Just some ideas:

Solar Powered Singing Bowl Keyboard:
Two Layers of a piano bed keyboard one upper, one lower like on old organs.
You put all crystals bowls on the back of it with solar powered hammers that strike each note corresponding to the note/chakra of the singing bowl on the piano keyboard.
One layer of the keyboard only makes tapping sound of the bowls like they are being struck fast.
The other layer has solar powered mallets and as long as you press down one key or a chord the mallets rotate around the bowls.
Having such a awesome sounding instrument outside in the sun where you can play infinity chords and tapping sound melodies from the singing bowls would have an really uplifting meditative and healing effect. All that is missing is a piano player in the style of Debussy. ;)

While we are on the topic of solar powered stuff one can hope that when the powers that be lose more of their power there will be huge solar powered slow juicers all around towns where people for free can gather and throw in tons of fruit and vegetables and drink fresh organic juice. Better for us and animals than the current trend of having a BBQ ;)

Also gigantic solar powered Aromatherapy oil diffusers everywhere creating clouds in different geometric shapes corresponding to the ethers NOW THAT would really clean up chemtrails and all that other nasty stuff for real. Who can make it happen? :)

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