keep making and spending money
to make 1% of the people rich
while gently destroying the planet we happen to live on.

500 years ago the sea was teaming with aquatic life
now its almost gone
and its happened too slowly to be noticed.

we need to cover the planet with trees
and stop raping nature
put it back as it was
or there wont be anything left very very soon.

we dont need fossil fuels
or all these products that keep being made
then thrown away as garbage a few years later
or a few moments later even.
its crazy.

the current societal system is a hangover from 200 years ago.
its not needed anymore
which is why people are so confused these days.
they know what should be done
but only a few are doing it
and its no where near making a difference.

you have your masters and slaves
your judges and politicians
and businesses
and they all rape the planet
and do not lead the world at all.
just slowly destroy it.

no wonder people are so into escapism
reality sucks
as an illogical illusion
imposed by the few on the many.

because they can
and people are stupid enough to put up with it
because its the only social system there is.
no one is giving out choices.

they sit on their pompous asses
and give their orders
and all the slaves run.

they believe they are right
and if they use the system from 200 years ago
they are right
but today
is not 200 years ago.

the world population is not one billion as it was then.
its seven billion.
in the year 1350 it was about 400 million.

i think people have the brains to notice the difference.

i hold with the quote from the Matrix movie
that describes humanity as a virus.

i know we can do better.
we can take enough drinkable water from the air
energy from the sun and wind
and engine fuel from sea water.

we dont need to kill the planet to be keep being here.

its such a shame that humanity was designed to fail.
never mind.
next time round maybe...

i wish people would be more
and less

short sighted maybe.
bankers and accountants are not leaders.
and all they do is count the illusion of wealth
and balance its book keeping.
total nonsense to any dolphin.
why do we swallow this blue pill?

what is the value of land or a house?
the value of a bank note?
the value of valuation?
its all illusion.
all made to keep the blue pill working good.

until the majority of people swallow the red pill
its the end for humanity. just a matter of years.
famine creates war
war creates death
the old system dies
and humanity is thrown back to 1350 again or worse.


Re: Illusion

In my last post I was discussing the way in which entangled electrons are connected
through the edge of the universe outside
and back in again
which is why their reaction to stimuli
is instantaneous.

The reasons I put forward for this
I will list here for simplicity.
It also raises further theories about the state of outside...the 'bulk' as some sicentists call it.

What electrons do:-
When an electron pair make a state of positive and negative between them
it happens instantly.
Scientists are at a fail to comprehend why
imagining that electrons must be intelligent and connected in this universe somehow.
This is crazy.
Electrons (pairs) are connected through zero point energy
over the edge of the universe
to instantly connect together
so there is no need for this universe to internally carry information about their paired states of spin or charge.
4/. This instant connection is- by extension-
also part of this universe.
it is the surface of this universe where the edge prevails
Everything in this universe
is connected by these paired states of electrons
in now time locally.
To consider the human being is
constructed using a lot of electrons and some other stuff
its no wonder that the brain
has the ability using its nuerons
to detect information in other humans
and events
and other entities
by the paired electrons inside the brain
connecting with partners
and sharing information
abouts its locality.
Time as we know it
is an illusion.
Its a simple form of presentation of information
that helps us get through our little local hunting and gathering day.
It is far from the reality of what time actually is on the grand scale.
Time does not exist in the bulk.
Time exists at the edge of the bulk
that is the membrane or surface
that confines the box of our universe
at the 4th dimension of time.
Everything here
happens in time.
scientists forget to add this dimension to everything when they present information
and so the information is incomplete at best
and rubbish at worst.
we are in a 4 dimensional universe- not 3.
Electrons only exist in the present. locally. now. everywhere.
The expansion of the universe adds to spacetime
from zero point energy
to comply with Hubble's constant
as the distances between such as galaxies become greater.

The future is the addition of the potential energy of TIME contained in or at the membrane of the surface of the universe
that gets bigger
like the common balloon analogy of the universe expanding with all the galaxies on its surface
as the universe expands
due to its orginal momentum of the big bang
loss of the pull of gravity
and the addition of more an more dark energy
which is the potential energy of expansion
created at the big bang.
Energy is matter at a slow self- contained sstate of travel.
Energy in travel as a wave
is moving between points of state being slow energy
in a closed loop
we define as particles.
Each energy has its own wavelength and frequency.
therefore, each particle as a closed loop of energy in a state of what I refer to as
natural isolation
or uninterrupted balance
which I would like to call by the name 'Harmony'
appears to us to be a particle of energy that at longer wavelengths
or mixes of wavelengths that harmonically combine
of more than one wave of energy
to create complex particles that we refer to ( mistakenly but for simplicity of understanding) as matter.

Matter has mass
and is affected by gravity.
energy below the level of having mass
massless particles and energy
is not affected by gravity.
there is a tipping point as quantum science shows
as explained with the results from the LHC and Fermilab very clearly.

The addition of zero point energy without mass
to the spacetime of the universe
and so not affected by gravity
is making the distances between galaxies accelerate

The added energy of 14/.
is finite
and can predict the entire span
of the life of the universe in the future
and by adding the past
( dark matter)
and the present
( the universe seen locally)
with some navigation of the maths for the speed of light
we have a near number
for the life of the universe
to the boundary of its entire expansion.
As the universe is curved or bent
(like the police
backed by useless state processes of disposals
judged by the elite protected slime demons
within the 10% who run the planet
of human as slaves and statistics)
it reaches out as state of spiral
that eventually gets to the tipping point
where the expansion stops
and it falls spirlling back in on itself
not in a compression that reverses space time
a contraction of spacetime
We cannot see this from here
being somewhat inside the expansion on Earth
as we do not have a point of view from the edge of the visible universe
to see its geometric shape in this context.
In order to see this
we would need 3 points of view at distan locations in space time
to triangulate the position of the universe
from those differing points-
the further aprt, the better.
I suppose we will have to wait until 3 sat's are sent out to wide perspective
to read this.
I wonder if the Keplar might already be one...
I am hoping that the addition to sensors for this job
might be added to the Hitomi replacement due to go out in 2028 by Nasa
to make a sat' that can.
the contradiction of spacetime might open some ideas about reversals
the direction of travel is simply the same
as the arc of a thrown ball through the air here on Earth.
it goes up
reaches a zenith
then travels down back to Earth.
The direction is still one way
no matter what.
It does not about turn and come back like a boomerang.

So the universe in contraction
will lead gracefully into an advanced condition
over its zenith of expansion
physically in spacetime
not into the big crunch
or the big freeze
but something differnt.
this zenith point
can be found using the measurement
of the finite life of the universe's expansion
based on the above predictions of value of added spacetime
as dark energy
plus dark matter
plus the physical present universe.
point 19/. leads us to the start of the contraction
my prediction for the contraction of the universe:
this tipping point
is where gravity
overcomes massless energy
and makes the universe contract rather than expand
like the ball thrown in the air
it reaches the zenith of its arc of travel
then comes back down to Earth.
It does not matter how weak gravity is then or whenever
as long as the balance between the momentum of orignal expansion
is overcome by the attraction created by gravitic matter.
I peict this point will be at extreme low levels
so fine that locally in many varied places
it will take eons to happen at the zenith
bit by bit here and there
gradually increasing until the entire physical universe is affected
and spirals back down to the entropic final mess.
I disagree with Hawking's ideas
about black holes.
They are too limited and narrow to be worthwhile.
The reality for me
is far broader
and subject to the controls of geometric application
to the entire universe overall
and not the required application of the big freeze.
the downward spiral:
It seems to me that a good point for the idea of the top of the spiral of expansion
the 'zenith'
as I like to call it
of expansion
might be the event when the speed of light
is equal to the expansion.
This is worth investigation I feel.
At least as a starting place to see what theory happens.
If 23/. is the case,
we might arrive at a new equation:
The finite life of the universe ( expansion) to the zenith (X) energy
x the speed of light squared(Y)
equals the zenith point in time(Z).
X times Y squared equals Z


which is very close to
and mostly derived from
or E=MCsquared
compliments of Einstein
applied from a new viewpoint.

You merely replace matter with time.

which is why I see time as being another form of energy
away from the LHC, Fermilab and quantum mechanics.
Time is an applied parameter with 3 particular characteristics.
The future time of potential energy.
the present where it all happens locally
and he past where it collects as spent energy from the present
as dark matter or slow energy without mass we can attribute now

Time is an APPLIED energy of universal quantification.

If you see time as an energy
you get all the edges of the universal box we live in.
wave energy (leading to slow energy)

4 forces
4 numbers
4 corners or a tetrahedron.

time is the enrgy that makes a 2d triangle 3d
by sending it out into a 3 sided geometric pyramid.
This is what is known as a geometric live TORUS.
Its the entire constant process of structure of the universe from quantum to galactic.


if this helps a visual explanation.

Jim Carey giving his view first 1 minute plus some BS about warlocks....

The spiritual aspect as a human application to self:

Jim Carey video about energy

I don't blame idiots for the negative aspects of the internet.
Their stupidity holds the rest of us back from connectivity.
Instead of sharing the positive ways of their journeys
they like to force negativity
and drag us all down.
The use of a mix of positive and negative energies here
reinforces the value of connectivity
by near instant ways of the internet
as a huge equalizing force worldwide
with the potential to create one vital new concept of daily life never had before:
a level playing field.
The old systems cannot cope with this as they are hierarchical.
we are now in the process of the third world war:
The old systems of slave control are being painfully and slowly reduced and removed.
It will take decades.
maybe a millenium.
no one has any plan for a replacement system that makes any sense so far.
It seems to me that this new way
is limited to feeling its birth forwards
an organic socialogically derived birth
with much trauma
countless mistakes
much suffering
and loss
along its path of a journey.
Its a far better prospect than physical wars.
The first step is the selfish one
of removal of greed
and gain for the self.
How to impliment change for the better:
Business needs to profit to survive.
It does NOT need to be the global winner
or destroy competition by dark ways.
Each person has to ask,
how much do I actually need to have a life?
and only take what they need
based on ancient teachings
and sharing
in business and in life.
Every one needs to sign up to the new way
of agreement by oath
and stop the greed profiting by negative ways
the good non-destructive direction.

A bit of preaching now:
Destruction only leads to more destruction. Stop the negative greed.
You cant fight Nature. Nature will always win out.
Its a small planet with limited resources. Don't kill it off. Respect it.
We are all on our single path of discovery to human spiritual ascention.
Dont draw imaginary lines of negative control that are only in or derived from your minds.
Build with a positive process your life and learning
and develop your talents with good reason and not greed as a rule.

The local forces of authority negative control stop here and now.
These morons are acrimonious in the extreme
for all the wrong reasons
of hate, fear and evil.

It finishes now.
They form now, find they are unable to continue their evil regime of slavery control and destruction.
Every time they make a move to slew existence by any negative act or ommission,
each and every one of you
and you know who you are as I do
will find it is fire in your bellies
your fingers down your throats
and vomit
vomit like flames
until these negative ideas pass
and you put right your negative wrongs
and positively do good.

Every time you make a wrong
it leaves a negative stain of your personal evil stench
on the universe
easy to locate and trace.
There are demons close by
the worst kinds
the unstoppable kinds
the horror of which you have denied to yourselves
for you know they exist
that will eat the souls of every one of you
with a smile in a single moment.
If I were you,
from now,
I would not look in any mirrors
or behind you
or sleep
or be alone anywhere- in a house or car or field-
until you change.
The demons are there at your back waiting to take you
as soon as you feel them
or see them
or hear them.

Instead of doing evil, these self righteous scum
these low people
shall find their only solution to survive
is to assist, positively develop and build together
with all and every of their partners of the public
to make a better world of reasoned prosperity
and cooperative human development
by aiding and helping prosperity
to charge their taxes to help more people for the common better
to accelerate the process of good
within the confines of the planet.

Its not perfect
but neither is Singapore or Cuba as 2 examples where they try their best
from different social directions.

You can say that no one is King and enforce and push and punish.
a dark place full of conflicts, fear and hatred.

better that
everyone is a King
and plant those crops
and grow them
and tend them
keep them good
and share the harvest
with modesty, respect and appreciation.

Join the good way
and be good
and show those who are less than good
the way to join together in good cooperation
when you see they have changed
and are finally are ready to agree
only then
invite them in and respect them
to the mutual agreement
to be part of the only future of mankind that works.

I bow to my good friends who see the way forwards and push for positive change.
their numbers grow daily
one by one
they see and agree and change
alone and with each your own admissions
you will change for the good
and join in the passive revolution for the better.

In the book of Roger Cat
you will find the hidden ciphers
that show the way
and stop mistakes on your path.
the treasures of life
and after life
are buried there
and those that find them
shall find the rewards
of existence in the light
come to them.


Re: Illusion

I have been researching as I often do and so continue
to question my own theories.
Today I was drawn to black holes
in relation to the edge of the universe
in particular if black holes
change the universal constant of my theory about the edge of the universe.

Let me confirm that zero point energy is everywhere as the surface of the bulk
as they call it
outside the universe.
being added to as the distances of space get larger.
allow me to be specific.

the visible universe is as far as we can see
and we are for that
dependent on light reaching some instrument of observation here or in a satellite.

Beyond this is the void of pre-expansion.
not nothing
but in the other direction from us
or anywhere in the universe
looking in at galaxies that were the first to exist in our spacetime
that are on the front lines of the expansion
from spacetime infront of them
where there are no more galaxies in front.
Only galaxies as the viewer looks back
at the expanding universe.

This is where the space time is being added to newly.
The spacetime from the leading galaxies and back
already exists. It has matter
to relate to cosmically.

The stretch Einstein liked to comment on
was that distance between galaxies that already relate.
My posture is that this was already created as the first galaxies passed by that way long ago.
so there is no stretching to be done.

If you use the visible universe
or microwave universe as a background
spacetime is everywhere anyway.

how does spacetime get added to then?
I thought about this today when I was looking into some thinking
about black holes
and what they are inside.

Taking into account the above idea
then let me also question the idea that spacetime is added to
as galaxies move away from each other.
This is a gravitational explanation.

Gravity. Some years ago i read about black holes
and the best comment then that stuck in my mind until now
is that black holes are where gravity has gone mad.

What you have to se is that whatever is at the core of a black hole
or layered as an onion
at the centre is a place where gravity is 100%
and spacetime is zero.
This is not the case LOCALLY there.
If you could exist at the core of a black hole,
life would be passing by with the regular beat of your heart.
Just outside the black hole
if you could see it
would be zooming by at a thousand years a second or more. a lot anyway.
Its the definition of a black hole.
where nothing can escape its gravitational attraction.
no energy
no particles
no light
nothing we see from outside
hence the blackness.
sounds quite evil huh?

taking this all in then
what happens to the edge of the universe?
zero point energy?
the surface?
inside a black hole?

is there an Einstein-Rosen bridge into another dimension?
does the energy
at the surface
get concentrated too?
does it get sucked into a whirlpool of spinning gravity
just as energy does here?

At this point in this post
i need to put in a point of view so you can get a sense of perspective
to assist understanding.

The universe is 4 dimensional.
i have said as much many times and it works.
no one is questioning that and in fact many support this understanding.

the point is
that this 4D
is everywhere that the universe exists.
its even at the centre of black holes.
this 4D
is the construct that makes the bricks that is the Lego of the universe
and puts them together in a plan.

the theory about the 4D universe works perfectly well inside or outside a black hole.
in fact
the black hole would not exist to be made
and then continue
if 4D was not supporting it.

so the values of zero, phi, pi and the resulting value of time
persist regardless.
you can put the relationship of those 4 numbers into an explanation in maths
by and equation;

zero plus minus phi 8 times minus pi 64 times plus X for time
equals a black hole core.
in base 10 maths.
of course in base 4

the sequence is dimensionally important
because it flips from being positive
as in the universe is expanding
to being negative
as in the universe is contracting, has contracted, can go no further.

so time is zero
space is zero
gravity has to be 100%
to balance the equation.

there is no space
and no time...
no room to inject zero point energy into this universe
the surface
is rejected.
as it has changed from attraction
to repulsion
by swapping charges.

what i find here is that this rejection
is a force
of gravity in reverse
a reversal that happens outside the universe
that does something now i can consider new.

this rejection of the surface
is no Einstein-Rosen bridge.

This rejection is the push
that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.

the more black holes absorb
the faster the universe will expand
in exactly the opposite way you might intuitively expect.

which supports my theory that
time is an energy
with a potential referred to as dark energy
a present now locally everywhere as its focused fulcrum
its equals sign
its event
and a past referred to as dark matter.

fuel for the universe...

and also supports the theory
that when the expansion reaches the speed of light
it will curve around in a big arc
and contract

what happens to black holes then?
nothing new.
the work continues to happen as above.
but the direction changes from going up and away faster
to coming down and moving inwards so contracting in direction.

when the numbers outside go from positive to negative
the numbers inside must go from negative to positive.
make the numbers what you want--
they apply within the parameters of the circumstances.

spiral going out
spiral coming in.
its a wave form with arcing plots that can be explained on 2D paper in waves.
Universal waves. I like to call these 'surface' waves.
a wave for the period
the travel
the direction
the entropy
the time energy vectoring
the expansion and contraction.
go Mexican people!

entropy continues untouched.
stars go nova
make new stars
and go nova a million + times in between.
the laws of motion prevail.

keep your entangled electrons on standby.
we have much traveling to do without the bother of moving...

Look into the book.
Roger Cat.
Adventures on the Astral Plane.
here you will find clues that will show the trail of bread crumbs
clues to follow as a single path only found from the start
for the treasure at the end.
See through the illusion.

and you shall find...

every journey begins with the first step.



Re: Illusion

Rambling on in my own fashion from my own way,
I found a note today that may be of some further insight for the reader, and reproduce it here in support of my theories:

Casimir Pressure.

Casimir pressure is created by the Casimir force of virtual particles.

According to experiments, the Casimir force F between two closely spaced neutral parallel plate conductors is directly proportional to their surface area A:


Therefore, dividing the magnitude of Casimir force by the area of each conductor, Casimir pressure P can be found. Because the Casimir force between conductors is attractive, the Casimir pressure in space between the conductors is negative.

Because virtual particles are physical representations of the zero point energy of physical vacuum, the Casimir pressure is the difference in the density of the zero point energy of empty space inside and outside of cavity made by conductive plates.

Some scientists believe that zero point energy is the dominant energy of the Universe and that the Casimir pressure of this energy is the main cause of the observed accelerated expansion of the Universe. In other words, virtual particles drive the accelerated expansion of the Universe.

This is most helpful.

It demonstrates
1/. the way the Big Bang was created,
2/. where zero point energy comes from,
3/. How to make a warp drive without using energy from mass,
4/. how a vortex gets made between end points.
5/. that time is zero point energy IN APPLICATION.

I've spoken before about the Coriolis effect, and how that flips from one direction to another as it crosses the meridian line of gravity.
Surely, this must be the clue...

Talking about the membranes of dimensions that made the big bang happen...

Let us assume that gravity becomes flat.
And negative zero point energy is flat.

The difference between the weak and strong nuclear forces prevail to both gravitationally attract and repel, holding the two fields at a constant position a quantum distance apart.

Firstly, gravity attracts the electromagnetic charge of zero point energy.
Secondly, it reaches a point close to the flat gravity field that is nano in distance.
The Casimir effect prevails between two flat plains.
The outcome is a chain reaction of strong nuclear force,
more than enough to
Make a universe and
Pre-charge an expansion of the universe BEFORE gravity has any effect on the universe to make TIME and limit cosmic time to the speed of light; and therefore not be limited to the speed of light, so expand much faster for the first expansion.

We may well be able to define the pre-universe by the sums of

The entire value of the finite universe
The gravity in the universe
The polarity references in the pre-universal states applied to the sums.

to give the size of the flat gravity plain.

This is exciting because it shows that gravity can be flat
as many scientists feel it is anyway
unless forced to bend by the addition of mass
which is slow energy
which is capable of being a black hole
where spacetime is zero
and gravity is 100%.

Black holes are here - later.

The main point is that this method of construction makes some sense to me.
It answers questions of how the universe was formed into a big bang without the intervention of other dimensions but just two plates
one made of negative zero point energy
one of negative and then positive gravity.

And now
This explanation rather adds weight to my theory that time is made from zero point energy
and the future is held in a potential state until the local present as dark energy
when it is used
and then dumped as the past
as dark matter.

Looking in from the outside, this would largely point to the pre-universe being without time.
NOT infinite.
But, timeless.
I state here that there is a big difference between a defined condition that is timeless due to its physics,
and the meaning in this context of infinity.

Imagine the illusion of a black hole that is quantum flat, not spherical.
Get the idea now?

Time for some one able to live normally at the centre of a black hole
would pass at their local biological clock rate.
Time outside, would fly by at a hugely accelerated view, if it were possible to see out from inside.
This is not the application of infinity, but time slowed down to be suspended.

This is a great leap for me
as it shows that entropy is inclusive in the end of this universe
(see prior post about that)
but gravity still wins out before entropy takes it all
and it finishes in two flat planes
of as close to zero as can be in thinness
as wide as everywhere.

The then goes onto be the applied bottleneck as described in geometry by


Re: Illusion

No time for rubbernecking... Full Stop and Gawk (have a special handler for the E-brake). That was like gold nuggits in a gold pan!

When we look with the right kind of lens. What illusions will fall away?


From what i can gather, the creation of space and counter-space is a part of the
magnetic / dielectric relationship.
Wouldn't that make motion independent of Time.

I still maintain that Time is Consciousness

Re: Illusion

this is an interesting comment.
i saw the vid thanks.

In my post - the last one - about the Casimir effect-
I see a logical explanation for the big bang creation.
I wrote about gravity and zero point energy being the stuff of the two opposing planes
that spewed out the universe using the Casimir effect.

Here's a page to consider for this...

and this explains Quantum Foam in relation to the Casimir Effect.

Your comment would mean
that one of the planes had a negative charge
and the other had a positive charge.
this may not have been constant but dilating across the planes
as energy was released by the Casimir effect.
As the energy in one place was released,
it changed the plane charges over
and back again in a response to the release.

Or it may have rippled our like a wave from a stone thrown into a pond
from negative to positive
positive to negative as the wave passes by
negative to positive again.

one interesting fact is that gravity and zero point energy are both unaffected at this scale by any range of temperature.
there has been verification that the universe was at an extremely high temperature at the start of the big bang.
before gravity existed yet
as there were not yet the quantum particles to create it then in here.
energy is just energy as waves. it has no mass to make gravity.
then things cooled just enough to begin the manufacture of quantum particles.
as soon as HB particles formed, even from the first one,
gravity arrived in here
and then time started.

gravity and time are connected with space
spacetime does not exist without gravity.
hence why there was, in my view, an intial inflation period faster than the speed of light...
because light photons had not yet been made
to be affected by gravity.

getting back to the Casimir effect,
the dielectric effect between the two planes
would cause the issue of energy from the surfaces of each plane
one negative from the positive plane
and one positive from the negative plane.

the energy lines up accordingly as a reaction to proximity.

we know the apprx sum of the universe.
we know the rate of inflation.
we know how the Casimir effect works.

using these numbers should allow one to arrive at the values of the two planes
on the X side of an equals sign.


Re: Illusion

I deference to Roger
This post is about geometry

starting with zero, phi, pi and time
it makes the nodes of a tetrahedron
that tessellates with the entire construction.

before the start
i see two planes
both similarly charged with a low value of dielectric field
one of anti matter
one of matter.
they cannot touch as they hold the same charge
and resist.
the planes oppose at nano distance
they exist in the bulk
the quantum foam of zero point energy
and the difference between the planes
affects the zero point energy
a quantum fluctuation
so it creates a chain reaction
that reaches a high temperature
from the quantum dielectric field of zero point energy
and when it reaches such a high temperature
it melts the stability of the planes
the nano distance is breached
the matter and anti matter planes touch
that makes an explosion
of the big bang.

it seems that the geometry of the pre universe
is opposite
the entire construct is based on a process
of opposites being equal
with exits.

to quote: wiki

In particle physics, a baryon is a type of composite subatomic particle which contains an odd number of valence quarks (at least 3).[1] Baryons belong to the hadron family of particles, which are the quark-based particles. They are also classified as fermions, i.e., they have half-integer spin.

The name "baryon", introduced by Abraham Pais,[2] comes from the Greek word for "heavy" (βαρύς, barýs), because, at the time of their naming, most known elementary particles had lower masses than the baryons. Each baryon has a corresponding antiparticle (antibaryon) where their corresponding antiquarks replace quarks. For example, a proton is made of two up quarks and one down quark; and its corresponding antiparticle, the antiproton, is made of two up antiquarks and one down antiquark.

As quark-based particles, baryons participate in the strong interaction, which is mediated by particles known as gluons. The most familiar baryons are protons and neutrons, both of which contain three quarks, and for this reason these particles are sometimes described as triquarks. These particles make up most of the mass of the visible matter in the universe, as well as forming the components of the nucleus of every atom. Electrons (the other major component of the atom) are members of a different family of particles, known as leptons, which do not interact via the strong force. Exotic baryons containing five quarks (known as pentaquarks) have also been discovered and studied.

The interesting sentence to take out above for the overall instant travel is about electrons being part of the lepton family, that so not interact with the strong (nuclear) force.

and this is comprehensive on this subject

baryons have been studied 'to death' in Fermilab.

i mention them here as they have a place in quantum foam
and are subject to gravity.
is great for changing the shape of its effect in spacetime
on slow and fast energy.

even the direction of light is affected by gravity as it passes by galaxies.
gravitational lensing this is called.

so if we take all the above in our minds eye
and go back to the pre universe
before the big bang
when these two opposing planes were undergoing the Casimir effect
it is geometrically possible
that gravity
as i mentioned on my last post
had an effect to the extent that
one plane was positively gravitic
and the other was negative
if this was the case
time would have formed a tube of zero length and huge width
through which the big bang was spat out in an explosion.

the values of the the difference between matter and antimatter
have been calculated at the baryon level
and are small but real
ending with the product of all the energy in the universe.

this depends on shape
where in the case of a big freeze
where the universe levels out with entropy over a long time
to be one photon think
and a very wide roughly shaped disk
it would have to meet another similar universe of antimatter
attracted by its gravity over a very long time
at the right angle
or they would pass through each other and make a local mess.

what seems equally feasible is that zero point energy
equals the energy of a flat universe
with gravity
produced not by a random chance encounter
but from itself
and interacts then as 2 planes meeting in a Casimir event
to create another big bang.

maybe this could assist

i am working on a credible explanation to join this universe with other dimensions now.

what is energy can only be changed, not destroyed.
this is an undeniable rule.
for the human consciousness
our brains and experiences that connect in them neuron to neuron
form our life force as a composite energy that,
amongst other particles, and energies,
are entangled with electrons.
something Roger Cat knows all about...

hence the doorway to the possibility for the id of sentience being able to ascend as energy or a you may refer to it as spirit.
last night
after my feet tuned purple
i had the most extraordinary experience from outside
that for me
confirmed i am onto something
that matters.

the connection to ascend.
i am close...

more later :)


Re: Illusion

Since my previous voyage into alternative energy, i've come to adopt a different explanation of light, electro-magnetics and its the only way i have found so far that satisfies my own observations.

Trying to understand the boundaries of our universe as two planes it seems to me we have a magnet.

One plane a dielectric force, the other normal magnetic, There has to be a dielectric inertial plane or bloch wall from which all mechanical force is derived.

Electrification in our spacial universe is merely an effect of crossing the lines of force, wherever a diamagnetic ray crosses with a normal magnetic ray there is a release of energy, electrification.

There we can observe Tesla's 369.
We can speak of quantum, amounts we can can measure, and so our whole infrastructure we run by electromechanical means and methods that can be precisely controlled. Electrons, electricity, volts, amps, resistance.
However, when we look into the world of dielectricity, zero point or otherwise known as cold electricity, static electricity and Godspark,
what we find is a source of mechanical energy that is multiplicative in nature. We have no way yet to measure such fields except to assume there will be no change in applicable force. As the planetary system moves through space there is no way to know if we have moved into a different density of dielectric charge. At the moment 25 millivolts of dielectric charge gives enough to run half a dozen or more led lights, if the dielectric pressure increases or decreases we have no control. This is in part why we rely on electromagnetic theories and measurements, its stable, predictable.

Whatever weak charge has been measured, multiply that on the dielectric side, but there is the problem, multiply by how much? x10? x100? x1000?

single magnet electrification ... PpZXqwXcCS

charge - discharge at dielectric inertial plane ... PpZXqwXcCS

Re: Illusion

If my first theory might be correct

there would be one charged plane
opposite an uncharged plane

if the second one might be correct
there would be two planes of the same charge opposing

in either case
the zero point energy between the planes
is squeezed into a big bang

there is also the option of a third theory
whereby the two planes have opposite charges of positive and negative
but then
that only allows for a joining of planes as a random event
which would make our sentience now
a many fold more rare than the production of the universe
when chance becomes so rare
my view is
that it moves around from being so close to zero as to make no difference
to being a racing certainty.
because we are looking back from after the event, basically.
which questions the relevence of potential chance as a compound of time over any specific event.

the point being that
if you include time as an energy
which is not inuitive even to scientists
then chance gets removed from any any equation
and the idea of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle*
becomes void.
*Uncertainty principle, also called Heisenberg uncertainty principle or indeterminacy principle, statement, articulated (1927) by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, that the position and the velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly, at the same time, even in theory.

The core of this is
that at this level of quantum physics
the relevence of time
seen as merely a direction
makes much more sense if it an energy

allow me to expound...

an object (quantum particle) is travelling, so its position cannot be measured
unless it is stationary AT THE SAME TIME
as noting its velocity of travel.

this is empirical sense, as to note the velocity of anything
you need two points of reference along the direction of travel
to see how fast it is going.

how can you see its location in a single point
if you also at the same moment need two points to measure its relative passage of speed?

it makes a nonsense of the single action.

the problem is that this principle
based on chance
is the basis for currrent quantum theory which does not connect to the rest of the universe in a neat explanation to make the universe work above and below the atomic level.

in quantum mechanics
scientists have tested various parts of this chance theory
and are happy with their maths.

their maths is right.
but then
maths can explain anything if presented properly.

the issue is that there is a gap between their (this) explanation
and the post atomic universe
that they cannot join together in a correct way
they have come up with several conflicing wild theories
about this and that
to try to connect the dots.

my point is
that when you add in time as an energy
not just a direction
it changes everything
and makes it work together very well
without chance.

the word time
is not really very good as a description.
its just a human way of describing what we see here locally as the passing of the days.

hardly relevent in the centre of a black hole or over the distance of the visible and invisible universe
so its a bit old fashioned.
better to find a new term for relevent time.
maybe the scientists would like to define the grand meaning of time as 'POROS' or 'PARODOS'
as they like Greek
and it means 'passageway' or 'passing through' in Greek
and sounds like the word 'porous' or 'parade' in English
which means 'with holes' or 'the entirity passing by'
that might be explained by the Greek symbol 'o' with two commas over it
ὅ (ho), meaning 'which' for algebraic equations.

people tend to value time as the effect of a cause.
this idea sublimates sentient choices
and removes the value of the present
which is after ALL,
why we can reason and think.

with zero point energy being all pervasive
the edge of the universe everywhere
time becomes something tangible
an energy with application
of potential
and storage
subject to being used in your expression of dielectric fields in the local present.

is now

the plan is
to view the universe
as the big bang
still happening and ongoing.

the production of the big bang
was an event still in progress
and the energy (of time)
added to here in now from what MADE the big bang
is everywhere all the time and for as long as the universe exists.

take a fishing net in one hand
and cast it out widely
to see this view.

what was very small is now wide and getting wider.
it has
a point of origin
a process of application
and rates of geometrically plottable passage
before it lands on the surface of the water.
1, 2, 3, 4.

people should try and think more about the process
rather than cause and effect
which is still Newtonian thinking in my view.

anyways up.

I must get on with my day.

more later.


Re: Illusion


In support of my theory of time being an energy
that i call (last post) 'Parados'
('ho' symbol in Greek)
rather than just an expanding direction suffering effective entropy
potential energy of the future as dark energy
released in the present
becomes 'burnt' as dark matter in the past

this vid i found explains it better than i could.
CPT is dead.
long live Parados.

Its fine to use electrons and not other entangled sub atomic particles.
electrons are nicely stable inside atoms
(see the elementary table)
made of electrons, protons and neutrons.
photons are just light as single particles
which are no good for instant connection inside people/ mass
without making a mess.
most beings are not made of light.

yes i know about Roger Cat and Gillian...
in the published book

Pi and Phi in the Great Pyramid of Egypt
It relates to the fact that 4 divided by square root of phi is almost exactly equal to Pi: The square root of Phi (1.6180339887…) = 1.2720196495… The difference of these two numbers is less than a 10th of a percent.May 15, 2012
did i ever mention about the 4 universal numbers?


a quote here with PICTURES... ... %20percent.

i quote this here as the website is huge...

A New Contribution for WYP 2005: The Golden Ratio, Bohr Radius, Planck's Constant, Fine-Structure Constant and g-Factors

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Heyrovska, R.; Narayan, S.


Recently, the ground state Bohr radius (aB) of hydrogen was shown to be divided into two Golden sections, aB,p = aB/ø2 and aB,e = aB/ø at the point of electrical neutrality, where ø = 1.618 is the Golden ratio (R. Heyrovska, Molecular Physics 103: 877-882, and the literature cited therein). The origin of the difference of two energy terms in the Rydberg equation was thus shown to be in the ground state energy itself, as shown below: EH = (1/2)e2/(κaB) = (1/2)(e2/κ) [(1/aB,p - (1/aB,e)] (1). This work brings some new results that 1) a unit charge in vacuum has a magnetic moment, 2) (e2/2κ) in eq. (1) is an electromagnetic condenser constant, 3) the de Broglie wavelengths of the proton and electron correspond to the Golden arcs of a circle with the Bohr radius, 4) the fine structure constant (α) is the ratio of the Planck's constants without and with the interaction of light with matter, 5) the g-factors of the electron and proton, ge/2 and gp/2 divide the Bohr radius at the magnetic center and 6) the ``mysterious'' value (137.036) of α -1 = (360/ø2) - (2/ø3), where (2/ø3) arises from the difference, (gp - ge).

and this supports my 4 number theory of the universal tetrahedron crystal construct for all you doubters... ... een_Pi_Phi

yatt yatt yatt


Re: Illusion

REgarding Time as Energy, I can somewhat agree.

REgarding electrons and light as particles, i can no longer accept these statements as true, not that i know the truth, i'm only saying that Wheeler's magnetic theory about perturbations in the ether make far more sense. Not only sense, within its simplicity the creation of space, counterspace, the creation of matter and antimatter, and the most wonderful revelation of human consciousness and time.

Two magnets, depending on polarity, lets say north facing north, pushed together the velocity of one will move the other.
What is so different than if there were no magnetic field, just particle matter, one strikes the other and the other moves. its the same. The only difference i can detect is that the boundaries of the magnets are soft, where the boundaries of the particle matter are hard.
Hardness/softness might be a function of space and counter-spacial volume, density and pressure.
Two magnets attracting is spacial voidance, two magnets repelling is counter-spacial voidance (creation of space).
Beneath this is the impulse of inertia operating according to electromagnetic and dia-electromagnetic principles.

The impulse of inertia is what we are, inner self, conscious awareness.. a dielectric field in the ether plane.
Show me an address, Where is the YOU part of YOU, obviously to answer between the eyes as a by-product of brain function is derogative and insulting to say the least.

Somewhere in the *field of our experiential existence something decides to create motion. Does our body decide and then our conscious awareness goes along with the whole affair? Perhaps for the fleshly oriented no-mind zombie a latent awareness in the material of the body forms pathways to serve system needs.
Usually the inner you part of you thinks and decides, then energy is budgeted to move the hand and foot. The inner energy that is your conscious awareness never seems to run out and self replenishes, the energy of the body however must replenish itself from outside sources, always consuming some other life form, consuming property that is the domain of another conscious aware dielectric field in the ether.

dielecticity, i say, is the impulse energy field our inner aware selves exist as. Where? in counterspace, or, the ether plane.

Time occurs to us as a matter of perception, inextricably linked to our experience of existence. Our perception of it can be slowed or accelerated, there is no stable link between our consciousness and outside events.
The brain is merely an interface mechanism linking physical spacial processes to counterspacial dielectric fields. Possession, is merely where another dielectric field overtakes ones own dielectric field by virtue of having more of a charge or pressure, a larger/smaller dielectric field no different than we see in worldly property disputes... my land = my field is possessed and overtaken by the field of the town or city nearest, in turn possessed by the province or state, in turn possessed by the sovereign country, possessed by the world... solar.. galactic... universal...

"my name is Legion, for we are many"

Time then, is the energy wherein our conscious awareness resides, in counterspace. Beyond the bloch wall (dielectric inertial plane) of a magnet. "the brain is a magnet", true, and so does every living field of beings have their own magnetic domain in their possession... hopefully...

time is energy, energy is awareness, because we are, if the inner self can be aware of matter, our material bodies considered alive and aware, then all other matter in our universe domain must also contain awareness at some level.

Re: Illusion


as i said before a few days ago
the last 3 years that we not connected
i have been making strides in the direction of my way.

thank you for your post. it shows that you are interested and have an opinion
which is great.
i would like to spend the time to explain in more detail to you what i am yatting on about too
it seems that if you read now what i write here
it would be close to reading back over my posts on this topic
from the start
so please excuse me for not repeating my prior posts.
i do my best to explain my thoughts observations and
the illusion
that very kindly
cheeneka started and i have yatted on and on here
rather rudely i think
solely because to rewrite the posts elsewhere seems a work and a half
and i suspect the interested readers know where to find this
so i continue for simplicity and continuity
i hope no one is upset by that. :)

the way i think is organic
so i tend to think about something
work it through
then check around and see what existing opinions there may be on any one point of thought.

i dont have access to Fermilab or groups of scienetists

its just me thinking about stuff and learning as i go forwards on my journey

if we consider that each of our lives is an illusion
death must therefore in continuance of life
be an illusion
its a pretty good illusion as far as i can see.

i like to consider all the millions of individuals who have lived and died before today
i like to honour their lives
and respect their moments on this planet
because without all of them
going back and back to the start
we would not be here now.

it was Bernard of Chartres
in the 12th century
who probably first said
'(we are) dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants'.

This is also referenced in another written work of this era as well.
It seems wisdom is respected throughout history.

i dont expect anyone to agree
in fact its better to disagree
and create some debate
which is a great way to check things through
and find any errors or omissions

but i do have more faith in the pair of brain cells i have left
than in the value of my cooking abilities
as witnessed by those brave enough to eat with me


Re: Illusion

I didnt start this thread.
Its not my thread.
so i bow to the instigator.

this is distracting from the issue...


Re: Illusion

as i was saying,

the illusion continues...

the zero point energy
seems to be coming from the Higgs Field
which is a universal field of difference
that produces zero point energy everywhere
as it takes less energy to make it
than zero energy.

some scientists have been recently doing work on dark energy
and what they find is that this difference between zero
and the Higgs Field
is the production of dark energy.

explained here:

The Higgs field is a field of energy that is thought to exist in every region of the universe. The field is accompanied by a fundamental particle known as the Higgs boson, which is used by the field to continuously interact with other particles, such as the electron. Particles that interact with the field are "given" mass and, in a similar fashion to an object passing through a treacle (or molasses), will become slower as they pass through it. The result of a particle "gaining" mass from the field is the prevention of its ability to travel at the speed of light.

Mass itself is not generated by the Higgs field; the act of creating matter or energy from nothing would violate the laws of conservation. Mass is, however, "given" to particles via the Higgs field's use of Higgs boson particles. Higgs bosons contain the relative mass in the form of energy and once the field has endowed a formerly massless particle, the particle in question will slow down as it has now become "heavy".

If the Higgs field did not exist, particles would not have the mass required to attract one another, and would float around freely at light speed. Also, gravity would not exist because mass would not be there to attract other mass.

Giving mass to an object is referred to as the Higgs effect. This effect will transfer mass or energy to any particle that passes through it. Light that passes through it gains energy, not mass, because its wave form doesn't have mass, while its particle form constantly travels at light speed.

i dont agree with this explanation exactly.

The Higgs boson does not technically give other particles mass. More precisely, the particle is a quantized manifestation of a field (the Higgs field) that generates mass through its interaction with other particles. ... Quantum fields are similar to more familiar fields, like electric and magnetic fields.

The Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism
In the 1970s, physicists realised that there are very close ties between two of the four fundamental forces – the weak force and the electromagnetic force. The two forces can be described within the same theory, which forms the basis of the Standard Model. This “unification” implies that electricity, magnetism, light and some types of radioactivity are all manifestations of a single underlying force known as the electroweak force.

The basic equations of the unified theory correctly describe the electroweak force and its associated force-carrying particles, namely the photon, and the W and Z bosons, except for a major glitch. All of these particles emerge without a mass. While this is true for the photon, we know that the W and Z have mass, nearly 100 times that of a proton. Fortunately, theorists Robert Brout, François Englert and Peter Higgs made a proposal that was to solve this problem. What we now call the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism gives a mass to the W and Z when they interact with an invisible field, now called the “Higgs field”, which pervades the universe.

Just after the big bang, the Higgs field was zero, but as the universe cooled and the temperature fell below a critical value, the field grew spontaneously so that any particle interacting with it acquired a mass. The more a particle interacts with this field, the heavier it is. Particles like the photon that do not interact with it are left with no mass at all. Like all fundamental fields, the Higgs field has an associated particle – the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson is the visible manifestation of the Higgs field, rather like a wave at the surface of the sea.

A problem for many years has been that no experiment has observed the Higgs boson to confirm the theory. On 4 July 2012, the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider announced they had each observed a new particle in the mass region around 125 GeV. This particle is consistent with the Higgs boson but it will take further work to determine whether or not it is the Higgs boson predicted by the Standard Model. The Higgs boson, as proposed within the Standard Model, is the simplest manifestation of the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism. Other types of Higgs bosons are predicted by other theories that go beyond the Standard Model.On 8 October 2013 the Nobel prize in physics was awarded jointly to François Englert and Peter Higgs “for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider”.

The Standard Model of particle physics is a successful theory that describes how elementary particles and forces govern the properties of the Universe, but it is incomplete as it cannot explain certain phenomena, such as gravity, dark matter and dark energy. For this reason, physicists welcome any measurement that shows discrepancies with the Standard Model, as these give hints of new particles and new forces – of new physics, in other words. At the conference, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations have presented new results based on up to 140fb–1 of proton-proton collision data collected during Run 2 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) from 2015 to 2018. Many of these analyses benefited from novel machine-learning techniques used to extract data from background processes.

Since the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012, ATLAS and CMS physicists have made significant progress in understanding its properties, how it is formed and how it interacts with other known particles. Thanks to the large quantity of Higgs bosons produced in the collisions of Run 2, the collaborations were able to measure most of the Higgs boson’s main production and decay modes with a statistical significance far exceeding five standard deviations. In addition, many searches for new, additional Higgs bosons have been presented. From a combination of all Higgs boson measurements, ATLAS obtained new constraints on the Higgs self-coupling. CMS has presented updated results on the Higgs decay to two Z bosons and has also derived new information on the strength of the interaction between Higgs bosons and top quarks. This interaction is measured in two ways, using top quark pairs and using a rare process in which four top quarks are produced. The probability of four top quarks being produced at the LHC is about a factor of ten less likely than the production of Higgs bosons together with two top quarks, and about a factor of ten thousand less likely than the production of just a top quark pair.

The ATLAS collaboration has also reported first evidence for the simultaneous production of three W or Z bosons, which are the mediator particles of the weak force. Tri-boson production is a rare process predicted by the Standard Model, and is sensitive to possible contributions from yet unknown particles or forces. The very large new dataset has also been used by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations to expand the searches for new particles beyond the Standard Model at the energy available at the LHC. One of the possible theories is supersymmetry, an extension of the Standard Model, which features a symmetry between matter and force and introduces many new particles, including possible candidates for dark matter. These hypothetical particles have not been detected in experiments so far, and the collaborations have set stronger lower limits on the possible range of masses that they could have.

The CMS collaboration has placed new limits on the parameters of new physics theories that describe hypothetical slowly moving heavy particles. These are detected by measuring how fast particles travel through the detector: while the regular particles propagate at speeds close to that of light, straight from the proton collisions, these heavy particles are expected to move measurably slower before decaying into a shower of other particles, creating a “delayed jet”. CMS has also presented first evidence for another rare process, the production of two W bosons in not one but two simultaneous interactions between the constituents of the colliding protons.

In addition, ATLAS and CMS have presented new studies on the search for hypothetical Z′ (Z-prime) bosons. The existence of such neutral heavy particles is predicted by certain Grand Unified theories that could provide an elegant extension of the Standard Model. Although no significant signs of Z′ particles have been observed thus far, the results provide constraints on their production rate.

The LHCb collaboration has presented several new measurements concerning particles containing beauty or charm quarks. Certain properties of these particles can be affected by the existence of new particles beyond the Standard Model. This allows LHCb to search for signs of new physics via a complementary, indirect route. One much anticipated result, shown for the first time at the conference, is a measurement using data taken from 2011 to 2016 of the ratio of two related rare decays of a B+ particle. These decays are predicted in the Standard Model to occur at the same rate to within 1%; the data collected are consistent with this prediction but favour a lower value. This follows a pattern of intriguing hints in other, similar decay processes; while none of these results are significant enough to constitute evidence of new physics on their own, they have captured the interest of physicists and will be investigated further with the full LHCb data set. LHCb also presented the first observation of matter–antimatter asymmetry known as CP violation in charm particle decays, as reported in a dedicated press release last week.

Finally, using the results of lead-ion collisions taken in 2018, the ATLAS collaboration has been able to clearly observe a very rare phenomenon in which two photons – particles of light – interact, producing another pair of photons, with a significance of over 8 standard deviations. This process was among the earliest predictions of quantum electrodynamics (QED), the quantum theory of electromagnetism, and is forbidden by Maxwell's classical theory of electrodynamics.

Courtesy of Cern March 2019

Without dark matter, most galaxies in the universe would not hold together. Scientists are pretty sure about this. However, they have not been able to observe dark matter and the particles that comprise it directly. They have only been able to infer its presence through the gravitational pull it exerts on visible matter.

One hypothesis is that dark matter consists of particles that interact with each other and with visible matter through a new force carried by a particle called the dark photon. In a recent study, the collaboration behind the NA64 experiment at CERN describes how it has tried to hunt down such dark photons.

NA64 is a fixed-target experiment. A beam of particles is fired onto a fixed target to look for particles and phenomena produced by collisions between the beam particles and atomic nuclei in the target. Specifically, the experiment uses an electron beam of 100 GeV energy from the Super Proton Synchrotron accelerator. In the new study, the NA64 team looked for dark photons using the missing-energy technique: although dark photons would escape through the NA64 detector unnoticed, they would carry away energy that can be identified by analysing the energy budget of the collisions.

The team analysed data collected in 2016, 2017 and 2018, which together corresponded to a whopping hundred billion electrons hitting the target. They found no evidence of dark photons in the data but their analysis resulted in the most stringent bounds yet on the strength of the interaction between a photon and a dark photon for dark-photon masses between 1 MeV and 0.2 GeV.

These bounds imply that a 1-MeV dark photon would interact with an electron with a force that is at least one hundred thousand times weaker than the electromagnetic force carried by a photon, whereas a 0.2-GeV dark photon would interact with an electron with a force that is at least one thousand times weaker. The collaboration anticipates obtaining even stronger limits with the upgraded detector, which is expected to be completed in 2021.

Courtesy of Cern July 2019

If you can get through the above quotes with the ease of eating an ice cream on a hot day,

to boil it all down

so far

people are working hard to prove my theory that time is a product of potential energy (without mass that has a close relationship with electrons more than other SAPs -particles)

released in the local present ( where ever there is a reaction due to gravity being less than 100% over he difference of spacetime)

and then passes into the past ( to be a closed loop particle with some mass given to it by the Higgs Field)

as a particle with mass (and therefore part of the mass making more gravity affecting the universe),

some basic things to remember in all this;

1/. the big bang is still going on and will continue until the universe dies. its now called Universal Expansion. I posted about this before.

2/. zero point energy comes from the difference of zero energy and the Higgs Field that is everywhere at a variance above zero and adds to spacetime as the distances between galaxies get bigger, although these galaxies passed trough space already made by much older galaxies that went out a long time ago.

3/. this variance in energy is where the edge of the universe is, should be treated as an event and not a geometrical interaction, and is only a potential held to occur in the present, hence why scientists feel they can use this as a part of the measurement to find the expected finite life of the universe.

4/. multiverses are bunkum in their current contexts.

5/. string theory is bunkum unless its changed to allow for closed to open loop energy that is a particle, becomes a wave as a travelling particle, and then returns to a particle when it cease to travel, with extra or less energy attached.

6/. parity in mirror imaging SAPs and energy makes no difference in the universe as it only takes one charged particle to change which it will, and the parity is mirror reversed in an interaction from one charged state to the other as a street sign to quantum entanglement (of electrons), which is where more people should be looking from now for that instant travel experience.


Re: Illusion


amongst my busy day today
i was struck by a thought

not the most pleasant of experiences
but the occurrence was benign

i was thinking about balance

all stuff seems to live either side of an equals sign.
this led me to revisit what i had previously posted here
about the pre-universe of the big bang.

the eureka moment- for what its worth- was posed about the
production of the big bang
about which i theorized before
came about using zero point energy
in a Casimir effect
where gravity is on one side
and negative gravity on the other.
the result is a confluence
whereby the energy cycles between itself
until it reaches a temperature under pressure that makes it explode.

my addition to this theory today
is that there may have been an equal and opposite reaction
and this idea is very interesting right now.

according to this theory
the universe does not come from nothing
and is not the equal of zero plus U and minus U
which is zero.
my theory rather depends on the edge of the universe
today and for the rest of time
being constant.
made from the Casimir effect of the interaction of the HIggs field throughout spacetime.

note i define spacetime as one item..

always a constant is that there are opposites.
plus and minus
this equals that.

its how we balance any equation to see it works.


if the original beginning
happened as a result of the laws of conservation
there would have been an equal and opposite reaction to the universe coming about.
there are limits
the lowest temperature is fixed.
the highest one is, as far as i know
yet to be fixed
the speed of light in spacetime....

the Higgs field and dark energy
which exists at 2.7 degrees above absolute zero
is not at zero
its everywhere
it has NO electrical charge ( like a neutron in any atom)
therefore it is not subject to the laws of magnetism and electric interaction.

you might speculate that neutrons are the complex particles that form or originate from zero point energy of the Higgs field.
Higgs bosons have mass...
which is what Cern was all about (so far)/

there are energy waves that carry NO CHARGE and are not subject to dielectric fields...

so to take the above info and express it to help see my view of the origin of the big bang
dark energy
cosmic time (ho)

what kind of experiment or calculation could find if dark matter was equal to ho past?
dark energy was equal to the finite future?

one problem is that we are not at the centre of the visible universe
and cannot see it all
and we may even be too far away from the most old and distant galaxies
that we can no longer see them although they exist
their light is now so far away we cant see it anymore.
one very good support for this limited sight is that the universe looks the same whatever direction we look in.
that means that we are limited not by size but by perception
or the oldest bits would be seen to be raggy and different in different directions
so there is more stuff out there
but we cant see it anymore.

its too far away and light from it cant reach us anymore
we will have to wait and see if any currently sent satellites will be able to see further out...

the Casimir effect creates a pressure difference from energy wavelengths.
my proposal is
the plate of gravity
and the plate of the Higgs field (zero point energy)
were close for a while
and the pressure built up.
pressure increases temperature of energy
by compression
like c;lapping your hands together
and when the temperature reached a cusp
an explosion occurred
and the universe was born

what cusp?
waves of energy can combine together over and over as they have no mass
the Higgs field is neutral and massless

zero point energy has a temperature differential in order to exist
why later, but now
lets say the pressure of compression built up so the energy waves were compressed to the cusp point
where they could NOT be compressed further.
try taking a bit of cushion foam and compressing it
it can only get so small and no smaller.
there is a relationship between the temperature
the compression pressure
and the energy sum.

easy to work out.

some say that there was negative gravity
that would have to be a flipped
because gravity attracts
and does not repulse.
and anyway
gravity is a magnetic action at the quantum level.
although it proves that spacetime is bent or curved.

if its a plate then the event would be different to the plate making it.

for my idea to work
its better to think of the big bang as a process that made an event.

being rather than doing, as it were.

so that te temperature was measurably high
and no more
that would put a finite corner on the box.
all that energy interaction would at least
produce heat from quantum friction of waves interacting.
so when the temperature got so high
something had to give
and this universe was injected into a void
that could not and did not exist before the injection.
the void is the balance of the event process.

what is the void?
the area of zero existence before the big bang
beyond the visible universe today and for as long as we are.

and the Romans didnt have a zero...

i think that because the event used finite sums
the time of ho
must also be finite
and how can the future be knowable?

the future is just potential energy
part of the balance of the original event equation.
your dark energy.

i think the universe is a lot more simple than some imagine
and these people
use maths to join together their ideas to explain only a few connections
that they understand
so it looks complex.

you have to speculate that sub atomic particle physics
is rich with ideas and learning
it seems to me that the big bang
took all this for granted
as a process of an event
it was very simple
and still is today.

time as ho, an energy unaffected by electromagnetism
can be understood
and then
we can break this Tudor illusion
and get on with instant travel
and ascending our consciousness
into another energy
not electromagnetic
but neutral.



Re: Illusion

I like to say Ha sometimes.
its a break.
or a brake.
or a rake.



i dispute the illusion of fact
and replace it with fiction.
lust to see what happens...


you are in a place that only exists in your perception.
how do you relate with any semblance of meaning?

i am so fed up with perception
its meaningless
there is only

and people break those quicker than braking their car at any red shifting light.

so whats the point?,

thats the last joke.
its pointless.

turn around bright eyes
you want it painted black.

no one wants the light
they all want the lovely warm and cuddles dark to live inside.
light is too hard.

its too long
too far away
too precious the ring ring
to answer a freaking phone
before its fire time.

one man set out to apprehend fate
(the super police man.)
not his
just fate as is.

he was so surprised
when it turned out
after all
to be his.

burn burn burning
come on babe light my fire.
this is the end
my only friend the end.

a body made from water and carbon
a few gramms of charcoal
and thats the whizz.

burn burn burning
down here
try and petition truth with prayer
down here
there is nothing
and nothing
down here
cosmic fizz

they tried their 6 friends
how who what why where and when
but they never turned up
so they tried illusion
and chance
and they didnt even bother to answer
they try and try
to make some sense
its all nonsense
just judgement without trial
no contract
no due process
it never is

no egg men here

he was the walrus


Re: Illusion


you are in a place that only exists in your perception.
how do you relate with any semblance of meaning?

okay, i went there. It's dark anyway but... smelled a lot like innerpol secretions so...

5 senses. a mind and an imagination... all on a holographic etheric dream screen.
Therefore we can only apprehend the measurable facts via the senses of touch and sight to verify truth in the world around us?

flat earth. i'll be needing to smell and taste the roundness or flatness of the earth before i give in either way.

In an atomistic view of the universe i believe perception, awareness, consciousness, as we know and experience it... would be impossible.

I'm still leaning towards light being 'a perturbation in the ether', the speed of light being not the movement of particles but a 'rate of induction'.

Geez, you never hear talk about the Great Flying Banana either...

cognition keys
Gimli said it best

until you get to that point where everything is pointless most of a persons course in life is a matter of chance and choices. These are not decisions to act. Alot revolves around making the correct reaction to achieve the best possible outcome for their situation and preferences.

realizing the futility, there is nothing to do... but act. Decide. Intention... manifestation.
Kobayashi Maru.

therefore light is a particle... and i'm a flathead on flatland... controlled folly its called, its precise and can undo empires whimsically.
like a bag uh hammers.
i must not being seeing things... there has to be an anvil out there somewhere... moth to flame... i never got the point of that either.

ah well, just another tortoise waiting for the train.

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