Winston Churchill.

During his formative school years tied to his bed at Eton, Winston grew to be quite good at the Leamington Spa tradition of dual sound farting. Based loosely on the Tantric traditions of the East Molesly bean counters, where deep throat dual tonal chanting was encouraged and practiced for the entire period of every public audit, in order to save on tobacco and paper, there were competitive streams that annually took place in Yeoville Green between the cricket and Yardy festivals.
It came after several successful years, that Winston accomplished farting fluently in English, French and Bohemian; and quite often, at the same time and in unison.
He was offered a permanent post as consultant fartologist to the Rideswell Marsh Fire Brigade, but refused due to a build up of many influential pressures.
in 1937 and a half, the Interdoubter Weaving Substitutions were held In Saltzberg for the last time before the war, and Winston won a Green Rosette for his oddly chosen Yiddish but well voiced rendition of 'Come all ye faithful' with beat box and quantum strings.
At the age of 42, Winston developed his technique to be able to fart in triplicate remotely, and often scared the nuns as they ran from St Lutyens monastery late at night from a distance of 7.2 miles, where he got a clear line of sight downwind from his parked Bentley and spare geranium on Winchmore Hill.
This led Winston developing his interest in this facet with some eager attention, and then on to a chemical breakthrough adapted by the scientist Dribblings, who was the forerunner of Tibble, Dibble, Dobble, During and Turing, whereby large volumes of multiple harmonically gesticulated farts were parsed and vexed in code for summer school antithesis.
Of course, in 1952 the first Multiparcal Fart Wonger ( Design Code Number/ 46) was shown at the under 14 World Chess Championships in Kholn, and was an instant success with bed wetters, launching the well known and omnipresent brand we all know today as simply, 'Shite'.
Winston was very proud, and blew a red hand ink copy on the cover of his new book, 'THRRRReeewwwT', which to the amazement of his peers, contained words and they even had letters in some of them.

His accomplishments with dual bi- tonal farting are forever remembered downwind of his monument in Parkside, Liverpool, next to the 23 foot bronze pizza with anchovies, where the design has been specially created to offer a rendition of 'Do Ray Me' by Mary Poppins as the East wind howls through the tuned perspex mozzarella.
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