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Now I don't now if it's something to do with the clairs or been empath off an and on throughout my life I have picked on thoughts sentences, words came into my head a minute or two later that person uttered that sentence word for word. Now I tell a story of when I was a kid I used to have a favourite uncle I was never interested in much then till my started talking about things that suddenly interested me well I playing on the small grassed area that one day, my uncle appeared on the step he said something to me but I could not make out what he said so I said something to him words escape me now as it was so long ago, he suddenly had that confused look on his face so I said something else back to him and he got annoyed and shouted out how,on ear did you know what I was going to say and stormed off well this confused me because I did not know what I done wrong I walked into the,kitchen my nan was there. Oh she said what you said to upset your uncle alan. Nan I said I've said nothing I repeated he just got angry cause I said things he was going to tell me. But to me they were just thoughts that suddenly came to me like the title suggests any other folk out there that carry these traits would like to hear thanks

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I have this sometimes.
Sometimes I am talking to someone and I "know" the words they are about to say. This happens specially with people who are close to me but can happen with other people aswell.
Another thing is that I feel what other think of me sometimes.
I do not consider myself a psychic although I do have a strong intuition and very strong empathy. I am very sensitive.
To me this is very similar to reading energies. Sometimes you feel a wave of energy and you can know or perceive information contained in it.

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Yes you can pick up people's un consious thoughts sometimes usually there of a non tonal nature that mean they no ego attached to them somewhat bland to the point and non critical these are what's called psychic thoughts they just come I noticed also you have to be open minded and the other person maybe thinking of something this when there unconscious thoughts what I call leak out I think this is what called been clairsentient I used to be really sensative around large groups of people but I seemed to have grown out of it but I prefer to be on my own but I still get effected from time to time it feels like I'm the weather keeps changing

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That's how I think usually red violet but it's happening for a purpose but eventually you have to give in and admit I I've experienced all this strange stuff all my life some people don't experience anything till there thirties with others it starts from birth and they grow. Up feeling
Confused and lost cause no body they now experience s. So as they get older and more knowledge becomes available it dawns on them they are not alone and there is hope out there

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Ever body by birth right to this planet are psychic this is our normal nature because you carry a soul that's having a human experience this is were our pyschicness comes from. It want s you to be safe from harm so it can go on having its experiences and tech is making g that more difficult e.g. for more contact with other spiritual humans so tech has its good points and bad points

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Yes I do agree with your last post.

We are the Soul. There are many aspects we can develop besides psychic skills. It is a journey to discover.
As with everything in the world, tech has its positive and its negative side.
Maybe I see it more as a neutral/positive tool but what makes it more positive or destructive, are the people who use it.
Technology can do wonders if used well. It can also destroy if used in wrong ways.
In the end it is about the people and their consciousness :)

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There's a lot of debate about 5G Dangers they existing 3g and 4g are damaging insects plant life and humans too there is such a lot of information to take in from scientists and researchers from all over the world it takes time to absorb but they are going ahead with 5G with out any official investigations basically they don't need our permission to install a transmission mast next to your house that's why there's a big debate at the moment called the 5G summit

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mediation is in the nature of the universe

Normally, as it is in the order of all our ways, the seekers of illumination and truth enter by established traditions and being drawn forth by their natural affinity for certain obscured areas of interest.
Doug Henning for example.
There is real magic so to speak, by what ever name you call it, miracle of god or trick of demon... masters, real masters, know the truth and rarely shout it from hilltops to judge.
We all believe far too much.
When what we need to believe more in is each other.

When i was young i would watch people as they passed by, they were all like open books for me to read. Some people have things they want to hide.
There is no lie.
'Nothing' can be hidden.
'Nothing' is important.
I didnt believe my own perceptions. I think it was mostly to do with discouragement and gaslighting.
The first open validation of my having extra abilities was a time when i had become angered at a friend, perhaps i felt betrayed unjustly.

Anyway, i let my imagination run away with me, and i purposefully dreamed that i had done vengeance and harm. The next day i decided it better to let go my injury and try to maintain some relationship and to not be stung again. When i entered the room his eyes went large and he launched himself into an animated story of the night before having experienced the sharp pains and terror of wondering if his heart would give out and die.

This frightened me, and i swore to guard myself to be more controlled over my thoughts and emotions and decisions to act.
I believe now that it is a decision to have a thought, else we are not in control of ourselves and therefore nothing else either.

The first time this ability was demonstrated to me by another, I had made the mistake of speaking of darkness while in the light, of the night during daytime... and in public.
I was struck sharply upon the bridge of my nose, the force and pain of the blow was unmistakeable, yet the hand never touched me and remained motionless several inches from my face as a lesson in good manners.
Qui Gong, and its counterparts such as demonstrated by Nam Huỳnh Đạo are good examples. However the art demonstrated by this mentor is obscured past my ability to find its name publicly anywhere. Some things are best left in their silence.

Every once in a while there appear people who defy description and stand outside the established traditions, receiving the illumination sought hard for by others.
The phenomena is known and observed , and while some leaders and teachers will resist much it is not without compassion, and there are many responsibilities to consider and decide outcomes.

It's alright to learn from the established orders, they are all pools of enlightenment, but as with any healthy system there has to be an inlet and and outlet. Not that there is anything wrong with riding an eddy current for a while, its like taking a break on a journey to absorb and appreciate one's surroundings.
Try not to get caught up in the monotones of dogma.
It's all in you, inside yourself
the rest is just through the looking glass of your own reflection... shining.

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Matthew 10:26 So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.

Your imagery is excellent. Whoever struck you for speaking of the dark was wrong. If someone tells you to do something that's wrong, who's fault is it if you do it?

While cooking my supper a silent whisper, not even audible, really, urged me to grab a hot pizza pan. I started to then realized what had happened.

Entities like to push thought, some trying to be subtle push thoughts to or through you. Some friendly, some bent on your destruction & their own gratification. My battle for my mind continues as I wrestle with my own memories of the dark.

It's not a very nice pastime to try to infiltrate another's mind & cause them physical harm. I try to flow God's way. If it happens in the dark & you saw it, God showed it to you, bring it to light.

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Yes Unique, its true that our bodies can be influenced by an outside consciousness without our best interests in mind.
I watch constantly for their subtle motions, I hope you didn't get injured...

This is how they work though, if i were to allow anger for it, then they would feed off of my negativity, and yours, this is why compassion and other positive oriented responses are the hard road, the high road, and the way to win our true selves back from their interference.

it's good to see you here Unique, Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom with everyone. While you struggle for your own sovereignty within please allow me to offer you this subtle strength for your best interests...
'i belong to you'
You're in my prayers, always, and we are both sanctified unto God, therefore your personal struggles are in a sense,
my own.

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naturally a person who feels badly about something they have done will regret and want to make up for what they are able to fix again.
Its okay if you cant make up for anything too, sometimes others wont give the opportunity and it is then their own problem alone, and perhaps if we think long enough we can see that the people who stay stuck to blaming and guilt are only interested in punishing and controlling others.

You felt Fiona!!???
tell us please
was she soft warm and squishy
or cold smooth and slippery?

lolol, i feel like a troll now...

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Unique wrote:
Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:47 pm
Injured...what about the people I've injured? What about the mess I caused?

I feel like Fiona except in a really twisted sort of way.
I think we all have injured people and made mistakes.
It sucks but at least we have the lessons and wisdom.
We have the chance to become aware of our own shadows and instead of living in denial and turning the blind eye, facing them, learning and evolving.
We also have the choice to do the right actions and to make up for past mistakes.

I have felt my past mistakes vividly and I feel sorry about them.
I cant go back to the past now and change what is done.
However, I do have the wisdom now on how to create something much better.
The pain and sacrifice of the past may lead to greater blessings later.

Forgiveness, of oneself and others. We all have our shadows, mistakes and growth process.

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My growth process has been a ride. Forgiveness of self & others yes. Not easy, easy to say..harder yet to truly let go.

I feel I've been in an ascension process. Each step like a wave or hill on a roller coaster. Mad at the world, mad at people, in love with the world, with people, hate self, hate people, love self, accept people for who they are, forgiveness, acceptance...and now...just trying to do the best I can, in who I want to be. I feel like I've been through it a hundred times, but it just didn't work out.

Seeing shadows, visions, & dealing with energy isnt always easy & can make the best of us lose it occasionally. Someone recently described it as secret friends & enemies. I thought it was a great depiction. Some energies are respectful, others not so much.
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