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Have you ever considered taking all the information from this forum, all the opinions and viewpoints, consolidating them into catgories of common interest? There are so many topics discussed in depth here, and so many links to information sources i believe this site could be used to better ends than just a place for the curiosity of the disillusioned masses to find another illusion of hope to make meaningful connection in the journey of life.

I think it would make a great group project to put some wonderful minds to work with a productive common purpose. That is: to assemble this body of knowledge called under the label indigo, Society and Otherwise, into a comprehensive encyclopedia of what we all know and experience about the subjects leading us to identify with the label Indigo,

For example, looking back to the first years the site was operating, i see information and unique opinions both repeated and lost in the shuffle of repititions. It woulld be useful in my opinion if one could easily search for credible, enlightneing, informative viewpoints without having to wade through the entire body of every thread which repeats information or distracts one away from pertinent, or unique, information
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