The chemistry of Winston Churchill's underwear.

he did wear underwear, yes? and it must have got a bit mingy from time to time yes?
he did drink a lot so he probably felt free while he was sleeping...
i think it is absolutely appalling
that we are required to eat and drink. its a complete nonsense.
Look at Gandhi. He did very well for what was it- two years he didnt eat or drink anything at all. or was it two months.
anyway, he got shot
which is also chemical. and biological.
maybe if he stopped eating for longer he would not have bothered to put himself in the way of that bullet.
or if he felt a bit tummy achy he would have stayed home that day and had some natural yogurt.
so what is wrong with not eating?
food is well known to be overrated and bad for you one the whole.
its the chemicals...
cows eat grass. trees live off sunshine. frogs get eaten by birds. no. wait a minute. thats biological not chemical.
so why is it then people have to eat this rubbish stuff called food? its just insane.
we dont need it. its bad for us. it was invented 5000 years ago because some group had nothing better to do than ride a unicorn up to the clouds and back as it was a
nice evening. but they forgot to write it all down as they had no written language and communicated in dances with wolves.
some nights of course, the wolf would be double booked and also busy vetting starlets on his Hollywood casting couch, so there was mostly a queue for that and the toilets.
much better to stick a crushed enchilada up each nostril and then marvel at why you have the sudden urge to cut off your nose in spite of what you are facing.
that will take your mind off the chemistry of food for quite a while.
27 foot snake inside you. madness. madness. all these twisted up bowels and bits and glands and skin . who needs skin anyway? its good for handbags thats all.
ask any respectable crocodile.
a new mobile phone stuck in there where all the stuff was will do just as well for 7 days battery life, and you can get one of those kinetic chargers that recharge the battery while you beat up your neighbours with a length of garden hose and post the video on you tube.
anyway about Churchill's pants being a bit ballistic from time to time...fruity, gamey, dribbley, gooey...mmm nice.
yes enough too biological for me.
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