Humanity Transition to the New Earth

We are currently living what may be one of the most important events in our history. It is a sort of new renaissance.

A lot of people, perhaps most people, have been wishing for and asking for a change. Tired of the old ways in this world. Tired from injustice.
There have been many promises from people, tribes and cultures... And well, I think we are beginning this trend right now; specially during this year.

Man is an animal of traditions. Since primitive times, humans have developed traditions which helped humanity grow and reach a certain level of evolution. Traditions were based on survival and domination. Domination over nature and domination over other cultures and species. And a few minorities fighting for freedom, but that is another story. Attributes much appreciated back then, when survival was the most important, or one of the most important aspects of humanity.

For a long time, this culture of domination, control and survival seemed to work fine for humans and for the world in general. It got established and accepted. There was growth of course and complex societies and technologies came with it. However, selfishness and corruption have always been present in humanity. Aspects triggered by ignoance, fear and other mental and emotional issues that come with these, present in individuals, resulting in this: a strong drive to survive, control and dominate.

It is no surprise that aside from the social problems from such behavior, ecologic-environmental issues also come with it.
There is growth, technology, cultural and intellectual advance, at a very high cost. So high, that it gets close to threatening our own existence.

How come? Here is what I see:
Our traditions failed to teach us the real worth of life and made us believe that we have the right to abuse it for our own selfish and many times superficial gain. We created whole industries based on exploitation and abuse. Industries which currently rule the world. We just do not get to see it or to experience the pain and the abuse but nature, animals, wildlife and many people do suffer the terrible consequences of our ways. Is this a secret for anyone today? I doubt it. However, it is tradition and we find ways to justify this reality. Reality which keeps us stuck in suffering and which we can shift.

It is understanable that these industries and ways and traditions worked for a long time and that they served their purpose in helping humanity expand. However, at one point, these forms of abuse were no longer necessary and became quite dangerous for the world.

Thanks to our advance, there are ways for us to revert the damage that we have perpetuated against this world. There are ways for us to shift reality here and to create something much better for everyone, including nature and animals.

During these important historical times, there are the freedom fighters, fighting again in many different ways in order to trigger change in our world. From inventors, to vegan animal activists, politicians (very very few), public figures, artists, writers, etc. Their actions are definately leading us in the right direction although there is still much resistance to change and people defending the old ways, which are doomed in the new world which is about to unfold to us.

Although I see most of current humanity as cruel barbaric, I do deeply believe that we are destined to become so much more than this. We are destined to become one super civilization, very important in the Universe, due in part to our numbers. That is of course, if we make it. If we actually make it and survive. This will be the new reality. The birth of a super civilization here on Earth.

In 2019, the year of the truth, the world has to face the fact that we humans have become a very dangerous plague which is seriously destroying the world and its beings. Slowly but steadily and progressively. It is one of those uncomfortable truths that some choose to ignore. This is happening greatly because of our traditions. Our own way of life is based on abuse, suffering and destruction. Consciously and half-unconsciously. Just because we do not experience it directly it does not mean it is not happening and it also does not mean it is not affecting us. Because it is, both physically and enegetically.

Humans grew too much in number. Like to a crazy amount in the number of people. But this is not the main problem. The problem is not so much the amoung of people as it is the traditions of such high number of people. Cultures and traditions so detached from life, love and compassion, that justify extreme levels of suffering and destruction of life for a temporary gain or pleasure. When billions of people walk on Earth justifying and encouraging violence and abuse, that is when humans become a destrucitve plague. When even killing for fun only, or for sport is justified and more people have the option and choose to engage in these activities, then we become a threat. When we destroy other species we break the natural balance ecosystems causing great environmental disasters. If we go too far, these disasters will extinguish most life on Earth, including the great majority of humans.

We cause harm in several ways, not only killing wildlife. Pollution is also a big issue and one which is also directly linked to animal abuse and exploitation. This could become our worst enemy in the near future.

We humans, as well as animals, live, or should live in simbiosis with Earth. Animals are usually in simbiosis with Earth except maybe for the ones under human control and exploitation. Every single species has a role to play in nature, in ecosystems and in the world in order to maintain balance.
When we break this balance with massive killing and even extinction, we cause, or help cause natural disasters. Wildlife and all animals should be protected and allowed to complete their natural life circles. We are witnessing how much humans have altered balance which also results in many other social issues. From health to violence really. There is the link or we can even call it karma.

We can try to cover this and we do, but truth keeps showing up for itself.

In the end it all goes down to this realization: A great part of our culture and traditions are not sustainable for the future of Earth, animals and humans. Even scientists are starting to realize this. With our number of people with all kinds of needs and the evironmental issues we are facing, there is the inminent need for a transition in culture and lifestyle if we want to fix our damage and continue to live in this world. Otherwise we will turn self-destrucitve and probably miss the chance of evolving into the great civilization we are meant to become.

How is this transition happening?

I see three strong pillars working in order to create a new reality here on Earth. There can be more of course.

The first trend is the new animal rights awareness and general ecological awareness based on real current events which we can no longer keep evading or ignoring. This trend is pushing us to appreciate Earth, nature, life both human and animal and our resources. Basically our home. This trend is teaching us how to protect our home and its other beings. To protect Earth and to do our part in the conservation of this world. This is useful if we want to continue to live in it of course and to transform it positively. So this trend is basic and necessary for us to gain consciousness and to raise our vibration and to ensure the continuation of life on Eath. As we end animal abuse we will be directly raising our energy and preparing ourselves physically, mentally and energetically for the new world, which hold of course, new energy levels.

The second trend is technological innovation. Tech innovation is giving us a new level of freedom and awareness. It also improves our lifestyle but most importantly, it is definately helping us and making it possible for us to revert the damage that we have done to the world and to replace all our ways into ethical and environmentally-friendly alternatives. This is also crucial for us since we do not want to sacrifice high quality of living and we do not want to go back to the caves. Environmentalism, animals rights and innovation are directly linked and complement each other in the quest for "saving the world".

The third trend is spiritual consciousness and awareness. This one is directly linked to us raising our vibrations and many times a direct consequence of it. Also linked to both of the trends meantioned. Basically a new spiritual awareness will allow us to build a new world and civilization based on fairness and compassion. This awareness will allow us to take care of the world and to continue its balance in the coming times. This awareness allows us to preserve the effort done and to build a paradise on Earth and a super civilization for humans based on freedom, love, compassion, responsibility, happiness, respect and connection. A super civilization built on a new level of energy and awareness. This will leave the old world with its old ways behind and will be the pioneer of a new level of evolution and the beginning of an intelligent and powerful civilization in the Universe.

I believe this is where we are going and these trends are having more visible effects now. It is exciting to watch and to contribute to it. Of course I cannot be 100% sure that this is what the future will be like. But this is just what I observe, perceive and believe.

The challenge is a great one. How can billions of people evolve from a consciousness of extreme ego and selfishness into one of love, connection and compassion?

A lot of people have gone, are going or will go through several humbling experiences during these times in order to prepare them for the new energy and the new consciousness.
However, animals also have an important role in here. They are helping us become aware by showing us something... They are teaching us that we are not so different and that there is love. They suffer for us until the day we become aware of who we are and what we do. Other people can not teach us the value of another life which is different but which at the same time shares our same essence.

I thank those who fight for freedom and justice with their Soul. Will probably be remembered as the pioneers of the new era.

Re: Humanity Transition to the New Earth

I appreciate you sharing your vision for the future, I like the way you've written it, so many ideas and meaning finely interwoven i have to read it more than once.

It's 3am and the coyotes begin to howl, full moon too.
I have much the same vision and my experiences tell me you are correct.

It seems to me the animals know when we are in healthy relationship with them. They definitely know when another animal is out of sync with the environment.
I see a lot of holes in a network of life that are the result of our own behaviours and traditions. Some things are getting better, but then so much good is undone when a few can make broad stroke decisions that benefit our comfortable system of living while not considering the long term effects.

When i was raising and selling heritage breed animals a friend made up a promotional image for me, it said underneath, Preserving The Past To Preserve The Future.
It meant even more when i ate a jar of 40 year old honey preserved by a relative, they were wild bees and the plants they made that honey from are less common, weeds they say.

We as humans can plan and create, the world under our care depends on us making decisions for its best interests.
I think we can make it there. It wont be easy for sure, i see a few pitfalls and stumbling blocks on the way. Things like taking a wrong turn with recycling and ending up with even more pollution, or investing our resources into the wrong tech that limits our ability to succeed on time. I say on time because the universe at large will eventually not respect out planetary goldilocks zone and we need to be able to mediate or mitigate our survival under those conditions too.

I believe we will become a spacefaring species eventually, but first we have to learn to communicate fairly with the creatures around us before we can begin to deal with what will be encountered in the universe out there.

Re: Humanity Transition to the New Earth

I do believe that the right solutions for the problems of the world are coming out.
There seems to be solutions for everything; or potential solutions.
However, the transition must be made or rather, completed.
It is expected that some findamental changes in our lifestyle must happen.
I do believe that what is coming is much better than what we have learned from our past traditions.
I believe in change and see it happening every day; gives me hope in humanity.
I just hope animals and nature resist this transition and that we get to see a new world.

Even though it hurts to see such ignorance, cruelty and destruction, I see some people raising their consciousness and evolving.
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