Last Kiss, Encapsulated and Eclipsed

It feels like a long time ago i wrote Last Kiss, the raw emotions i wrote it with remain valid and true today. Except that today i discovered something truly beautiful in its own expression, with so much the same raw intensity to be moving. So i said to my self, and not to be pretentious for i am surely eclipsed, why not let both be seen for a moment

I Belong To You

Dec 17 2014

Last Kiss

The moment was particularly poignant for them due to it likely
being the last time they might know eachother as eachother in the
personas they had come to love in such depths. They were together
and that was all that mattered to either of them. 'Devil may care
but I dont' death thought to himself as the prospect of soon being
alone tried to interrupt his will to fully take in the moment
they had both anticipated for so long. Shutting out the visions
of future agony he took her hands in his and looked long into her
eyes, losing himself in her depths before he spoke finally.

"There is more to our love than that we like, trust, and want to
be with eachother always. We are joined on a level others cant
even concieve of. Most people wed and it is a destination, their
jouney hasn't begun it has ended, and they go on in misery
together, for the rest of their lives, waiting, wanting some
winfall to change their lives again, but that doesn't happen often.

Mostly they deny their hearts freedom to live with joy, and all in
some mistaken image of care for the other person when the truth is
that they never had care or love to begin with because it was
not ever showed to them the difference between love and care, and
what love and care are not.

You and I are different, we know, we have known the real love and
care together, with eachother, and in this we have exceeded all
expectations that average normal people aspire to. We have found
the heights and depths and there is still much for us to explore
together. Even the wise and learned are in awe of what we have
discovered, they can barely understand what it is we share."

Death became consciously aware that he was stroking and fondling
Mysterri's fingers with his. He was immediately distracted from
what he was trying to say, being physically close to her had that
affect on him. No matter how important something was, or how
bitterly they may have disagreed previously in a day's events,
one smile, one touch from her and he was captivated all over again.
Every negative feeling melted away instantly, unless she was
actually teaching him a lesson in acceptable behaviour, then like
any good husband he suffered to show how much he cared, and she
would forgive him into loving arms. Always the price of pain was
worth her love and care in his mind. He accepted her fully and
completely, ignoring and dealing with idiosyncracies in their
times and turns, and he knew from experience that there was no
other he could do this for. He actually loved her and her only,
this was the truth in his heart, protected and surrounded by the
cruel vileness that came with his position of power. The two
always at odd, his position and his love for her, forbidden and
final, each.

Mysterri disengaged Death's hands, which gave him a moment of
anxiety, a moment that gave way to bliss when she threw her arms
up around his neck, jumped and wrapped her legs around him,
clinging to him tightly. She buried her face into the nook of his
shoulders and he could tell she too was holding back many emotions.
They enjoyed the warmth and pleasure of embrace for a long moment.

Then, with a slightly emotion crackled voice she said, "no matter
how far apart we are we will always be together forever, not even
dying can separate our hearts, we are joined as one person, one
being, this cannot be changed even by god".

"Yes, I am you, and you are me, when you die i will die also, all
that i do is for you, there is no me, only you, where you are
i am, when you feel i feel you because your feelings are mine, as
mine are yours, we walk this cosmos together for all existence and
through all creations."

Mysterri pulled back and rested her forehead against his, noses
touching, and with lowered eyelids they gazed with the soft gaze
that lovers do when so intimately close.

Their breathing became synchronized, one breathing in while the
other breathed out. Their inner essences began to mingle and
coalesce. As this happened each felt the peace and security many
look for from a god, their's was a much more real and tangible

The exchange taking place between them raised in intensity.
Finally, as if on cue, their lips moved to find eachothers, and
locked in passion. They stayed that way, one long kiss without
break or breath.

And they breathed eachother's breath, eachothers life, eachothers
passion, hopes, dreams, and joy.. until that moment when lack of
oxygen deprives one of bodily consciousness...

Looking down on their crumpled bodies, acutely aware of eachothers
presence, they flew off to explore reality knowing they were ok
no matter what happened to their bodies, as long as they were
together, that was all that was really real to each of them..and
besides it was decreed that Death and Mysterri could not perish

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