Salvia, divinorum, Meeting the Goddess

My first experiences with Salvia were for no other reason than a bit of party fun. We mixed it up with cannabis alcohol majic mushrooms. It was something different, and shocking how powerful it was, even the weakest preparations.
Few people i tried it with wanted to do it twice. Some maybe a few weeks later. Intrigue perhaps, i dont know, I guess whatever profound experience they had was enough for them.

i wansn't like that, back then. I smoked Salvia with a lot of people, a lot of times. Then i started having some strange perceptual side effects. It was like an out of body experience, that my perceptual focus point was moving outside and around my body in real time as i was doing things. This was actually very dangerous if i had lost control of a vehicle or other equipment at work. So i stopped use of salvia for some time.

During that time i became aware of a spiritual component to the use of Salvia and i could easily understand the association of a Goddess with the plant. I found this idea irressistable.

What i would do was enter into the experience with a question in mind and let the experience show me the answers.

Its True. She's there, there is a presence, she reveals herself to those whom she accepts.

I stopped ingesting Salvia a long long time ago, because in developing that spiritual aspect of myself it is no longer needed to access the divinity and its relationships to everything.

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