Re: An Egyptian Woman Reveals islam's Plan -- Wake Up

Well thanks for providing the link Drakke1san....That post is a have experienced that in the past as well.

However I would give this more credence if she was not using a pen you know her personally?

An Egyptian woman under the pen name Magda Borham

She clarifies what few Americans understand: Islam is not a religion. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology that rejects the basic principles of freedom and liberty protected by the U.S. Constitution. In fact, Islam is the clearest and most present danger to America's existence.

I would say the same of the holy see.

And perhaps if the west did in fact quit bombing the fuck out of these countries and people would wake the fuck up and look in the mirror we would not have these refugees.
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Re: An Egyptian Woman Reveals islam's Plan -- Wake Up

For me the worst with this stuff is it completely deflect from all the real issues that are going on to blame everything on islam, it's really something since the 9/11 with the usa, before this they were not speaking of islam like this. Even in france where normally we are not much on usa, when sarkozy came in power, same drum up, same stuff, with the riot all about islam, everything is all about islam and radical jihadism once something happen.

Re: An Egyptian Woman Reveals islam's Plan -- Wake Up

For me i specially saw a big semantic turn of talking about the problem in suburb as social problem, or problem with colonies, in the 2000's it turned all about radical islam, maybe ok there is slightly islamisation on the surface and some muslim identity growing up to, but how they dealt with the whole issue at this time, the same people who were targeted before by security/crime speech who had nothing islamic at all, now it become all a terrorist issue about radical islam, and the distinction is getting more & more blurred in the media vocabulary. And national front & all they make all they can to obfuscate even more the issue.

Re: An Egyptian Woman Reveals islam's Plan -- Wake Up

My sister got a book at her works, it looks nice , it's called bands, criminal drift & terrorisme :) ... errorisme/

[justify][font=Arial]Firing Kalashnikovs, assassinations "barbecue", "jambisations" the proliferation of bloody settling in sensitive cities illustrates the financial issues of drug trafficking and the shadow economy. This violence is exacerbated and unmarked fertile ground for the development of territorialized violent gangs. From war buttons to gang warfare, a criminal elevator will lead some young offenders in the heart of a "neo-banditry" of cities. The threat is endogenous, and strategic. It now doubles as a fanatic drift pretext for the emergence of a "neo-terrorism."[/font][/justify]

[justify][font=Arial]What is a street gang? How does it work? Why such violence, leading to the restoration of the death penalty as a private person? Where do these new forms of crime and terrorism in the heart of our societies? How to deal ? The approach is educational: it aims to give the offending player keys cities both professionals and novices. It offers a first classification of gangs, and a police officer look at the "real criminal". Appoint, diagnose, detect, acting ex ante, that is the frame of a work that also intends to pay tribute to actors - police, magistrates, teachers, associations - who work every day in these territories of the Republic.[/font][/justify]

I have to read it, but there is a whole mix of thing of identity group, and issues already with occident that are linked to colonies & history , and due to discrimination, and all the problems, also being still often drifting toward more and more criminality, either for money, or for mixed with ideological purpose of anti government, anti police, and it all get mixed up under the thing of islam, and then mixed with daesh, palestine, etc
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