XOR encoded in olden times


Sorry for my recent hiatus, I have started many an article here but always have held back of late.
why? I do not know.

however this is something worth sharing I think.
Ever in search of patterns, I am, and in this instance I think I have found something of merit
Hunab Ku, which was brought to my attention in 2015 for the first time:

what my understanding was of it then was that it was a furthered symbol of En La'Kech
now, interestingly enough I point you toward it's definition (basically, it is xtian-ized) and then the concept of Xor
exclusive or
this is the same logic at play, and essentially...the same symbol

now, why is this important?

I am, if anything, a polytheist.
I believe in Great Spirit yes, but too I see Luft, Vann, Jord, Ild
I see many Gods and Goddesses
there are too many things which are alive to be governed by one mind
Great Spirit, I think, is too large and too much to BE in this world
so, it would logically fractal itself into component pieces
in truth, this is what I think WE are, pieces of that larger whole
so this, I think, may be a way for us to further understand what Great Spirit truly IS and what WE are
as within, so without
as above, so below
the micro reflects the macro

we are parts of the whole
bits and statements in the whole of the program
I know that sounds "matrix"-esque
it probably IS
especially if you consider the idea that the Roswell incident DID occur
and that the actual "alien" entity that came here
was NOT the EBEs they found
but the technology on the vessel
THINK about it

Re: XOR encoded in olden times

Welcome back. 😇
I have longed held the opinion that we are all interconnected. I have an opinion that at some stage in our evolution we reflect everything around us.
Scary because it means no autonomy. I know i have experienced this!. I think people don't recognise their reflection they see me as somebody else!
It is only with hind sight i can see what happened.
I am you and you are me. We are all part of the same thing just different aspects.
Try telling that to an ego!!! 😂
I wrestle with both. Spirit and ego.
It is all me and none of me.
LOve Cheeneka x

Re: XOR encoded in olden times

I share the view even though I am not familiar with some of the terms.

Monotheism and polytheism are both real and can coexist.
There is one Divine origin; creator power of the Universe/s and of course us. We are part of existence. So we are fractals of this "origin".

As fractals of it, we come with the Divine code and as we evolve and expand ourselves, so does our awareness of this inner divinity.
At one point in Soul evolution, we become so aware of who we really are that we become gods and godesses ourselves.

How many gods and godesses are there in the Universe? Too many. Each Soul who reaches the level of awareness of its inner divinity is a God and is God.

Monotheism and polytheism coexiting and complementing each other. All part of truth, no divisions necessarily.

Re: XOR encoded in olden times

Namaste and hello to you both
Cheeneka - I agree it can be scary because the concept of self as a part of a larger thing leads to a lot of questions
the way I see it though, we are all necessary parts of that larger thing
we are the things it, itself, cannot be
we experience that which it cannot
and so through that, we give back to the whole of our unique self and perspective
and that is valuable

Red Violet - I agree with you as well, awareness and evolution into a heightened state of being are inextricably linked
I am of the firm belief that everyone's personal interpretation of the Divine is correct, truly
it is what works for them, it is what they are comfortable with, it is how they walk their path
that is not to say that they should not be open to other ideas or be willing to question themselves or their path at any point
hubris is a thing that lessens us as people, and too often those with the best of intentions fall to it

I found the parallel between an older symbol - hunab ku (although some sources say this is not actually a nahuatl symbol) and a modern symbol of XOR interesting (Explicit OR, a logic gate, meaning this OR that but ONLY this OR ONLY that). While this is binary logic and computer programming terms it seems there is some relevance in those concepts when applied to society and our world. Maybe it is that this is a recent development? Maybe we are thinking and behaving more like machines these days because of their influence around us?

Or maybe, we always though in that sense?

it is hard to say, it is something I think about a lot actually. Because logic, while it has it's merits, is missing so much of what is inherently human
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