Need advice on divination

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I woke up one night mid January with an experience that has sent me on a pretty interesting journey of learning about topics ranging from deep into my sudcouncious to other dimensional plains of existance. Late one night I woke up feeling extremely loved and very, very happy. I was humming a song I’ve never heard prior to the experience. My arm raised without my control and started trying to communicate with me. It moved about really enthusiastically for a while and I didn’t know what to think, but I realized it was trying to communicate after gesturing writing. My non dominant hand wrote to me that there was a ship outside, that I was speaking to my mother, I was givin a starseed named Nala, and to do my quest here/heal humans. I looked outside and I saw the ship hovering over the small neiboring field near my house. It was lower than most crafts would be and I couldnt see the shape due to a very bright light coming from it. I was so very emotional from this experience and through myself into this divination ability which I thought was going to give me all the answers to everything and reveal a glorious path and my ego just swelled from being so enchanted with this experience. Reality hit pretty hard when I was divinating and getting some not so nice responses. I divinate so very naturally like a high speed connection. I’m not just divinating to benevolent forces and starseeds, I’m divinating with the undead and also some bad things. They are always around me wanting to speak and are confused, angry, or just insisting on personal attention because they say my energy helps them. Now it’s like I’m not alone anymore and as much as I desire to speak to Nala and see if I can do anything to help her questing phase with me, I can’t pander to the other entities because they’ll get too excited and I’ll start to see the energies and then they’ll want to manifest. Any way I can clear my area of spontaneous visitors? I genuinely have love and acceptance for these wanderers, but I feel I can’t use my ability that was gifted to me because I confuse them and they’ll go along with anything so I get confused.

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Hope you guys have enjoyed the first few days of spring
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Re: Need advice on divination

Not an expert in divination and channeling but I think maybe raising your vibration and stating clearly in your mind who is it that you want to talk to or to channel may help.

I believe raising the vibration opens the door to high vibrational spirits. Maybe use music or sounds to help yourself.
I have attracted high benevolent spirits like that.
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