The black/feathered sun

In my dream I was handed a shining coin, donut shaped with many lines running from the center out and vice versa.

I was somewhere below the earths surface, on a large bridge and the being who gave it to me told me to "hit it from all angles".

After looking into this symbol, it looks a lot like the 'black sun' from occult material or the 'feathered sun' from Native American mythology.

So I am investigating this intuitively, but I wanted to ask if anyone had any advice or input regarding this symbol. Just trying to cover this research from all angles.



The black Sun is relevant to my present interest, about Nibiru and the Nemesis Star, because Nemesis has been called "The Black Star." It is currently entering our solar system from the south, just beyond Jupiter, and is not not visible to the naked eye, except by infrared. Its accompanying planets are mostly obscured by the Sun, but the planet believed to be Nibiru is visible just before dawn.

Nemesis is a brown dwarf star, moving like a comet with the period of 3,600 years, approximately. It's not spherical, but wrapped in a walnut shaped cloud of dust, which could resemble feathering. According to Marshall Masters, Nibiru, which is shining blue, is the blue Kachina if Hopi prophecy. It's also the home of the ancient gods and Anunnaki, the engineers of the DNA of modern humanity.

I can't say with certainty that this is what you dreamed about, but it is something to consider. My two following posts show one of my sources.
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