Why indigo children cringe daily with life?

Is it inaccurate to say that as an indigo child I am so set apart from the individuals around me that many of their actions make me cringe? I understand that many individuals are broken, and either I am interested in them or thrown of by them. It’s so horrible to see the decisions that people make for the interest of their own selfish concern. It hurts to view the world in its state. I’ve bought some glasses, in which I wear to work and in public, to purposely blur my sight, and to clear my mind.

Re: Why indigo children cringe daily with life?

We live in a sick society. It is healthy to be able to see things even if they are uncomfortable to witness.

I cringe when I see murder and abuse as acceptable aspects of current human lifestyle. I cringe when I perceive a society acting selfishly and living in denial while the planet and its innocent creatures do suffer the consequences. This level of selfishness and lack of empathy make me cringe.

This happens when one is an empath who feels and who cannot simply ignore and/or live in denial.
Sometimes we see painful things.

In my case what keeps me floating is the vision after the tunnel... Knowing that we are living a transition, we are evolving and that the future holds a different reality.
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