Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hi everyone

The reason I said "The One" is cause there are so many terms like Soulmate, Romantic Soulmate, Twin Soul, Twin Flame... The term doesn't matter, but the essence does. And the essence is romantic love.
So, has anyone met their "The One" first in the astral plane/in dreams before meeting them in a physical body?
Is there anyone who has a feeling (maybe their entire life) that there's someone special for them and carry that feeling within, like a big part of them is missing?
The question is also related to personal experience. Thank you.


Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Well, i do believe that we afe already knowing each close soul that is about to appear in our life.
I cannot tell you that i have conscious memories of meeting a special person in dreamstate first, but i think that we are specially connected to our companion souls all the time.
To the part of knowing that there is someone special...
I think almost all people are looking or expecting to find their perfect match, lets call them...well, choose one of these new fashion terms yourself, grin.
The thing is that for attracting and finally meeting that or such a special person, there has to be a certain degree of self development and maturity.
Also you must have already learned to accept yourself with how you are, and at least being in the progress of being able to love yourself.
Only then you will be ready for the next step.
Also, these encounters are not just as people believe, totally romantic and so on.
In the end, it is all about progressing, means to grow by experiences and by taking on challenges in life.
Such close souls you will meet if you are ready for big changes and big growth, because that is what is about to happen, when getting in touch with them.

Best Greetings
Griolet and Ween

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hi Shaj

Thank you for your time and your comment, I appreciate it.
And that's a very good explanation from someone's perspective.

Instead of just asking the question, maybe I should also describe one of my experiences. Maybe it helps someone in some way.
So, once I wrote a letter to Him and put it under the pillow, I thought of a possibility to get some kind of an answer or communication from Him on an astral plane/in dreams. That's how I slept. After several days someone's presence in the room woke me up. It was dark so I didn't see how the "entity" looked like, but I sensed he was a person, male and youngish. He was sitting beside my bed with his hands on the bed and watching me while I was sleeping. For the very first second I got scared, but then my inner voice/feeling told me it's Him. I automatically raised my head, kissed Him on his cheek, and went back to sleep.

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hello again.
That sounded like a cute happening.
The thing is, that the way to your soulmate or twinflame, whatever he is, leads through yourself.
On a soul level, you are already connected, but the meeting will happen at the right time.
It is about being, becoming ready for seeing him.
You cannot force it to happen, but it is helpful to already manifest this desire though.
What you need to do is to work on yourself as best as you can, on your self love and personality, and being open to the situations that life is putting you into.
Often these persons come into our lifes when we are expecting it the least.
That is also why it is best not to focus too strong into making it happen in the phyiscal world, but to work on your inner side, because when YOU are ready, you will attract him, actually you both will.
But i am already repeating myself, grin.
Just trust into the divine timing or fate, and continue with working on becoming ready.

Griolet and Ween

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hi Shaj

Well, I'll just say I agree with everything you said.
Your purpose is your own self-discovery/spiritual growth/soul development through life lessons as experiences. So, yeah, everything happens when the time is right. In case of a soulmate, when your frequencies align.
Everything, not just the path to soulmate, happens through yourself (as you've stated).
Everything you do is your vibrational signature, so as I always say, let that signature be of the best version of yourself at that very moment.

Anyway, don't have much to say cause you said it :-)

Thank you

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hello fully agree with Shaj's advice. Easier said then done. Took me awhile to let go.

 There was somebody and more than one somebody that was with me ever since I was 18. And I always wondered how much truth is there to this since I couldn't prove it.  And one day when I was at work this lady walks by my desk and says I am in you. There was a some mental telepathy and when i started to doubt it she looks up from her desk and says it's true it's true it's true from her desk which is about 10 feet away. We spent a lot of time together over that year-and-a-half half or 2  years and I really would have asked a lot more questions now than I did then.

. We were very close.
She was married and so was I. I had  her and her hubby to our house  for dinner.   Hey Nancy look what I brought home. Yeah that didn't work out too good.
There was some other weird stuff and I don't know how much was true and I don't think I really need to know.
She told me about indigo's way back in 1987.  I don't think the word was even out then.
Anyways I let it go. It took me awhile I still wonder if I did the right thing. I did mostly let it go. Sometimes in the dead of night i may reach out and brush the soul that i believe is part fof my soul group.  No longer a need to have or own just to reach out and touch somone like the hallmark thing. That seems a bit too much. The law of space and all that. Need to be carefull about that.+×

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hello Seeker Tim.
The site erased my words when wanting to send it, nasty.
I was saying that i do remember your lifestory with the deskwoman well.
I have also been wondering what would have been the right decision in that your case.
It is tricky, you both were committed to others, even with only one it is tough.
Then there is the question of if it is right and justified to just give up on your present partner for starting a new relationship and maybe whole life with that close soul.
In general i do believe that trusting into our intuition, our inner voice, is the best advice that we can get. But then, if it comes to cases regarding or including close souls, sometimes there is no clear answer, not even by our intuition. At least that's how i am often feeling, and i am actually great in finding solutions, grin. But sometimes it is really challenging for me, but that's great because it cannot be easy anyways, challenges are a great thing to me.
I hope that that close soul of yours is doing fine with her life SeekerTim.

And nicely expressed, LadyBelle.
Best Greetings to both of you.
Griolet and Ween

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hi SeekerTim

Thanks for sharing your experience.
I can understand what kind of situation you were in and whatever I say now cannot be compared with what I would have really done in your shoes.
When things get complicated and there are lots of solutions...voices, the mind, the heart, other people... I would choose to give advantage to intuition cause I see it as a guide of our souls. But again, I will never claim that 100% cause you never know what life brings and in general I believe everything is possible.
As it goes for your decision, how did it feel? Like you're going against yourself or like you're doing what you're supposed to do? Maybe that was the best decision at that time and you acted the way it was supposed to be, but that's something you know better.
In the end, everything is a journey and happens for a reason. I hope you're doing fine.

And, tnx Shaj, back at you :-)

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hello Shaj and Ladybelle

Of course I recall you Shaj and good to see/read you again. I had a greeting in my post but during editing the site also zapped my words from the post. And then the edit option on the bottom went away.

How did it feel? ???? ................Lots of things. I was doing what I was supposed to do and to do anything else would have created other problems. We also had a young child at the time. I thought we could all be friends but that did not work out. Guess i was being Niaeve. I probally spelled that wrong. At 18 I had the WORDS (or voices) in the head and wondered how much was true and where they came from. Not knowing was the worst part. I wanted some proof that what I was experiencing was not all delusion not all in my head. I prefer the term "words" to voices (as commonly called) cause I knew the words where just in my head and did not seem like it came from the room. At the center was "the one" untill after the experience "The One" came to mean more then just one, but the one of many. No way did that happen overnight. The lady came from Maine. A place called Haven. Ok, now I am kidding, that was a good TV show if you saw it. But she did come from Maine

I am still with my dear wife who has always been My best friend

Living in the head can be a delusion if the imagination or tricker spirits play mind games that can seem quite real. Partially real can make this even harder. When the thoughts go in circles leading no where then that is a problem. It can be hard to focus on the now when this happens or to draw a definitive line of Truth. Maybe asking for a line of Truth is unrealistic as it usually a boundary or mesh not some guardrail or fence. It is important to stay grounded.

Be well

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hey SeekerTim

You know, I can relate to some things you said you went through. As far as I know, I have had this feeling like there's someone out there, a part of me missing and at the same time I feel Him in me. With years it's getting stronger. Except this mentioned experience there were some dreams, too. The worst part, like you said, is not knowing. You cannot reach something that's so near you and you want to scream. You come to the point you start to question yourself, your mind. But the feeling is strong, real, alive.

And if there is a, let's say, romantic soulmate, it doesn't mean you are destined to be romantically involved in this life time...depending on life lessons and experiences you have to go through in order for your soul to develop. So, it can be you are just passing each other this time.

And you're right and what you say sounds grounded. When you get a taste of that world once, it's hard to focus only on this realm. A person has to be careful and not lose themselves. Thank you.

Be well, too.

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body


It is in unison with the violet flame that you meet the twin fame. At least that is my experience. It is unconditional love and when it happens you are transformed from one dimensional being to a multidimensional spirit.

Divinity flows through you and you are aware of the connection to all things. When your twin flame communicated with you. You illuminate with love and can feel your heart glowing with love. A state of grace. Beatification. Pure love.

You communicate with thoughts. Yet it is hard to tell whether you are speaking to him or he is speaking to you. Oneness!

Not for the faint hearted😇


Love Tawmeeleus x

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hello my old friend. We are together here searching for answers for a long time. We both know the answers are within. Yet it helps to discuss.

Love is infinite. We are never separated from love. That is the illusion of self and being an individual.

I too have struggled knowing i did not have this experience alone on this world. He is still living. Yet i comfort myself knowing that i had the experience of pure love.

These days i have learned to leave it in the hands of spirit.

We get what we need, not always what we want.

If there comes a time we are both ready to be spirits and not humans then we will be oneness. Pure love. Pure spirit as humans.


Love Tawmeeleus x

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hi Tawmeeleus

Thank you for these beautiful words. What you wrote sounds like a poem :-)

Yes, it's a beautiful experience and I'm glad you got the taste of a pure love. A blessing.
If I would have been presented with a choice: to know for sure he exists but never see him or not knowing about his existence at all, then I would choose the first one. Not only as a comfort but because we are connected way beyond this realm and I would know where to reach out for him. So many lives, no beginning and no end. Love is the only and universal truth.

I love this one: "Yet it is hard to tell whether you are speaking to him or he is speaking to you. Oneness!" Explanation for the confusion.

Wish you all the best on this life time journey!

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

There are so many kinds of love. Love is an energy all of it's own. What we think we feel in this world as love is just one percent of what is possible.

We cannot bend love to our will. We cannot buy love. Iť is what we all aspire to because it is what we all come from.

I had to go to the abyss in order to understand love. Give up ego and being an individual energy. Everyone wants love. Yet you will find it comes with a price. Your self and your individuality.

There is no autonomy as love there is omnipresence, thoughts and no time.

Is it worth it?

Love Tawmeeleus x

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body


This is an interesting topic to me and I have been wondering about this subject for a while.
My knowledge on this subject is rather limited. I still do not know if there is such thing as a twinflame. I am not against this idea at all, but so far I just dont know enough.
I think that the people that we attract and that we closely interact with are a reflexion of ourselves. Both my good and my bad relatioships are the reflection of the love that I feel for myself but also the lack of acceptance that I feel for myself in some aspects. Sometimes things, people and circumstances are beautiful and amazing. Sometimes they are dramatic and hurtful. But I believe that in most cases if not all, my relationships are showing me aspects of my consciousness. They help me get to know myself better.

The thing is, I am not a stagnant being. We evolve and we change with time or with circumstances. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago; neither I am the same person I will be tomorrow. So, if I am constantly changing and evolving, I wonder what happens with my reflections? With the people who are connected to me as certain points in my life.
People change. And with those changes also change circumstances. I think only a real deep love can overcome such changes and circumstances; beat the odds and continue. But even then, what would happen in 20 or 30 years? Would it be the same love? The same person? Same lessons? Hmmm

I do believe that we have several soulmates and that we meet again in different lives. These are closer souls, souls we can more easily and profoundly connect with and souls who can understand us better as they are in a way, our reflections.

I believe in love, I believe in soulmates and in connection. If there is a single specific "one" for each of us; I do not know yet. To me, I take what life is bringing to me and what feels good and right without thinking if this will be a love forever, or for the rest of my life. Why spoiling the present moment worrying about what may happen in the future with someone? If we have the love right here and right now, to be lived and experienced in the present moment.

Life can bring people together or it can get them apart. If we love ourselves and are open to loving others, then love will find us no matter what. This is what I believe right now but as I said, my experience with this is rather limited .

Anyway, I did dream about a person I didnt know. Several times I had a dream about me being with this person. I didnt know who he was but I knew someone special would come to my life in the near future. It happened.

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hi Red Violet 3

I agree with you that our partners are the reflections of ourselves.
We attract what we are.
We experience certain people and situations in order to learn certain lessons, which are important for our soul development.
We meet certain people because they have something to teach us.
Certain people come into our lives because we have something to teach them.

I don't like sticking by rules, because I believe everything is possible. Even more so, cause we don't know so many things. That's why I leave all the possible options open, but yeah, there are options which I would rather to be true. For example, I'm a true love forever person so I would love to know for sure that The One is a fact.

All the things you mentioned about us changing with time and therefore wanting and attracting different people. There's logic in that. I also thought about it.
Buut, you said something: "I think only a real deep love can overcome such changes and circumstances; beat the odds and continue."
We change, work on ourselves and learn in this realm how to love ourselves unconditionally, how to accept ourselves, we treat others how we treat ourselves.
Outside this realm there is already our Higher Self which loves itself unconditionally, so, in all the universe mysteries, it's possible there's also The One who matches our frequency perfectly. That's above everything, even above these changes on Earth plane, because in Higher Realm we already are there where we are trying to get here on Earth.
If The One is here and we are successful in mastering this life time lessons, then it's possible we meet each other in this realm as well.

Glad to hear about the special person from your dream appearing in your reality :-)
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