Golden Secrets With Happiness And Success

How you decide to define your successes is entirely up to you.
The end of the journey is the beginning of success.
Its our reflection on the results, well or poorly, we decide whether or not to be happy and if we were successful.

I am on a journey of happiness and success. It began a year ago, and the path i chose to be in happiness and success is gold. This might not make sense to everyone, however, if one thinks about it clearly and deeply for long enough, its a win/win scenario with no way to lose.

Gold. or should i say... GOLD!
Its everywhere.
You just have to know where to look, and do the work to get it.
Ha-Hah!! not so easy. ...and perhaps not quite so difficult as it seems.

As with any journey, it takes planning and foresight, insight, a few resources... common sense of course, with happiness and success though a dose of uncommon sense can be the boon.

Sure, it's natural to want to compare results at the end of the days work. Comparing to the results of others can bring pride or shame, comparing to ones own previous results i feel is a better indication of personal progress on a journey.
You set your destination, waypoints along the path, and go...

The following 20 min. video link is a great example of a group of ordinary people working together for happiness and success via the pursuit of Gold... erm,... GOLD!!
What you'll see is real life on the river sluicing for gold, and really its not about the money value. Cost of equipment, supplies, amount of work effort, none of it makes sense economically, especially considering the purity of the gold at market values.

There's something about it though.
When you show someone even a little bit in a vial they almost always smile and get excited.
Their faces fill with wonder on the edge of a dream.
Almost like there is a special vibe in every golden speck of flour.

LOL, the loco's...
Alberta Flour Gold

Re: Golden Secrets With Happiness And Success

Have you ever seen the golden dawn?
Its beautiful. Compelling.
I like it here, and i mean something other than just watching the sunrise too.

Time is up on my coyote hole on the riverbank. I found gold, and i am allowed two weeks to work the site legally.
Filled in the hole, but left the flour gold pay streak open for the next person that comes along.

Lets think about this for a moment.
Why should i work so that the next person after me can take advantage of my labour?
The next person only has to reach down to pick up some sand and gravel, shake rattle and roll it in any old dish or pan... gravity does the hard part... and they will have gold on or in their hands. Gold that i worked hard to expose and make accessible.

Why would i work even more, to fill in the pit so that no one else could take advantage of my efforts?
What is at stake here?

Happiness and Success.
They go together really well.

As i toiled away on the riverbank i had the good fortune to meet a few people who are of some significance to me personally.
Every one of them contributed in their own way to my success.
And i define my success as such: there i am, standing on the riverbank healthy and strong, doing what i want to do in my own time in my own way.

I don't know any of them. But we all do, know each other.
A man approaches me purposefully... "I can tell that you're a man who's looking for gold!"
I recognize him immediately. He is a local historian and gold miner. We talk for quite a while. He feels his age and its difficult for him to participate in the hobby as much as he'd like to.
I enjoyed to hear his stories. Not only stories but truly of fantastic successes in the field. A little encouragement can go a long way, he knows i didn't just show up full of the gold fever.
And now i know other locations.

That's how success and happiness go together.

I could work like a fool for months, perfectly happy in my success, for perhaps $5 worth of gold. But its the contributions and good will of others that make it worth it.
Success in a larger sense and the happiness of others is meaningful. We build on solid foundations, respecting the work knowledge and insights of those that come before us, so that we can serve our own and each others needs and dreams in the present, while making space for and considering those who come after us.

I wish for you all, happiness and success.

Re: Golden Secrets With Happiness And Success

Confession time...
I couldn't stay away from my golden coyote hole on the riverbank yesterday.
And i brought along a distant relative, just in case something happen i want them to know where my super secret gold mine is... lolol... where x marks the spot.
Cuzzin didnt know how to find the place.
At least 10.000 people drive right past my gold hole every day.
I'm sure at least half of them look directly at it and don't have a clue its there, or that there is anything at all there.
It's a public park area too, clearly marked with signs, it's almost perfect.
On the other side of the river is a park too, its busy with fishermen and boat launch.
I really like that hidden little place, Prospectors Point.

While managing equipment down the steep riverbank i see a small group of fishermen, recognizing me they all turn round with friendly smiles and greetings.
They are all immigrants to our country. I dont know where from, i dont ask, i dont care, they are canadians now. They have good hearts, every one of those men, without being asked, has assisted me with hauling the heavy load back up the riverbank.

One of the men has brought his young son on the fishing adventure. He has seen us doing something different than he has seen before and is curious what we are doing. Fortunately, i have just cleaned enough flour sized nuggits to open his eyes with wonder as i demonstrate that gold actually does have the ability to float on top of water.

For me it feels like an accomplishment. To be able to spark a moment of joy and wonder between a father and his son.

And so, mission accomplished after only an hour of toiling and moiling for gold, cuzzin and i take a moment to enjoy the sunshine, snax and a beverage.
And along came a ... no not a spider lol, another fellow looking for gold.

We introduce ourselves, shake hands, and our conversation progresses far beyond the normal span of time when meeting a stranger.
Cuzzin is very surprised at this.
The stranger returns again after going about his business seeking gold. He hasn't found much, only a few specks to offer back to the river.
And once again our conversation seems to take on a life of its own, progressing across many subjects, both the obscure and the mundane.

The experience for all of us is more like that of meeting an old friend with all of the catching up on the past and hopes for the future, while enjoying the moment for what it is with the others.
That's the paystreak... motherlode... its not about the gold, and yet somehow there is no doubt we have found the wealth of it successfully, and happy in the doing,
lol, not that much mining got done, but i think the accomplishments speak for themselves.

Re: Golden Secrets With Happiness And Success

cheeneka wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:29 pm
I don’t like secrets! They are like a cobweb in the corner. I think they are only secrets until we give up control. Surrender and realease!
LOve cheeneka x
I feel the same. And it only takes one person to be able to trust without fear, one person to accept our selves and situation for what we are, and all the sickness that secrets make us into can melt away setting us free to experience living in a better way.

Re: Golden Secrets With Happiness And Success

Smiles are a success, in my little world. Laughter is the bonus.
Spend 20 minutes of your day with me at the river, you might like it.

Taking time for some fun... skip ahead to the end if you only want to see the gold.

It works!!!... The trial run

The equipment operating

Re: Golden Secrets With Happiness And Success

I watched the videos & laughed at the mask. I knew it was coming & still laughed.

Finding something that makes us happy is important. Often I find contentment.

The videos reminded me of the days when there were gold rushes. I'm not sure about Canada, here in the US many mining towns sprung up in those areas. The excitement, the lure of the gold in areas creating a need for other services. Many of those towns are gone today.

Thank you for sharing.

Re: Golden Secrets With Happiness And Success

you are welcome...
I'm happy that you enjoyed the video.
There is a little history there at that location, this was a gateway to the north country where the real gold is.
something about this gold though... its sweet...

This came to my attention today, and i think it is relevant here...

"Good things are increased by general amity combined with virtue,
whereas the eager pursuit and worship of these goods not only causes the goods themselves to diminish but also makes virtue perish with them" -Plato
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