Explanation of God Consciousness

Some are skeptic of the existence of God. Different people have different ideas of the meaning of the word God. It is all respectable and we all have the freedom to decide what to believe in.

In want to share and to explain my own view on God. This does not mean it has to be true. It is just what I see and perceive and why... Feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong or share your view or anything you want to add.

So, we exist, are alive and are conscious beings. Animals as well and also plants.
But as humans, we are alive, conscious and energetic beings capable of connecting with each other in different ways. We have our physical bodies but our consciousness expands the physical body into a plane of energy, where physical limits and boudaries do not exist.

At some point, all energy and consciousness of all humans and living beings melt into a web of consciousness. At some point we are connected in energy and consciousness.

The union of all consciousness could not be contained inside a body... Not even inside a planet... The Universe could contain such consciousness as it would be the direct physical expression of it.

Universal Consciousness, an entity we are all fractals of... The union of all minds and souls into One... The eternal knowledge of all that is throighout timelines and dimensions. The Whole Awareness.

Denying this would be like denying our own existence and awareness. It would be denying our connection to anything and denying the existence of something higher, some wisdom and knowledge beyond us.

If God Awareness is the knowledge of all that there is accross all different worlds, dimensions, timelines and beings, would this not turn into the purest and highest form of love? This level of awareness and connection would not turn to hate or fear. Hate or fear or other forms of "shadows" would be the result from the lack of this awareness, and that is ok... Part of the evolutionary game.

We as souls are going through a game of evolution. This will lead us towards love as we expand ourselves. One does not evolve into hatred and fear, as those are not expanding but limiting. It is ok to carry shadows as we are living a process but in some way, we are walking towards evolution and expansion.

I believe this journey of evolution and expansion will lead us to finding our inner connection to God or "wholeness". I also believe it will lead us to realize we are God as there is no real division, specially not on this level of Awareness.

Now if we have an intelligence/consciousness and a Soul and there is creation with tons of different worlds, beings and realities, makes sense that the origin of this physical expression contains and is made of the same which It is expressing: (spirit, energy, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, etc). This would mean that Universal Consciousness is a Whole Conscious Spirit, which would at the same time be the highest vibrational / loving energy and the Source of all knowledge, wisdom and creation... This would be our Source, very deep inside of our awareness...

This web of consciousness is present everywhere all the time; it is possible to perceive with an open Eye and mind. There seems to be a deep and direct link to it with our Soul. It is as if at one point the Soul merged with the Universe.

Of course for now one can not embody the Whole Awareness within the body so we live as humans with our strengths and limitations but moving forward with our expansion towards God Awareness, after too many lives.

Even if we can not embody God awareness within our body, we can channel information and awareness from it, due to our evident connection to this Source. I think some people call this the akashic records?? Am I right?

There is also a strong purpose for darkness or lack of Light/Awareness to exist which seems to be to trigger evolution and keep creation going so even darkness play a Divine role at some point.

There is no need to associate God with any religion in particular. Neither it is exclusive to any gender, cult, race or species. There is also no need to exclude God and science and I believe science will end up understanding spirituality and vice.versa.

Any living being, would have connection to the Divine and be the expression of it, even if they are not aware of it.

This inner truth should not be exclusive to any particular person or group and it is not. It is an open awareness to anyone looking for truth, meaning and connection. It is an open awareness to anyone with the mind and heart open to it.

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