Nature Phenomenon

I am writing these words here because i have witnessed something interesting by my time close in nature, and i cannot explain it for myself.
I am having some clues, but if there are some souls or at least one out there who really knows about these things, she/he could give me clear insight.
The thing is that:
Mostly at night, but also at daytime, i have witnessed a phenomenon of long leaves, kind of grasses, spinning too fast in circles. Only one mostly, while the others around are either calm or moving from the left to the right, by some wind.
The tip is literally drawing circles into the sky, always upwards.
And only a few seconds after i have become aware of them, they just stop that movement, grin. And it is taking at least a couple of minutes without me staring at them and without my attention for moving again.
It is funny, and i do like phenomenons like that, especially if it has something to do with nature and all natural things.
But i am not receiving a clear answer of what is causing it, even though having some ideas.
That has made me wonder if someone knows what is happening there.
Nature is great by the way.
A Frispy Crisbee

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