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Since I was little I have experienced many different paranormal things. UFOs being one of them. I first saw a glowing block when I was 8 years old. Something told me to go to the window, so I did and there is was , moving silence across the sky. The next was at 2.30 am on the 23rd October 1983. There was an oval shape object that was rumbling and something was spinning once a second on the outer rim, anticlockwise...…

I just except these things now, there has been so many related things happen...its hard to keep up with it all.

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Sounds very interesting you want to write things down and compare what you writen from when you were eight to present I used to see a lot of paranormal things too I think many people have but they chalk it up to there imagination if your interested I tell you anyway when your an infant your pine cone third eye grows to a large size and shrinks back to a pea then grows again in teenage and shrinks again when you reach adult hood your thinking what's that to do ufo well well your third eye or pineal gland see things your normal eyes cannot see also this glands communicates with you whats interesting in yogis it's twice the size of infants as for ufos I never seen one I remember but I strongly think you should write your experiences down

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I'd love to pick your brain, Shekinah.

I saw a UFO when I was around age 14 or so, off of the Ohio turnpike. I was riding in the back seat of a car with my two best friends, Jeremy and Chad. Chad was snoozing, and Jeremy and I were sitting quietly as I gazed out the window and saw a star start to "dance." It zig-zagged over far distances nearly instantly, moving in patterns I doubt any human-made technology could replicate. Jeremy saw it too, but it shot up into the sky and vanished by the time we woke up Chad, so he thought we were fibbing.

Always wanted to see something like that again.
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I remember in the sixties my dad owned and old Ford poplar it's top speed was about 40mph for its age we were comin back from my grandparents on my mother's parents it's about ninety miles from were we live as you can imagine driving down these dark country lanes and the roads were just basic not very wide my younger brother was next to me he was only a baby I had to Wat he did not roll off the back set as there were no such thing as seat belts in those days. My dad suddenly slammed the brakes on and stopped he looked over at me then my mom he got this scared look on his face I could sense is fear that was unusal as my dad was afraid of no man or anybody bigger then himself he said to my mom stay in the car she saud what's the matter he said nothing just stay here wait till I come back it seemed a long time and my mom was getting worried all of a sudden the car door flew open he quickly got into the driving set and drove off as fast as the car would go I could feel the tension in the air my said to my dad what was it he never answered her as if he was in another world we came to an area were there was street lighting and houses I felt the relief lift from my body I often wondered what my dad saw to scare him so much that his mind could not cope with it

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Have you ever thought could be some entity you know what I mean I'll use a young child as reference point what do they do in a big garden run all over the place and say look at me mom or dad it sounds to me it was showing off saying he folks look what I can do
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