its gone

hi, i dont know if this is the correct area for this
but some of my stuff is missing
i made a  little thread about music that i had heard

and also in the personal diaries/blog area
my thread is missing too
also a bunch of my pm's are gone

i assume it happened when the site went down a bit ago
did this happened to anyone else ?

Re: its gone

ok well thank you blue

i can jot a little something
i basically make those types of threads as a map, of what i have heard
and what is to come
when i re read them, sometimes i see things i missed before
no one is perfect :)

i have that ona diff site, i was just hoping to something like that similar on this site

Re: its gone

Lol! If you guys knew the mess it was to migrate the site... The few posts and threads that are missing were lost because of the hard migration haha :D
Dont worry eGod, we dont have a complot against you
We are very sorry about it though, but it was kind of out of our control. We are humans and did our best :)

Re: its gone

Lol yeah I saw the thread you are talking about Cheneeka. You dont remember where you posted it?
We will have to do something about it soon I guess, to make the forum easier to navigate and understand lol
I was also looking for some threads that I had seen before but now God knows where they are hehe :D

Re: its gone

I'm not sure it's the problem here, but need to see there only the 10 last thread in the recent topics things, and not all forums are set to appear in active topics, or search engine, but cheneka told me about a thread to, but to me it's still there idk :) But the whole thing of category and all need to be reviewed anyway, but to me those thread are still there ? :)

Re: its gone

Hopefully this is not a currently happening thing, now that the site and so forth are on a stable spot there should be no cause for things to go missing. If this does occur I would like to know asap please, feel free to pm me.

Re: its gone

I just realised I posted the prayers/healing/ candles under crystals and stones! doh :)

I thought I was posting it under sacred energy..........could someone fix this for me please.

Thank you

I know.......ditzzy.:)

Love cheeneka x
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