In A World Of Kisses

kiss an angel good morning

How do you know when you've been kissed by Angel?
Delta Dawn.

Two Lovers Awaken, look into each other's eyes, and as natural as water flows downhill their lips meet.

There is something about that moment everyone desires, needs, expresses with others.
What is it?
Should we explore?

A soul wakes early in the day to meditate with the sun rise. In that moment there is much beauty, powerful imagery.
Have you ever noticed the chill of dawn, how it caresses the neck and shoulders, then gives way to the warmth of the sun? A part of you is Awakened in the discomfort.
Then later during the heat and labours of the day, you remember those calm cool moments.

Another soul walks along a path in a forest grateful for the surroundings. The passing hands manipulate the foliage without causing harm or stress, showing kindness to all living things. A small bird tentatively flies close then alights on shoulder, momentarily and with a trill, then leads your way through the forest.

Two souls meet and perceive the light and darkness in the other. They each offer light, where otherwise there is darkness, and their darkness receives the light of the other.
Its as natural as the sunshine and rain on a cloudy day,
pouring the truth of one's heart and knowing such love
from word, feel and touch
To awaken in the sun rise of beloved eyes
wanting to, needing to, knowing we have been...

Re: In A World Of Kisses

Toiling on the riverbank. Digging holes, carefully washing the rocks, then separating them by size, it can be messy, dirty, sweaty, the kind of work that makes you breath deeply and often. Plenty of time to wonder,
What's it all for?
The answer comes when i realize how much of this world is an illusion, nothing is permanent, so we make it real as we can then watch everything submerge back into the sands of time.
The answer arrives at the end of the days work, what is never seen unless sought for.

Underneath all the grit and grime, and farther yet there is to go, beneath polished blackness and only by persistent steady hands,
then you see the gold reveal itself to the sun, brilliant, lustrous,
only because you...
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