How many times? (two views)

At lunch today I stood outside on my back deck, feeling the presence of another.

I saw a vision of myself packing my lunch a few months ago, through my own eyes.

A monarch butterfly flew past as if to say hello. The wind rustled leaves as I stared at the big maple tree out back. Its top covered with the orange & red hues of autumn.

How many times have you looked though my eyes?
How many times have you sat with me at work?
How many times have you helped me let out the dog?
How many times have you pushed me to wash my hands to feel the pressure there?
How many times have you gone shopping with me & as I looked at things, you talked to me & I didn't know?
How many times?

How many times have you tried & I wouldn't listen?
How many times have you walked with me, seeing my decks & to hear the footfalls as I step?
How many times have you tried to help me choose an outfit for work, only to have me disapprove?
How many times have you touched my hand or walked beside me?
How many times?

How many times have you listened as my front door creaked closed?
How many times have you reached for a light switch?
How many times have you sat & listened as I tried to make sense of my life?
How many times have you tried & I thought you didn't see me?
How many times?

Re: How many times? (two views)

Could be...

There were actually 4 butterflies. 2 monarch, the other fluttered along the grass, a yellow one, & a white one.

After I wrote this I saw myself in spirit. I was surrounded by people & could hear what they were saying. It was as if my spirit was you say, at a place where I've been before, with people that knew me & of me. That reminds me...storefront that still up? It shouldn't be, I'm not a mannequin or a stop & save.

I see it as, people, or their energy on top of another or influencing another. As if I stepped into your soul with you. I feel like others have been doing that, and some are sick of seeing the inside of my house & my daily life without the interaction in the external. I could be wrong, it could just be one twisted individual trying to cop a feel.

Re: How many times? (two views)

The animals picked up the behaviour from our pets and livestock, leading me to where they wanted their feed, like it was some honour for them, only certain ones assumed the privilege.
Then the wild birds started to do this, but not for feed, just to do so. Then this year I noticed insects and even an amphibian mimicked the behaviour.

I recently had the experience of someone's presence as if they had stepped into my soul and I could see them spiritually through both my own eyes and their's. However, I did welcome this person's presence and the experience was not of a lurid nature, it was one of trust and acceptance of the other.

Its a complex topic to discuss, thank you for sharing your experiences Unique. I'll pray for the soul of the man who offends you as you said, I'm confident he will see the error of his ways when the hand of god is upon him.
Awaken, Arise to become All that is true and good within you. Time is yours and it is Now. ;)
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