I once loved someone so much that I actually heard in my thoughts. ‘ would you sell your soul for him’

I said no on the premise I would never see him again if I said yes.

I don’t know who asked the question.

I don’t believe in demons. Maybe it was him.

The truth is always stranger than fiction!

LOve cheeneka x


Very interesting Cheeneka,
I think you answered correctly.
If you sold your soul for him then you wouldn't be you, and would never know him anyway, someone else might interact with him but not your soul because it would be owned/controlled by something/someone else.

I agree, maybe it is. him and...
time for a love story?... I'll lean into one tonight then, the beginning of one, a giant one lol


Life is so short.
There are so many kinds of love.
When I leave this reality, I want to be sure that I spent my time here sending as much love and light as I could.

It is not always possible but I try. 😇
LOve cheeneka x


Years ago a spirit channeled through me. I was visiting a shaman at the time.

She said’ I am a 5000 year old spirit, I am here to learn about love. Karma doesn’t affect me and I will never be here again’

One of the most beautiful moments of my life. The illumination and radiance from her blew my mind. 😇

LOve cheeneka x


I have thought also that spirit is evolving not the human.
There are so many answers, I also think, is I an individual spirit if we are all interconnected.
The answer is crystal clear sometimes and befuddled sometimes.
I am, is not always me the person. I could be anyone or anything.
Logic doesn't always work so instead of going in circles, I figure I know what I am meant to know and trying to find answers to what I don't know is the way to grow. :)

Pure unconditional love, a state of grace, now that is a love :)

LOve cheeneka x


Every chakra activated. Not something any human should experience!

I watch here people trying to activate them. It is a horror!

I guess.......

I don’t know. It is what has to happen.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

LOve cheeneka x
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