Why leyends never die

Hello friends, here I left a personal reflection, recently I have been listening a song that it's call legend never die, and in my personal opinion it's is very true because only the people who dare to dream, even dreams that could cost their life will know the magic of life, but even for that you need build inside of yourself the process of happiness, because you will dear to dream only when you are kind of happiness. That is because the time is not for everyone, because not everyone is a happy dreamer.

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What does it mean to have a thought, after all the vivid dreams coalesce into one vivid dream, and that dream is our waking reality?
Does it mean someone else dreamed and changed our reality?
Then i say pity the blind men of the aethers who cannot dream any longer or more vividly than a spark rising from the flames, and let them lead you into the light.
The old man on the mountain has a lantern. Its pretty bright, the latest in LED technology... someone should bring him some fresh batteries though, we wouldn't want everyone to get lost in the dark, even if it is only a dream.

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I am no sure if I understand this message. But what I tried to express, it is that dreaming and, and get to know what does it mean that "The future belongs who fight for it " . You need the process to build first the happiness and peaceful, because only when you build a self improvement process, you will take the risk to dream and fight for it, before of that always there will be an excuse to keep in the normal comfort zone.

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Ahhh, i see now,
please excuse my absurdities, however, absurdities are the risk of the dreamer.

I read once,
in a comic book
from wayyyyy back
in the ancient 1970's

This is a lesson in fighting son...

That if one man dreams that he has harmed another man, and that other man dreams that the other man dreaming it has harmed him in such a way...

that the two dreams entwine with each other,
like serpents in the night,
to become the waking reality.

You are definitely on to something Alejo, please explore further, i could suggest the works of carlos castaneda but it would feel like banging a tin pot with a wooden spoon to piss off mama at this point in the game.

oh yeah,
my question for you is this:
what if... someone couldn't dream... physically impossible to dream or visualize vividly as per normal brain functions.... what then my friend? What do you see?

The right question
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